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Shalom Sid:
What you are asking is not an easy thing -- because it is an attempt to explain God in the words and concepts of man.   And to do this requires the hearer to have a firm grip not only on the paradoxical nature of opposites, but also levels and dimensions of being and consciousness.   But I will do my best to answer your question.  Moreover, the best I can do in the words of man is provide a basic outline that must be used as a model and grown and evolved within self.
Each level of being brings forth from within itself the next levels -- and that is why it is said that there is only the One in which we all dwell.   So if there is the One, then why don't we know ourselves as the One -- and how did the many come into existence?   Also, does our knowing that there is the One, eliminate the many?   These are difficult questions for man to answer, because they not only require him to embrace the paradoxical reality that both positions are true, even though they appear to conflict, but they require the development of the embryonic essence of soul-self into a state of maturity.  
If, at the very core of our Being, there is the One, then from within the one we see the Dynamic forces of Male/Female which are often referred to as Father/Mother God immerge.   But in this divided reality where each is imbued with the Divine DNA of the original One, each has their own will and consciousness that is separate and apart from the other.    But in moving out into the next level of Creation and manifesting this divided state, the two can no longer know the One while they exist in this state of duality.   Why?   Because, in the division of the two, while something was gained in the ability to interact from opposite polarities, the Knowledge of the One can only exist when the division is overcome.   And we can observe this same reality in a marriage between a man and woman -- neither ceases to exist independently from the other on a physical plane, and yet, there is a third force present that can be said to be the measure of the union of the two.   Moreover, even that third force is imbued with the Divine Pattern because in the Alpha of the relationship, it lacks experiential substance -- because no experiences have taken place.   So it is the dark void of Creation.   But as the two seek to know, this process of knowing can only be founded in the third force which is the product of the two -- and it is the third force that evolves as it brings the two back into dynamic harmony in search of knowledge -- which is ultimately found in the One.
Because all things exist within the Divine Pattern and are imbued with the DNA of the One, what we find is that Active Principle which we call Father-God, possessing the Divine Pattern within Self, and we see the same Replication taking place within both Father/Mother God as they move out into the next level of being.   So at this level of being, Father-God is actually three -- and this three forms the heavenly triad.   Mother-God, which is the opposite polarity, is also imbued with the replicated Divine Pattern, and becomes the earthly triad.   The original Third Force which is the balance, while maintaining this balance within the center of the two, must be understood within the Divine Pattern within itself as existing across the spectrum of what we call time.   It being the Mind of God, is the Third Force that evolves Creation from the dark void of absolute unknowing, to the evolved state of Absolute Knowing and Light.    

Taking Father God separate and apart from Mother God for a moment, because Father God is imbued with the DNA of Creation and has the Divine Pattern within Self, at another level of being there is the heavenly duality that as with all dualistic forces, is actually three because of the balance -- and since the third force is that of mind, once again we see it subject to evolution over what we call time.   Now you also must understand that because each of these heavenly dualistic polarities are imbued with the DNA of the ONE, they each have their own will and reality separate and apart from the other, and the balance between the two is that of the Heavenly Mind.   At this level of being, the Father can only be known through the oneness of the two, and this can only be accomplished in the third force.   Which means that while the heavenly three originally emerged from the reality of Father-God, none of the three is Father-God.   Yet, with the evolution of the third force over that equation of time, the duality can be erased in the third force which would then restore the knowledge of the Unity found in Father-God.   So in the parable of the prodigal son, we see the elder son which retains the active heavenly principle, the younger son while being feminine in relation to the active principle, is portrayed as male because it is active from the perspective of an opposite polarity -- and this is the same reality that portrays all twelve disciples as male -- and yet, on another level, some of them are female in relation to the opposite polarity on the opposing column.   And especially in scripture, this is another one of those confusing paradoxes that most people can't deal with.   Its like this: Within the feminine sphere, the feminine being imbued with the DNA of the ONE, is also an active force/principle, and is only purely feminine in relation to the opposite polarity.   And this is why man must be a fit bride or the Bridegroom -- because while the male in this world is male in relation to the female in this world, they are both female in relation to their inner spiritual nature.   So the male in this world is an active-feminine reality, and the female in this world is a reflective or passive female reality.   Which also means that all that we said in the above about Father-God moving out into the next level of Creation by virtue of the division within self, the same is true of the triad that is formed out of Mother-God which is the powers of the earth.  
Because time is a dimension of mind -- and the way that we perceive it, it is an illusion in that all things remain.   God the Source which is the ONE, does not disappear because at a lower level of Creation we have Mother/Father God and the balance with is the Logos/Son of God -- with the Son and Daughter within the Logos being represented across that dimension we call Time.   And if we call the ONE the Ancient of Days because that aspect of God has no discernable beginning -- we cannot call Father/Mother God the Ancient of Days because in their divided reality -- each having a Will of their own because in the DNA replication, each has the same qualities as the Whole -- but because of the division of polarities, neither can know the Source except through the evolution of the Third Force which makes the Two One at a state of Maturity in the Omega.   And in the same way, while the heavenly triad sprang forth from the Father, because of the duality and the individualized wills, none of the three can be said to be the Father, just as none of the earthly triad can be said to be the Mother.   And because, as the Original Third Force is moved out into the next lower level of Creation -- and can only manifest the balance of the heavenly triad in relation to the earthly triad -- and is therefore subject to the dimension of time as portrayed within the Alpha and Omega, that center which in a linear perspective is the fourth kingdom, is the product of the forces of heaven and earth.  
What causes growth and development is the interaction of the male/female forces which causes the third-force balance to evolve.   The problem is that while linear is true on one paradoxical level, its opposite is true on another level.   This can be seen in the fact that while we are subject to time, on another level time is merely a dimension of consciousness and is an illusion.   In much the same way, on one level of Creation there is Absolute Oneness -- but on another level there is division.  And while from one perspective, there is nothing but God, because of the divided reality, we cannot call each individual piece God.   It is also important to understand that in the same way that we can look at an octave from a linear perspective -- and the same is true when we see light through a prism, we can detect that the One is made up of the seven (colors), and each of those colors possess an individuality of its own -- and in the same way that the One cannot exist apart from the seven, neither can the seven exist apart from the One.   Moreover, on another level, our linear perception of the seven notes to an octave, or the seven colors of light or the rainbow, is an illusion because of the three heavenly powers that are on one level separate and distinct from the three earthly powers -- along with the inclusion of the center third-force that is itself subject to the Alpha and Omega realities of time in order to understand the threefold reality of the third-force of the fourth kingdom.    So linear perception can only supply us a very limited view, because on another level reality cannot be seen as linear.   And on another level, the parable of the prodigal son can be portrayed as the heavenly triad manifest in the elder son, the earthly triad manifest as the younger son who is under the power of this world (the far country) -- with the state of mind and being balance in the fourth kingdom of man which is of both heaven and earth.   But we must also remember that Creation did not stop at this lofty level, but continued to create the lesser realities as the six became the twelve (with the projected reality of the seven making the fourteen) -- and this division within divided realities as it moves out into the lower realms of nature, is what brought all of Creation into being.   Each level is ignorant of the level just preceding it, because of the divided reality that each level of Creation is imbued with.   And each subsequent level can only know itself, and it's source of being, through the third force that over the evolution of the alpha and omega, has the power to restore oneness. 
Going back to the heavenly triad: In the beginning of the Alpha, the great void existed because of the lack of experiential knowledge.  In striving to Know Self, without the Light of experiential knowledge, the primal intelligence moved into the lower realms of Creation as described in the above by virtue of division within Self, and because each lower level of Creation has a will of its own, the primal consciousness became lost in the quagmire of divided realities which are often portrayed as the Fall of Man.   But if we embrace the mindset of most counterfeit religious authorities who attempt to place blame and find fault, there is no fault and there is no blame -- i.e., all the divided realties came into being out of necessity, and because they were supposed to in order for God to know Self.   Moreover, while it can be said that on one level all religious teachings and concepts are true with respect to their own fragmented reality, on another level they are false because of the paradoxical nature of reality and the fact that all mind is expressed through the twelve spheres of the Tree of Life which has the power to harmonize the other realities when in balance.   So in the heavenly triad we have the duality of the male/female opposites which is expressed in the third force.   The elder son is the top most chakra, the younger son with is a feminine reflection of the elder is in the diagram at the right the one in the lower head.    And the balance or product of the two is the soul-self -- the Light of which is observed by those who meditate on the third eye.    And here is the true quagmire -- i.e., the size and intensity of the Light of the soul, is directly proportionate to the marriage or substance of the relationship between the duality of the fifth and seventh chakras -- which is directly related and in proportion to the larger divided reality of heaven -- and the three lower chakras (red, orange and yellow) are in fact foundational to the three heavenly chakras in the head -- which means that linear reality cannot be used here -- and it also means that our lower selves became lost in the earthly natures in what is portrayed as the original fall of man.     Now, the green heart chakra is that of the fourth kingdom of man -- and is a purely transient kingdom that is subject to the cycles of life over that dimension that we call time.   But we also must remember that the fourth kingdom is also an outer expression of the original Logos moved out into a lesser reality.   So it maintains its connection to what we call the Logos -- especially when the third-force soul reality and the third-force of the earthly triad are all brought into Absolute Oneness.   So while each of the kingdoms and heaven/earth dualities on one level are separate like the colors of light when projected through a prism, all evolution is dependent upon the merger and harmony of the Third Force that is divided across the spectrum of heaven and earth, and also in the ever evolving center of the heart chakra which is the true transient the has the power to bring the All into the ONE.   
Since the Earth is really a reflected reality of the Heavenly, the amount of Light of the soul-self that we perceive in the Being of Light in the Near Death Experience, is directly proportionate to the totality of the merger of heaven and earth in the reality of the Whole.   And this is why Gurdjieff pointed out the futility of the Eastern way of the yogi who attempts to deny and suppress the lower centers so he can become intoxicated by the Light of the soul in the third eye.   And in many ways, the yogi is the opposite of those in the carnal who are intoxicated with the energy and vital life-force in the sex and emotional centers of the lower nature.   And those addicted to the sex center in the lower nature, are as subdued and disillusioned as those who are intoxicated with what I portray as the head-sex of the yogi, when reality can only be found in the balance of heaven and earth -- and the evolution of the Son of Man in the heart chakra.    Which means that while the yogi can see the Light of the Father-God through the reality of the soul-self, he can neither become the soul-self without the inclusion and balance of the lower nature, and neither can he accomplish what Yeshua did by bringing heaven and earth together into the center, and evolving the Son of Man into the Logos/Son of God.  
The way of the East is a very safe means of soul evolution.   It is accomplished over the course of a great number of lifetimes, and by never engaging in sex or activating the lower emotional centers, the yogi slowly grows himself by interacting and helping his disciples.   The yogi therefore grows himself by interacting with the fallen natures of his disciples.   And this is why Gurdjieff stated that after the yogi achieves activating the third eye and can see the Light, he is powerless to become the Light or even truly know God, because that requires the balance of heaven and earth and the evolution of the Center.   Thus, Gurdjieff stated:  "The third way is the way of the yogi. This is the way of knowledge, the way of mind. The way of the yogi consists in working on the third room and in striving to enter the fourth room by means of knowledge. The yogi reaches the fourth room by developing his mind, but his body and emotions remain undeveloped and, like the fakir and the monk, he is unable to make use of the results of his attainment. He knows everything but can do nothing. In order to begin to do he must gain the mastery over his body and emotions, that is, over the first and second rooms. To do this he must again set to work and again obtain results by means of prolonged efforts."
The yogi, who is intoxicated by the head-sex and Light of the third eye, cannot become the soul-self, because of his lack of balance.   In his intoxicated state, he proclaims his union with God.   And while this is the Light that is of the active principle of Father-God, he remains downstream and cannot manifest his soul-self who IS the Being of Light, because of his unbalanced state caused by a lack of development of the reflective foundation of his being.   And this is fundamentally why the people of the New Age are totally lacking any worthwhile knowledge of our true self -- i.e., our soul-self that is the Being of Light in the Near Death Experience -- which means that he vast majority of the people of the New Age are as lost as their Christian brothers and sisters.   And in many respects, the two groups are opposite sides of the same coin.   Christians believe they are saved by Grace, and to even suggest that you have to accomplish something with your life, is interpreted by them as a denial of Christ and the blood of the lamb.    This is why they condemned what they called the Judaizers, because they continued to embrace the Law.   In a response on another forum we can see this same mindset in the New Age self-denial mindset where the words are expressed:  The way of self-determination is not God's Way. "Consider this, from an advanced an uncompromising teacher of the Way of Freedom: "The serious student of The Way of Freedom comes to understand how self-reliance and self-effort only serve to further strengthen the state, stuff, and ways of individuality. That understanding deepens, and becomes more subtle and pervasive, over the years along The Way. The state, stuff, and ways of individuality are that which prevents the True Realization and Incarnation of God, and self-reliance and self-effort are part of the life of individuality.  To engage self-reliance and self-effort, including in one's quest for God-Realization, shuts-out the very God one seeks to Realize." Sri Dava Prakasha
Once understood, this rhetoric is parallel to that which is preached in the Christian Churches -- and in the same way that there is no point in posting on a Christian forum because of the prevailing doctrinalized ignorance, what we see in the words of this yogi is parallel to that doctrinalized ignorance.   Moreover, there are many Evangelical Christians who feel the Spirit moving them -- even entering into a frenzy much like the intoxication of the New Age head-sex.   Each condemns works and striving for higher reality as a denial of God's free gift to the believers.   Yet, while they get intoxicated from the flow of vital life-force, neither group can manifest God in their lives because they have yet to even begin to overcome the many levels of their own divided natures.   And both are ignorant of their soul-self which they cannot manifest, because of their lack of balance and development of their lower natures which must serve as a foundation for the higher natures in the manner of the portrayal of the Star of David.  
A soul such as Yogananda has followed the Eastern path for eons.   He hasn't had sex or indulged his lower nature over the course of countless lifetimes -- and perhaps never.   He enters with his teacher/guru, and his disciples enter with him, and it is a very controlled environmental path.   And like the way of the monk, the way of the yogi can only work in an ashram environment -- i.e., as said of why Gurdjieff left the Eastern path: Gurdjieff's work evolved into the "Fourth Way," which is a method of achieving inner perfection in ordinary life, rather than withdrawing from the world as do the yogi, fakir, and monks. The goal of Fourth Way practitioners is an accelerated transformation, returning to pure essence.  
The yogis dwell in the Light of the Father as expressed through the soul-self -- but they cannot become their soul-self because of their own unbalanced path.   Neither can God jump over the many lesser levels of Creation -- levels that are divided by Mother/Father God, heaven and earth, and the twelve spheres of mind as expressed through the Tree of Life -- and manifest in them in the manner that God Manifested in Yeshua -- and even the disciples of Yeshua.   Moreover, there is another important consideration in this equation -- i.e., because of their path of denial and negation, they exist as lights in the world through the cosmic balance of those who exist at the opposite polarity of the spectrum, and are the embodiment of darkness.   And this is why Gurdjieff stated that they not only have no power to make change, but they must never invoke karma or engage in the physical.   They cannot be confrontational with the forces of darkness, because their polarity of light is dependent upon the opposite polarity of darkness in the world.    They are lights to the world, because their opposites on the cosmic spectrum of balance are the forces of darkness.
In TheWay as manifested in the teachings of Yeshua, the lower nature is evolved and manifest as a foundation for the heavenly -- resulting in the ability to directly evolve the center from the Alpha to the Omega.   The disciple of TheWay is not a light to others because of the embodiment of the opposite polarity among other people.   The Disciples of TheWay are Lights, because of the balance of heaven and earth within them that enables them to first manifest their soul-self -- evolve that soul-self within the proper foundation -- and bring the soul-self to a state of evolved Completion where the Logos can Manifest -- and in the Manifestation of the Logos, Mother/Father God can be brought together and Absolute Oneness can be achieved with the Essene of God which we call the Ancient of Days -- or in the Gospel of the Nazirenes, the All-Parent where division of Male/Female and Heaven/Earth does not exist.   Because the Disciple of TheWay is Complete within himself, he can confront the forces of evil and even Satan itself, and prevail.   There is no negative karma that would cause the Disciple of TheWay to fall like it would the powerless yogi, because the Disciple is Complete within self and not dependent upon maintaining balance with he opposite polarity in the manner of the yogi who only develops the upper centers at the expense and negation of the lower.
Does this answer your question?   I realize the need to make diagrams demonstrating the flow from level to level within and without of Creation.
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Shabbat Shalom Brother Allan:

From the below discussion it seems that you have described
a scheme like this:


7    Elder Son - Indwelling Spirit
6    Soul - Your Likeness - Being of Light - Child of the Prodigal Son & Elder Son
5    Prodigal Son
4    Man - the Harmonizer - Embryonic Soul Images spread across many lifetimes
3    Animal - Feminine Reflection
2    Vegetable - Feminine Reflection
1    Mineral - Feminine Reflection

Would you explain where God the Father is in this scheme?
How do the masculine Fifth and Seventh kingdoms yield the Sixth
Kingdom as a Child?
What is the Animal a reflection of?
What is the Vegetable a reflection of?
What is the Mineral a reflection of?

I'm trying to set terminology in the least ambiguous state.

Thanks in advance,



601 Part II

Shalom Disciples:
Upon awakening -- though most of you are still sleeping -- I saw very clearly the next step in what I wrote yesterday morning.   And that next step is to dispell the next religious absurdity -- i.e., that duality and division is bad.   Dawn posted an excerpt out of The Fourth Way which showed that the Law of Three which once understood, is the foundation for the Law of Octaves or Seven -- is the Foundation for all that exists.   And when I moved the excerpt of the Law of Three onto this forum, I retitled it The Divine Pattern.   And the Divine Pattern cannot be truly comprehended until you go beyond Pythagoras and Gurdjieff who presented the Law of Three, and understand it from the perspective of the Hebrew Numerical equivalent of David -- or the House of David which from the perspective of the Hebrew Mystics, can be said to be the Whole Purpose of Life.   And this is why Yeshua was said to be of the House of David.   And this is why the Hebrew Mystics -- many of whom were at a more greatly advanced stage than any of the others including Pythagoras who I view with admiration -- were a step beyond any of the others whether they were from the East or the West.   Where Gurdjieff attempted to create the science/philosophy of living in the NOW -- which he was a true master of -- and while I understand the reality that everything is founded upon the Law of Three -- the reality of Four and the House of David is what adds the finishing touches to the Law of Three -- which is why the Hebrews were not limited to the Trinity of the Gentiles.   And that Fourth Dimension is the presence of the Alpha and Omega working upon the Third Force which because of the Law of Tree acting upon the Third Force or Logos, creates the evolutionary presence of Time -- with the Fourth Dimension of the House of David portraying the movement from the ignorance and dark void of the Alpha, to the Enlightened Completion of the Omega.
Any attempt to read the below without first fully understanding part One which can be found in the Library at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NazireneLibrary/ , will be a futile effort.   Also, for the record, I am not a student of either Pythagoras,  Gurdjieff or Quantum Physics -- but I understand them because of direct contact with my own soul/higher self who not only possess the knowledge of all that I have been in my countless lives since the dawn of time -- but sees and understands all things in this and other worlds.   And I write this not from an ego perspective -- or the attachment to the past as some might think -- but rather, to make the reader aware of the pitfalls of attempting to read all these works of brilliant minds and masters which would consume the lives of the most intelligent people, which study if it were possible would not bring about the same results as the Mystical Path that I have walked in order to understand where and how the fragmentary knowledge of the great minds and masters fit into the Larger Picture of Higher Reality.    And this comparison can be understood between the difference between Ouspensky who was a great mind, and Gurdjieff who was a Mystic.   Further, on a theoretical level, the soul/higher self of everyone reading what I write already possess the Knowledge and Wisdom of the Ages -- and if each of you were ONE with your own soul/higher self who is the Being of Light in the NDE (see http://BeingOfLight.com ), you would each know infinitely more than all the teachers and professors in all the universities in the world today.    And to demonstrate this fact, there is nothing that I can write that I can't converse with to my wife -- and she has never read any of the great minds and masters -- and because of her feminine mindset, would be incapable of accumulating this knowledge in the linear fashion of the male mindset.   And while to a degree, I can read and perceive what the great minds and masters are speaking of, neither would I be able to function any more in the linear manner of most intelligent male minds.   Once the Intuitive is fully developed and matured as in the case of my wife, attempting to read these great minds and masters in a linear perspective would be a giant step down -- because she can draw upon the Wisdom and Knowledge of her own soul/higher self -- and because we have been soul-seekers for eons, she can also draw upon the Wisdom and Knowledge of my own soul/higher self.   And while as a male I can straddle both worlds that she cannot -- I can fully comprehend why the teachings of TheWay proclaim very loudly that the wisdom of this world is foolishness, and if you go to teachers and gurus, you are embracing the path of ignorance -- semi-enlightened ignorance at best.  
Reality is in developing the inner connection to your own soul/higher self who is in a position to perceive what the great minds and masters of this world cannot.   And with true Mystics such as Gurdjieff, St. Francis, St Teresa, and others, there was no means for them to even begin to express their Knowledge and Wisdom in the words of men, to minds that were totally incapable of comprehending what they perceived and understood.   And this inability to comprehend is because few people truly understand the realities of the Law of Three or Divine Pattern of Creation.   If you want to understand the science of mind, and the wisdom of great minds such as Pythagoras, then Gurdjieff is the key.   But only a handful of people can even begin to comprehend Gurdjieff because they lack even higher wisdom of the teachings of Yeshua and TheWay of which Pythagoras and Gurdjieff would be seen as elementary.   And it isn't that either Pythagoras or Gurdjieff were elementary -- just the opposite is truth -- but rather, what they were able to express in the words of man and discernable from a linear perspective, is elementary.     And this was expressed by the Church Father Origen in his defense against the attack by Celus in the allegation that the 2nd century Church was a secret system: �And yet the mystery of the Resurrection, not being understood, is made a subject of ridicule among the unbelievers.  In these circumstances, to speak of the Christian doctrine as a secret system is altogether absurd.  But that there should be certain doctrines, not made known to the multitude, which are after the exoteric ones having been taught, is not a peculiarity of Christianity alone, but also of philosophic systems, in which certain truths are exoteric and others are esoteric.  Some of the heroes of Pythagoras were content with his ipse dixit; while others were taught in secret those doctrines which were not deemed fit to be communicated to the profane and insufficiently prepared ears.  Moreover, all the mysteries that are celebrated everywhere throughout Greece and the barbarous countries, although held in secret, have no discredit thrown upon them, so that it is in vain he endeavors to calumniate the secret doctrines of Christianity, seeing that he does not correctly understand its nature�.      
When Gurdjieff stated that all religious paths were corrupted and basically useless, he was knowingly comparing these religious paths from the perspective of their original spiritual source, to the degenerative reality of when true spiritual wisdom is placed in the hands of those who attempt to interpret the spiritual source.   In the same way that the Christian world is immersed in the abyss of ignorance when compaired to someone such as Origen, and the neo-Gnostics today dwell in the abyss of ignorance when compared to someone such as Valentinus, the same is true with respect to the present day yogis, gurus and teachers of the East in relation to their own spiritual sources.   Converting from Christianity to the New Age does not increase the useable potential of mind of a person -- but rather, it is just the adoption of new rhetoric that provides the people with the illusion of enlightenment -- as well as a switch from Christian Billy Graham's, to an Eastern variety of Billy Graham's.    And this, in like manner, is true of the relationship of the present-day Mormons who are spiritually disenfranchised when compared to Joseph Smith, and the present-day Muslims in comparison to Mohammed.   Yet, if the yogis, Mormons, Christians, Muslims, and neo-Gnostics would all walk the mystical path of the source of their respective religions, their ignorance would be overcome and they would walk with the wisdom of their Source.   But all these religious paths become corrupted, as soon as people such as Paul attempt to convey what cannot be embraced by the carnal mind or expressed in the words of man, in a manner that the masses will understand -- and then these spiritually disenfranchised doctrines become institutionalized by the priests and would-be teachers of this world, and each religious path then experiences the proverbial fall out of the Edenic Kingdom of Light and Knowing. 
It is important to make note of Gurdjieff's position as presented by Ouspensky in the book, In Search of the Miraculous, that Gurdjieff makes the statement that while in man, nature takes care of the lower octaves which raises him above the intelligence and being of the lower (animal) worlds, he talks about the need for various foods for the mind -- and makes the statement that the vast majority of people will never even guess the nature of the "impressions" that is crucial in straightening out the last of the sequence of octaves within the body-mind.   And for the most part, visiting most Fourth Way forums is a waist of time because the disciples of Gurdjieff and what is considered esoteric psychology are for the most part clueless as to what this final food for the mind is.   And when I one time attempted to convey to them what Gurdjieff was speaking of, I was as quickly dismissed from that forum, as I was when I told a Kabbalah forum that the Torah and scriptures is in fact nothing more than a mystical marriage manual.   And this reality goes to the very heart and essence of true spiritual alchemy and the transmutation of the lower nature and the transformation of the three kingdoms of the earth to become the true foundation of the three kingdoms of the heavenly, and evolve the center fourth kingdom (House of David) in order to prepare the Son of Man to become the BrideGroom of the Indwelling Logos.   The secret is in the last saying of the Gospel of Thomas:  114 Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life." Jesus said, "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven."
It is all in the Law of Three of the Divine Pattern -- and the need to bring the pattern of Adam and Eve back into the Oneness of Adam/Eve which can ONLY be accomplished through the evolution of the Third Force from the Alpha to the Omega.   And in the same way that every person entered this world through the interaction of the male (active first cause) and the female (reflective), the next stage of soul-birth must be brought about through this same interaction of male/female that causes the "impressions" which act as higher food for the mind to initiate the Spiritual Alchemy of transmutation and transformation within self.   And this is why the disciples of Gurdjieff had to be married, as must the students of True Kabbalah when taught by a true Mystic.   And this is also why the Eastern way of the yogi and guru is as limited as a same sex couple attempting to have a child.   It is the Dynamics on a Wholistic Level of the interaction of the male and female that provides the crucial "impressions" necessary to evolve the mind and bring about the next stage of soul-birth.    Without the feminine polarity -- whether physically, mentally or spiritually -- the religious or philosophical path is doomed to failure by virtue of the inherent limitations.   In the same way that the Third Force child cannot be conceived or born through either masturbation or a same sex relationship where the active dynamics of the first two polarities of the Law of Three are not present, neither can the mind evolve or the spirit manifest apart from the Divine Pattern.   And while the male does retain the original pattern of "XY" genetics, the path of denial as practiced by the monk and the yogi is a very long and slow path that has little in common with the teachings of Yeshua and TheWay.   And this is why the disciples of Gurdjieff were married, and the students of Kabbalah had to be married, a certain age, and living a Torah Observant Lifestyle.   And when I say that the dynamics of male/female must be Wholistic, even the necessay observation of self as presented in the post of The Fourth Way by Dawn, was from the perspective of the Law of Three in order to initiate the development of higher awareness which gives birth to higher consciousness.   And because the necessary ingredients are missing from the equation, the manner in which we teach children today in an institutional learning environment does more to not only slam the door to higher consciousness and reality, but to drive them into the negative realities of mind which is paramount in the violence and depravity in the world today.   The differences and powers of the male and female must be cultivated and evolved, in order to bring forth the Key of Knowledge that opens the Inner Door to Higher Soul Reality.   The Muslims who bind their women in burkas and restrict their development are an example of the imbalance of the Divine Pattern, as is our present-day Feminist culture where through political correctness the powers of the feminine have been thrown in the gutter and negated as we attempt to make young girls into surrogate men
(see http://DivineMarriage.org ).
We are now ready to address the original theme of this post with respect to the continuation of Part I
(see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NazireneLibrary/message/600 ) -- which must be a milestone in and of itself because it is message number 600 (harmony of heaven and earth) in the Library (can't wait to see what number 700 is).   In the same way that in the out-pouring of the Force of Creation which brings about the inner realities of division which forms the six (6) (spiritual centers) which is really seven, and these become the twelve (spheres of mind) which is really fourteen when the Powers of the Left and Right are added in the Tree of Life, this process of levels of Creation giving birth to lower levels through the division within itself -- a process which brings about the lower level of human consciousness at 144,000 and the lower animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms beneath that, are all necessary for the Alpha to evolve into the Omega of Utopia on a Truly Grand Scale.   Anyone who has heard the often incoherent ramblings of our sister Louise, or the ignorance of the neo-Gnostic call group, or the disenfranchised refuges from the New Age or Eastern path -- who come here to champion their absolute ignorance when they converge to attack the important concepts and teachings of Yeshua and TheWay -- with their rhetoric that duality is the cause of all evil and ignorance -- provides us great insight into why Gurdjieff stated that all religious paths are corrupted and spiritually disenfranchised.   In the Alpha there was the One Thought -- and since this One Thought lacked experiential knowledge, it can be thought of as an Amoeba.     And in the same way that the body of a fetus is formed not by the duplication of cells -- but rather, the division of cells as described in Part I -- and all that came into being as the result of the Law of Three acting upon each level of Creation which brings forth the next lower level -- without the duality of division, the Mind of God would be as an Amoeba -- i.e., the abyss of ignorance in the great void of the Alpha.    So when these spiritually disenfranchised, doctrinally challenged, religious groups/people come here telling us that the problem is duality, what they are in effect proclaiming is that they are the embodiment of ignorance.   And if my lack of (New Age/Thought) political correctness offends anyone here, don't let the door hit you on the way out.   If you fail to confront this ignorance NOW, it will consume your life and make you wish you had confronted it when you arrive in the hereafter.   At which time you will blame me for not being forceful enough in my conveyance of this reality.  
What people describe as the allegory of the fall of man, can be compared to the necessary division of the cells in accord with the Law of Three (Divine Pattern) in order to provide the necessary body-environment to evolve from an Amoeba in the Alpha, to a God-Man such as the historical Yeshua.   Without the division/duality and the Fall from Eden, ignorance and darkness would prevail.    And while it is true that each subsequent level of Creation brought forth new dimensions of division that added new depth to the proverbial ignorance of the Alpha, it is also true that without this multitude of divided realities, the Omega of Absolute Knowing and Light could not come about.   So while it is true that the undivided Adam/Eve had the potential to bring forth the Third Force, this could not be accomplished until there was the separation of Duality that permitted the Third Force to be conceived -- and the process of evolution from the Alpha to the Omega of Perfection and Completion begun.   So Duality is not only Necessary -- it is Good!!!   Which means from the perspective of Louise and the refugees from the New Age, this declaration makes me a heretic.  
The State of Enlightened Knowing is not One Thought from the perspective of the Amoeba -- but rather, the Diversity of a Great Many Fragments of Thought all merged together in Absolute Oneness.   And in the same way that the physical body of a fetus must be initially formed in the womb of darkness before it can be brought forth into the next stage of physical birth that initiates the next stage of development, All of Creation was brought forth in this same manner.   So do we blame the primal fertilized egg for splitting within itself and creating division?   This is how appallingly ignorant the refuges from the New Age who come here to condemn this forum are.   And this is how ignorant people such as Louise is when they blame man for the proverbial fall.    Is the parents of a new-born angry that their sperm and egg went through countless staged of division in order to bring forth the body of a fetus?   And are they angry at the new-born child for existing in a state of ignorance?   As the All-Parent, God fully recognizes that the vessel that will eventually bring forth the Child of Truth and Light must be formed in the void (womb) of darkness -- and from this vessel that was created by the massive process of division, True Knowing and Enlightenment will Evolve as the Laws bring about the Destiny of the Alpha and Omega.   So to portray God as angry of what was instituted by the Laws and DNA of Creator-God -- as is championed by those who come here to condemn the Wisdom and Knowledge of TheWay -- is pure ignorance on their part.
Without the division and the formation of the glands (spiritual centers) and organs (spheres of the Tree of Life) in the body of the fetus, the highest expression of Intelligent Life with the potential to be a God-Man could not exist!!!    And in the same way that the body of the fetus was formed through the division of the Initial One Cell that brought forth the necessary multitude of diversity (primal division) that provided the necessary environment for the Highest Expression of God and Godliness to Evolve, so too will the Laws eventually evolve the All to the Omega of Completion -- i.e., quoting the web site http://BeingOfLight.comIn the words of the Church Father Origen, the resurrection was �preached in the Churches... for the simpleminded and for the ears of the common crowd who are led on to live better lives by their belief�.   When Jesus warned that: �Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple� (Luke 14:27 NAS); the overcoming of the flesh and the lower nature, which is represented in the resurrection, is the resurrection spoken of by St. Gregory�s when he wrote, �the Resurrection is no other thing than �the re-constitution of our nature in its original form��.   And this higher spiritual reality -- which is our true spiritual reality as the prodigal sons and daughters of the Most High -- is the reality that is beyond carnal human comprehension -- and thus, can only be presented to entry-level seekers as the "milk" of the gospel that was intended to nourish "babes in Christ".                
In the re-constitution of our nature in our original form, we will bring the massive diversity (division) of self into One -- and while we will be as the proverbial amoeba in our Oneness, this Oneness will be the result of the Absolute Harmony of Division.   Moreover, the ignorance of the New Age refugees who come here -- or the ignorance of the yogi that I presented in yesterdays post -- i.e., quoting the yogi:  The way of self-determination is not God's Way. "Consider this, from an advanced an uncompromising teacher of the Way of Freedom: "The serious student of The Way of Freedom comes to understand how self-reliance and self-effort only serve to further strengthen the state, stuff, and ways of individuality. That understanding deepens, and becomes more subtle and pervasive, over the years along The Way. The state, stuff, and ways of individuality are that which prevents the True Realization and Incarnation of God, and self-reliance and self-effort are part of the life of individuality.  To engage self-reliance and self-effort, including in one's quest for God-Realization, shuts-out the very God one seeks to Realize." Sri Dava Prakasha -- -- will be seen as the embodiment of ignorance in that the God of the Omega will be Comprised of Fully Evolved and Matured Souls who have become as the historical Yeshua who was Complete, Balanced, and Whole in all of SELF.   God is Evolved from the Primal Alpha, as we who are part of the Whole are ourselves evolved and moved from the Alpha of Ignorance to the Omega of Knowing through Wholeness.  
Our friend sister Judy proclaims that the world is overflowing with truth -- and she is correct so long as you recognize that these truths that Judy sees is fragmentary pieces of the puzzle.   As presented at the following link
http://nazirene.org/eden4.htm#embro-pre -- in the same way that only a few of the countless eggs in the ovum of a woman are ever formed into a fetus and experience physical birth -- this world is the Womb of Mother-God -- and even fewer people are able to emerge through the birth canal of the "narrow path" of TheWay, and bring about the next stage of soul-birth and manifest the Being of Light while in the physical body-vessel
(see http://mystic.nazirene.org/fetus.htm ).   And in the same way that there are no religious package deal that permit a large multitude of a woman's eggs to be born into this world, neither is there any group-church that will transport large bodies of the believers to the Promised Land.   Moreover, even those embryonic-people who are fertilized by the Living Word, fall victim to the Great Abortionist of the Left Hand who diverts them from the path through manmade religious doctrine and dogma that while necessary for the nourishment of spiritual infants, becomes institutionalized into the corrupted religious paths which Gurdjieff correctly portrayed as next to useless.   Does it not warn:  "We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God" (Acts 14:22 NKJ)???    The doctrines that we don't need to pick up our own cross and walk in TheWay -- and that we are saved by belief in the Jesus-god and the gift of Grace -- is as appallingly ignorant as the words of Sri Dava Prakasha above.   So one variety is western ignorance, while the other variety is eastern ignorance -- regardless of the flavor, what Gurdjieff pointed out was that the ignorance was being served by the countless varieties of Billy Graham's of the world.   And this is presented to us in the Law of Octaves that without evolving the Third Force at the crucial point, always twists and turns all of man's efforts back upon itself.   With the result being that even fewer embryonic-people evolve into the next stage of birth out of the Womb of Mother-God, than fetus' are born into this world out of the countless eggs that every woman is born with.   And when it is recognized that the next stage of soul-birth is only the second phase, and the disciple must yet achieve the third stage as portrayed in the genealogy of Yeshua as presented in the sequence of 14, 14 and 14 (David in the Kingdom), and the final birth as portrayed in the Crucifixion must be achieved in the final journey of the prodigal son's return to the Edenic Kingdom of Origination, we can only then begin to understand how the god of this world uses religious doctrine and dogma to keep the people shackled to this world as higher level herd-animals who feed the nature gods and collective consciousness.       
When all these people proclaim: God would not let this happen to me!!!    This is parallel to the uncountable number of eggs in a woman's ovum proclaiming: Mother will insure that I am born into the world.   Only those that are fertilized by the Living Word, and endure the fetal-development of walking in TheWay, and the "...many tribulations enter the kingdom of God"!!!    The reset are as the failed images in the Gospel of Thomas saying 84 which is well represented throughout the posts in the NazireneLibrary




Shalom Eric:
You seem to have a grip on the illusion of this world -- an illusion that as a living allegory, is really an allusion.   Moreover, those who think they know the truth, in the vast majority of instances, don't!!!   To  know the truth one has to live the truth in the totality of one's life, and one has to Know Thyself.    And since knowing one's self is a dirty word in most religious circles, few people possess the knowledge of the soul-self -- the being that we truly are.  
One does not have to look very far to recognize that this world is literally immersed in a sea of confusion -- few people agreeing about anything.   And while they profess to believe in God, most people would reject the God of someone else's beliefs.   So basically, the god they believe in has been created in their own image -- and this god is an obstacle to finding both God and Truth.   And in recognition of this fact, the intelligent mind must recognize that if reality wasn't beyond human perception and understanding, then there would be a prevailing view that would trump most others.   Gurdjieff stated that every time man thinks that he understands, the collective consciousness changes the picture of the illusion, and he is once again quickly seduced by the new allegorical image.   It's like when a Jew converts to Christianity, he fails to realize that he has just fallen victim to a new allegorical view of the same reality that escaped his perception in the first place.   And the same is true of all the conversions that man proclaims provides him insight into his own past blindness and failings.   Most people who consider themselves Gnostic, are not!   Gnostics do not acquire spiritual manna by reading texts of scriptures -- but rather, through experiential gnosis received by seeking the inner Kingdom.   And since this seeking must engulf every aspect of one's life, few are able to even begin to receive the sacred manna of the inner Kingdom.  
Most people either have a very simple perception of reality that causes them to think that differences in perspective don't really matter, or they have the belief that they see and understand what others do not.   We hear them say: God -- or Father -- would not let that happen to me.   Christians have this view of the Bible -- i.e., God would not permit the scriptures to become corrupted.   They reason that if God permitted such a thing, then how would people know what to believe?   And therein lies the crux of the problem -- i.e., belief is subjective to the Laws a person is born under in conjunction with the past life development of their soul and the philosophical, religious and environmental factors they have been exposed to.   But all belief is opinion about realities not understood, because they are beyond normal human comprehension.  
The Killer Mindset:  The killer mindset is founded upon the mindset that, since no one knows for sure, we must do the best we can and we will find out after we pass from this life.   This permits man to live what he perceives to be a good life -- measured by maintaining the view that we are better than the worst examples our society has to offer -- and since no one really knows, we will pass with the group.   My wife was utterly amazed when an Evangelical preacher said that he tells Atheists to look upon Jesus as an insurance policy -- acknowledge him as your personal Lord and Saviour, and then you are assured that if you are wrong, you will still go to heaven after you die.   And everyone has their own variety of Umbrella doctrines
(see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NazireneLibrary/message/496 ) that shields them from the Light of Reality.   And if someone states something different than what their umbrella doctrine states, they are immediately rejected.   But the objective of life is to seek and find the Truth -- and in order to accomplish this, the seeker will have to wholistically live the Truth throughout every aspect of his life.   The truth is that few people are willing to do this -- and most people have been so misled and deceived by the umbrella doctrines of our culture, that they fail to understand that they possess the innate ability to Learn and Know All Truths.   
The reality of life that the vast majority of people reject, is found in Plato's Cave: Plato, the Greek philosopher, wrote a series of `Dialogues' which summarized many of the things which he had learned from his teacher, who was the philosopher Socrates. One of the most famous of these Dialogues is the Allegory of the Cave.   In this allegory, people are chained in a cave so that they can only see the shadows which are cast on the walls of the cave by a fire. To these people, the shadows represent the totality of their existence -- and it is impossible for them to imagine a reality which consists of anything beyond the fuzzy shadows on the wall.   True Spiritual seekers of TheWay are those who were prisoners, and escaped from the cave.   The Sacred Manna or Gnosis is the experiential knowledge they learn when they go out of the cave of this world, and into the inner reality which is portrayed by Plato as the light of the sun and behold true reality.   Then, when they try to go back into the cave and tell the other captives the truth, they are mocked as madmen.   This fact you can observe throughout the history of man, as well as in the present time.   We are all initially prisoners and this tangible world that we perceive as physical reality is our cave.  And while the spiritual path of the Gnostic begins when one who was a prisoner escapes out into the sun, this is in effect only the beginning of the journey as the mature soul begins to amass gnosis, which is purely spiritual knowledge gained as they ascend into the true Light of true reality.   What is equally interesting is the literal interpretation of Plato's tale: The idea that reality could be represented completely as "shadows" on the walls.   Reality exists in another dimension beyond our vision, but we are so hypnotized by the world of shadows, that we fail to perceive the inner reality that is the source of everything in the life that we live. 
With respect to the people who are mesmerized by the fuzzy shadows on the wall of the cave: Because of the layer upon layer of false personality and counterfeit assumptions of self are built upon a soul-essence that ceased to develop in early childhood, there is virtually very little of us that is real.   This is because we were developed in reverse of our true reality -- i.e., instead of teaching the child to find and discover self, the child was taught to be a citizen of this world who is associated with the physical body.   There is virtually nothing in the life of the child that teaches them that they existed prior to their entering into this life -- and it is this part of them that existed prior to the body that is real -- while everything the child is taught, is from the perspective that they have to develop to become part of the society and culture they live in.   And since this society and culture is temporal, then so too is the people that is produces.   So the question then becomes: How much of the true self is reflected in the life of the person who is taught the ways of this world?   The answer is very little.   And it is this wholesale disenfranchisement from our true reality and self, that causes us to be shackled in the illusion of Plato's Cave.  
Death By PC: In the same way our culture hides from reality through it own societal forms of political correctness, the religious world has their own that shelters them from reality.   Since everyone is rhetorically attempting to negate self and the ego, it is a bad word to suggest that we must first find self, before we can find God.   The Buddha said that there was no God -- only us -- and few people ever learn why the Buddha said this.   And what they fail to realize is that from a paradoxical perspective, while there is a God -- God is not what most people imagine -- and it was for good reason that the Buddha made that assertion.    
The Buddha was the only visionary that had the -- for a lack of any other term -- the "balls" to tell the people the truth from the opposite paradoxical perspective.   Most visionaries were forced to tell the masses of people what they wanted to hear and accept, while only initiating the most faithful of disciples into the reality that the masses of people would systematically reject.   If, as the Book of Acts acknowledges, we live and move in the Mind of God -- and as Yeshua said, we are gods -- and the Offspring of God -- and God is Living and experiencing through us, then God Desires us to be all that we can be.    So the whole concept that God wants us to be nothing, is another variety of political correctness gone awry.    We cannot even begin to comprehend the reality of losing one's ego, without coming to understand the difference between our soul-self essence, and the false personality that we have layered upon this seed essence of self.  
That you see through the "all we need is love" umbrella doctrine is good.   Perhaps one of the finest portrayals of the fallacy of the love doctrine, is seen in the fact that while both women died within the same timeframe, the life of Princess Diana is heralded, while many are critical of a true saint such as Mother Teresa.    Why?   While the one was all glitter and lacked depth and substance, the other was steadfast in her spiritual and moral standards, and gave of herself in a selfless manner in harmony with the higher purposes of life.   So while it is easy to love Diana -- she set no requirements or standards -- in order to love Mother Teresa, you had to embrace a mindset that one of the most important elements of love, is to do what is right and proper -- that there is a higher truth that is imperative for man to live by, regardless of the hardships and impositions upon our own will.   This is the same thing as saying that if you truly loved God, that you would seek the Truth and mold every aspect of your life in accordance with that Truth -- and most people are not willing to do this.   They promote the love of Diana, and criticize the love of a true saint such as Mother Teresa.   
What the unconditional love people are actually stating is that God loves them unconditionally, regardless of how they live their lives.   And basically, the point of contention, is more often purely sexual.   Our culture has taught us that its ok to have sex with who we want, when we want, and under any conditions that we want -- and if a pregnancy occurs, then we must have compassion for the mother and turn a blind eye to the murder of the unborn.   The doctrine of unconditional love is often embraced by those who are willing to suspend standards of morality and spirituality, and define life by what is convenient.   They have taken the words of Yeshua with respect to non-judgement of others, to the level where we are not permitted to express the wisdom: "Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee" (John 5:14 KJV).   To even make this statement requires a very steadfast perception of right and wrong, good and evil, as it pervades the human condition.   And the moment a person acknowledges these standards of right, wrong and higher spiritual morality, they are immediately condemned as unloving.   Moreover, this is also true of those who embrace the reality that there are requirements and higher purpose to life that man is responsible for fulfilling.   The umbrella doctrine is that, if you love me, then you will accept me exactly the way I am -- without making any judgements as to right or wrong -- and without setting any requirements.   This umbrella doctrine permits people to live in any manner they choose, and anyone who questions their behavior, is defined as unloving.  

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Shalom Allan,

I've been doing my best to keep up with your prolific posts these last few days, having been at a conference in San Francisco last week.  I don't know about anyone else, but your recent posts must be getting close to milky meat or meaty milk because they continue to evoke much for me to consider and incorporate.  I confess, I am still not as clear as I'd like to be before sending a contribution to the forum, but I wanted to share a couple of things that I believe are nonetheless germane, while I continue to read and work to re-read what you have shared.

I have been able to conceptualize the seeming paradox that we are from and in the Mind of God and sustained as God, while also not being Anointed or Self-Integrated, as because we have yet to develop and align our mind and corresponding will to True Perception and its corresponding instantaneous experience in Oneness with the Mind of God.  So if we are not there, where are we in the meanwhile?  I see it as a confusion that results from being in the World of Mirrors.  Put a mirror in a birdcage and the bird really thinks there is another bird there.  Face several mirrors towards each other and all kinds of things happen with reflections, not least of which is reversed images and confusion about which way is left or right.  What seems endless, is really a reflection only as thick as the glass.  This is true as long as we use the mirror as our guide, rather than our own body-mind to measure spatial and directional actuality.  While being caught up in this, we fight with the false images of others and self and ever-changing dead ends until we surrender to God, through surrendering to His Laws and we seek after (at the exclusion of all else) the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Until then, we know not the true Cause of ourselves or the true solution to our sufferings and the end to our sojourn outside of the Kingdom of our Father as the Prodigal Sons.  

A second subject you have recently referred to again is the rhetoric of "All We Need is Love" as not taking into account the necessity of polarities to discern false from true, to learn, or evolve, and to ultimately integrate ourselves and develop into co-creators with God.  I believe what you have referred to as non-dualism in this context is an effort by the New Age to promote the idea that God is only Love and we can only find God when we are only Love by becoming some kind of vast rhetorical homogenization of all into one emotion of Love.  I have a different understanding of the idea of non-dualism.  I think of it as developing the ability to discern the Light from the False World in this World or Mirrors through a process of non-separation of myself from the object I am perceiving.  It is the difference between infinite patience with unrelenting commitment and inner peace and being emotionally manipulated or becoming caught up in the drama that sweeps people away through endless fears - both being fully engaged states, but very different indeed.  Non-dualism for me is a practice of mental discipline that is holding an intention, or attitude, that only Truth is real, and all Truth will be compatible to Love, and I will be invulnerable regardless of what seemingly faces me in the moment.  I don't mean the external directly, I mean invulnerable from my desired state of oneness with my Father in Heaven, and the World of Mirrors' endless changes before my eyes.  If someone projects anger, and I feel the anger in my heart, I know it is my own anger that I must heal because anger would not arise as a response in me unless it was in me as well as in them.  In that moment, I call upon the Holy Spirit to shift my perception, to heal my mind from the belief I am threatened and to help me to return myself to my peace.  The miracle is when my anger is replaced with peace, and time and time again, the anger in the other is also instantly changed, and I have seemingly done nothing. 




Shalom Seekers of the Light & TheWay:
In the below post to Howard which is one of the fundamental understandings that are totally lacking in the people of the New Age and Theosophy, what we see unfolding is the true meaning of many of the One World Order writings that are common to mediums such as Alice Bailey.   What is being in fact channeled, is a parallel set of really poor quality scriptures that is merely putting the Jewish and Christian theme of Heaven on earth in the portrayal of a new One World Order and Utopia on Earth.   And what they are really speaking of is the Unity and Harmony within the seeker as they escape what the Bible calls the "outer darkness" of a divided consciousness that is shackled hand and food by the iniquity of a chaotic multitude of self -- i.e.,, "And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless.  Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  For many are called, but few are chosen" (Matt 22:12-14 KJV).   In previous posts I have shown the umbrella doctrines of many religious groups -- including our Swami friend who condemned striving for spirituality -- and we can see the fallacy of these doctrines in the reality of the man who came to the call, but because he lacked the purity of the wedding garment, he was rejected and cast out into the "outer darkness" of consciousness where one is immersed in the division of the multitude of personalities and self -- which as portrayed below, can not only be represented by the 144,000 possible personalities on a human level, and as seen in the esoteric teachings that were suppressed
(see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NazireneLibrary/message/433 ), the vast majority of people are so controlled by their lower animal natures, they their level of divided nature is below the number of 144,000.    The beasts that must be raised as spotless and sacrificed upon the altar is our own animal/carnal natures -- i.e., the teachings of the Gospel of the Nazirenes noted at the above post:  "For they, making a god of their belly, sacrificed to their God the innocent creatures of the earth, in place of the carnal nature within themselves. And eating of their flesh and drinking of their blood to their own destruction, corrupted their bodies and shortened their days, even as the Gentiles who did not know the truth, or who knowing it, have changed it into a lie."   
So in abusing the animals of the earth, their own lower consciousness remains that of a wild beast who drives them into carnal and violent passions and acts that incur further negative karma.   Moreover, because these people are ruled over by a lower nature that has yet to be transformed, they are very much beasts who walk in the form of men.   And this is portrayed in the Gospel of the Nazirenes in the words: 

1.And after seven days again, his disciples were within the upper room; then came Yeshua, the doors being shut, and stood in their midst and said, "Peace be to you," and He was known to them in the holy memorial. 

2.And He said to them, "Love you one another and all the creatures of God, Yet I say to you, not all are men, who are in the form of man. Are they men or women in the image of God whose ways of violence, of oppression and wrong, who choose a lie rather than the truth?" 

3."No, truly, till they are born again, and receive the spirit of love and wisdom within their hearts. Then only are they sons and daughters of Israel, and being of Israel they are children of God, And for this cause came I into the world, and for this I have suffered at the hands of sinners."

In the philosophy of our culture and the ignorance of our society today, we are in fact driving the minds of our children into the depths of their lower animal nature.   In the same way that during the time of the Black Plague many fell victim to the ignorance of man, so too in this time when the disease of the mind is prevalent, great numbers are falling victim to the ignorance of our culture which is literally killing and denying Life to our children. 
The scriptures are correct in the many warnings that natural man is incapable of perceiving or comprehending his own higher (and lower) reality.   And while they may used a different variety of rhetoric, the necessary spiritual transformation does not take place merely because they leave the traditional religions and embrace Theosophy, the New Age, New Thought or Hinduism/Buddhism proper.   And with the change in rhetoric, they merely undergo the illusion of change or transformation which Gurdjieff warns is the work of the collective consciousness of this world to keep them enslaved -- i.e., "...Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  For many are called, but few are chosen".   And in the same way that the leaders among the Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus don't understand their scriptures, neither do the Theosophists, New Age and New Thought believers understand the inner meaning of mind and spirit in their own channeled semi-scriptural writings.    And the Utopian One World Order that mediums such as Alice Bailey write about, is in reality the transformation of self as the beasts of the lower animal nature are transmuted into unblemished lambs, the multitude (144,000) personalities are brought into abiding harmony, the twelve spheres of mind of the Tree of Life is evolved from the twelve signs of the zodiac, to the twelve tribes, to the singular twelve disciples, and this Oneness in conjunction with the purified and undefiled flesh of what we see in the symbolism of the virgin Mary, permits the birth of that Wholeness of mind which we call Yeshua within us -- and we have the threefold Anointing (Messiah/Christ) that brings Oneness.   And when we can fulfill this on all three levels of our being -- i.e., rebirth in the physical, soul-birth where we manifest the Being of Light, spiritual transformation where the three become One by perfecting the Higher Laws, and the final birth as portrayed in the crucifixion and our Absolute Oneness with the Essence of God.  
To understand these inner spiritual realities, you must comprehend the post below to Howard, as well as the six hundred series of posts in the Library at
And this will be post 603 with at least one more to come.   With respect to the people in Theosophy and the New Age, there are people within these groups that understand these esoteric concepts of which I speak, but in the same way the vast majority call me disillusioned, those within the New Age who understand the Mysteries of God must either remain silent, or be rejected in the same manner.   Since most of these more enlightened people of the New Age understand these esoteric concepts intuitively, and they lack the ability of min to portray these realities in the written word -- an ability that has been perfected over the course of lifetimes of creating esoteric writings over the course of thousands of years in our reckoning of time -- these people in the New Age and other religious paths must remain silent while the vast majority of their members tout a parallel allegorical account to that of the Christians and Jews.   It might also do well to point out that while such groups as the Jehovah's Witnesses have focused on the number 144,000 as those who would be saved and drawn up into heaven, they lack even a suitable doctrine to explain the fate of the rest of the people of the earth beyond that number -- not realizing, that the number 144,000 is the whole of the multitude of what is human within each person.   
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Shalom Howard:
This is a concept that is truly difficult for people to grasp -- i.e. the multitude of self.   And regardless of the fact that I have written many times on the subject, few people are able to grasp the reality that even in their present form they exist as a multitude within the one that they are.   From a human perspective, you have as many as 144,000 personalities that make up the person you call Howard.   You draw upon these personalities as you are confronted with the various outside reflective realities that invoke different Laws within your mind and being, and thus require different realities of mind.   You are a living community of individualized personalities that step forth on the stage of Howard to respond to the various experiences that present itself/themselves to the person who calls himself Howard.   The more consciously aware of self you become, the greater your awareness of these changing personalities, and the more versatility you have in taking control of the multitude within you.   This is the objective of that post that Dawn provided on observing one's self, and this is what I attempted to convey (unsuccessfully) to Gene about the purpose of living in the NOW.   Any time that a community does not have the rule of law and order, chaos consumes the whole.   And this is the plight of the majority of people who are unaware of self.   Quite literally, they are danced like a puppet by the external circumstances and events of life that control the switching of the multitude within them -- i.e., they live in a reactionary mode -- and in many respects, this is what is referenced when Yeshua cured the man who was possessed by a Legion of spirits.   By observing one's self, and triangulating the multitude of personalities, you are then able to take a step back towards your inner dimensions of self, and maintain control of the multitude of self.   It's not that the multitude disappear -- but rather, they move into a higher state of oneness, harmony and balance.   
In a number of previous posts I explained that when you are one with your soul/higher self, you can draw upon any of the past lives that your soul-self has lived.   It's like a counsel within you.   And while each personality is fully conscious that they are part of the one, they are also conscious of their separateness within the one, and each retains their specific strengths.   There is nothing that is inanimate or static -- the psychologist fail to grasp that when we remember something, we are not retrieving data in the manner of a computer -- but rather, we are moving in the dimension that we call time and observing the past on a psychic level.   And this is who the Being of Light presents the life that we have lived in what has been described as a panoramic vision -- we are shown ourselves across the spectrum of consciousness that we call time.
The paradox of Oneness is where the collective consciousness people are unable to embrace higher reality.   Even though Yeshua and the Father were one, that did not mean that Yeshua the man ceased to exist.   And this misconception on their part is due to their lack of understanding and awareness of self.  They are comprised of a multitude -- their soul-self is comprised of a considerably larger multitude -- and God is comprised of the Multitude of all of Creation.   When you look out at the world, there is no such thing as an inanimate object -- you just fail to perceive that everything has a consciousness which corresponds to its vibratory frequency of mind.   And this reality is presented in the Gospel of the Nazirenes where it states For seven years he conversed with God face to face, and he learned the language of birds and the beasts, and the healing powers of trees, and of herbs, and of flowers, and the hidden secrets of precious stones, and he learned the motions of the Sun and the Moon and the stars and the powers of the letters, and mysteries of the square and the circle and the transmutation of things, and of forms, and of numbers, and of signs...   As Yeshua was going into a certain village, he met a man who was deaf from his birth. And he did not believe in the sound of the rushing wind, or the thunder, or the cries of the beasts, or the birds which complained of their hunger, or their hurt, nor that others heard them.  Yeshua breathed into his ears, and they were opened, and he heard. He rejoiced with exceeding joy in the sounds he denied before. And he said, "Now I hear all things."  But Yeshua said to him, "How can you say, 'I hear all things?' Can you hear the sighing of the prisoner, or the language of the birds, or the beasts when they commune with each other, or the voices of angels and spirits? Think how much you can't hear, and be humble in your lack of knowledge"...  And there was a certain man who was blind from his birth. And he denied that there were such things as sun, moon, and stars, or that color existed. And they tried in vain to persuade him that other people saw them; and they led him to Yeshua, and He anointed his eyes and made him see.  And he greatly rejoiced with wonder and fear, and confessed that before he was blind. And now, after this, he said, "I see all, I know everything, I am a god."  And Yeshua again said to him, "How can you know all? You can't see through the walls of your house, nor read the thoughts of your fellow-men, nor understand the language of birds, or of beasts. You can not even recall the events of your former life, conception, or birth."    "Remember with humility how much remains unknown to you, yes, unseen, and doing so, you may see more clearly."
There is much that we need to know -- but because we think we know, we inhibit our ability to learn.   And the above is not speaking of the animals and lower kingdoms of the external world -- but rather, these kingdoms that exist within us that we fail to be aware of.   And when we grow in consciousness, and embrace the spiritual alchemy of "...the transmutation of things, and of forms, and of numbers, and of signs..." -- these lower realities of mind that serve as the foundation of our consciousness and being don't cease to exist -- they just exist in harmony and balance and oneness with the Whole.   All the pagan, wiccan and indigenous religions possess their element of truth -- and this knowledge is understood by those of TheWay -- but we don't worship the elemental powers in the manner of the people of the nature religions.   We understand that the All exists within the ONE, and it is to the Highest that we aspire.   What does the scriptures say: The Lord your God is One God -- and we understand that within the ONE is the ALL.   And this is important -- i.e., if you read the book the MInd of the Cell, you will learn that every cell of our body has it's own consciousness -- and this consciousness while unique to that cell, is also an integral part of our consciousness and make up.   And the same way that we live within our soul/higher self, and our soul/higher self lives within God, these cells live within us.   And when we overcome the Laws that create division within us, the multitude does not evaporate as the Theosophists think -- but rather, there is the oneness of being that permits every integral part to perceive itself both individually, and as an important part of the Whole.    True Enlightenment can only take place, when all the individual souls are themselves enlightened -- and being One, they don't cease to exist, because it is their experiential knowledge that brings about the True Enlightenment.   So while God, as well as each soul is personal, they are also the Multitude of ONE.
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Shalom Family,

Something that has been wandering through my mind of late is that when we come to Completion, we become atheists in that we do not accept the god of the Christians, Jews are any other concept of man�s god/gods. Their gods are just �too small�.

When be become �Experienced�, we come to know that what is called �god� is but Cosmic Thought which manifests Laws, the deviation of which causes discord and darkness. Is this Cosmic Thought personal? As personal as we make it within the recesses of our own mind.

Your thoughts are coveted.


Sidney Jones <sidney.jones@gmail.com> wrote:
Shalom Michael:

God Doesn't appear as a demiurge, but his false image does!
New Testament Translator J.B. Phillips understood this,
and that's why he wrote his book: Your God is Too Small:


Everyone creates a false God, and IDOL, that stands in the way
of our clear view of the real God.  Our conspirator in building this
IDOL is HaSatan - the Left Hand of God.  Why does God help us
create such an illusion?  That's what we want!  That is, until we
reverse our hiding and straighten-out our path towards God's
unvarnished truth.

A boy was born James Allen Hendrix on November 27, 1942,
in Seattle, Washington, of African American and Cherokee ancestry.
He was raised by his grandmother on a Cherokee reservation,
and with several other relatives.  He asked  fundamental question:

"Are You Experienced?"

This sojourner confronted an unconventional view of reality more
than once.  He said one day in 1968:

"It's funny the way most people love the dead.
ce you are dead, you are made for life."
~ Jimi Hendrix ~

Jimi was talking about the death of the Counterfeit Culture Corpse.
The Citizen of the Far Country - far away from our source.
And why do we visit the Far Country?  To gain experience before
our wedding!

"Are You Experienced?"





Shalom Seekers of Light & TheWay:
What if I said that the whole pattern of Creation that is presented in post 600 of this series
(see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NazireneLibrary/message/600 ) -- and which the vast majority of people will call nuts and New Age crap, is in and of itself elementary because of an important factor that we are only now ready to discuss after the subsequent posts in this series?    In the Library there are a number of posts on the Holographic Universe -- Quantum Physics -- and other such concepts that even fewer understand the true dimensions of.   In the scriptures Yeshua many times states that men are blind to both their own Higher Reality, and in the Gospel of Thomas Yeshua states that the Kingdom exists before men, but they do not see it.   For those of you who have read some of the Seth writings channeled through Jane Roberts, there is an important point that he attempted to make that everyone seems to ignore -- i.e., that if you could alter and shift your perception a few degrees, that you would begin to see what others are blind to.   And this is because we are depending upon linear sight and linear thinking which causes us to only perceive a very partial reality.   And while women by nature can intuitively perceive better around the corrner of sight so to speak because of the "XX" genetics that causes them to be more wholistic, they lack the ability to connect these other dimensions because this requires the impetus of the "XY" factor -- but since most men can't use their own "X" factor by virtue of their outward polarized energy flow -- and they for the most part only listen to women when they want sex -- this blindness and lack of development of the essence of the mind is what causes all the prevailing ignorance in the world as presented in the Divine Marriage
(see http://DivineMarriage.org ).    And this massive ignorance and division within self, as well as in the world, is caused by man's inability to perceive with depth because of his linear thinking and linear line of sight.   And from this perspective, what I presented in post 600 which is well beyond what is generally found in esoteric teachings, is in and of itself greatly flawed because of the hologram and dimensional factor that the vast majority of even sincere seekers are incapable of perceiving beyond.   And this is why people such as our sister Judy is greatly deceived when she attempts to perceive the great truths in the world -- when it is only milk in the slightly thickened form of Pabulum cereal.    And it is also this factor that causes most students of Kabbalah to fail, as well as Theosophists and others.   They attempt to interpret a holographic and dimensional reality, with a (physical) mind that is only capable of linear thinking.   And while this flaw is naturally overcome by husband and wife soul-seekers over the course of developing themselves throughout many lifetimes, it is rare that men and women even enter into a Divine Union that has the power to evolve the inner dimensions of being -- and environment that is difficult to achieve as a solitary seeker -- and near impossible for a woman without a man because of the lacking "Y" factor.   And while we see great rhetoric and parlor psychic displays among the Theosophists and New Age, the lack of balance and the development of the lower centers within the Divine Pattern causes an almost total ignorance of man's own soul-self because of a lack of Self Knowledge.    
Taking the Law of Octaves, or the Law of Three as presented by Pythagoras, Gurdjieff and myself at
http://TheLawOfOctaves.com , we can observe the twisting of the linear projection between the third to fourth interval, and because we attempt to perceive this twisting in a linear manner, we fail to perceive or comprehend beyond that point.   And since the vast majority of people such as our friend Roger consider what is presented in post 600 a lot of New Age crap -- and without transformation the people of the New Age fail to perceive beyond that point -- then the Mystics are correct when they warn that the masses of people are simply blind to reality and chained to the illusions of this world.   And that is because if we apply the Divine Pattern or Law of Three to the Logos or Third Force of Creation, we see a black hole in what is presented in post 600 -- with the problem being that if we can't grasp this Pabulum in this post, we can't even begin to go on to the solid food of true Spiritual Manna and an understanding of why Yeshua warned that the Kingdom lies before men, but they are blind and can't see it.   Which is also why the Kingdom can never come upon the earth, and why the Utopia of the New World Order of the Theosophists and New Age can never come to pass.   In the twisting of the third to fourth sequence in the Octave, the turning is on a horizontal inward plane -- and this is why the Gospel of the Nazirenes not only talks of the Son of God, but also the Daughter -- because this same dividing that is applied to the Divine Pattern and Mother/Father God on one plane, also is present in the Logos -- but because of the twisting, from a linear perception the balance is an illusion in its appearance as being one and undivided.   And we see this in the pattern of the fact that the offspring born of men and women are in like manner male and female -- but in not applying this reality to the Logos because this division caused by the twisting of the Octaves can only be seen by altering our perspective and thinking out of the linear mode, mankind not only remains physically blind, but mentally and philosophically blind to True Reality and the Kingdom that Yeshua said lies before him.   And this is also the whole foundation of what is presented in the hologram, the important Unified Field Theory, String Theory and the findings of Quantum Physics today.    And this is also why I have continually stated that what we are teaching our children, and the manner that we are teaching our children, in our secular educational systems today, is not only harmful and should be considered child abuse, but is the epitome of ignorance.   And all those Left Leaning intellectuals who attempt to indoctrinate our children into the ignorance of Socialism with their anti-religious agenda, are all leading the people into an even greater black hole than the Evangelical Christians and other religious groups that at least possess the symbols of higher consciousness.  
Many have criticized me -- claiming that I am attempting to live in the past in learning from the exploration of my past lives -- and yet, the reality of the inner dimensions of Creation that the New Age and Theosophist philosophers are all lacking an understanding of, was all revealed and explored by the inner core of the Disciples of Yeshua.   All that man is only now beginning to understand the reality of in Quantum Physics, was all explored by the Disciples of Yeshua as the Master of TheWay took them into these inner dimensions and realms of Being that natural (carnal) man is blind to.   And when the Gentiles accused the Disciples of being too Jewish, it was this foundation in the Law and the transmutation and transformation of the lower nature that enabled them to see, perceive, and comprehend what the Gentile converts who were entry-level, were blind to.   The flesh of man demands instant gratification -- i.e., tell me what to believe so I can be enlightened?   They don't want to even know about the long and enduring process of transformation that is required over the course of many lifetimes -- i.e.,  "We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God" (Acts 14:22 NKJ).   And when you realize that because of the twisting of the Octaves that the Third Force would appear to us as one -- but in reality it is imbued with the Divine Pattern and is really in the same triune pattern but on a different plane -- and you begin to understand that as this pattern moved out and brought forth the enormity of Creation, creating dimensions within dimensions and realms within realms, that man's linear perception and understanding is totally incapable of perceiving reality without the process of alchemical transmutation and spiritual transformation of walking in TheWay -- only then can you even begin to understand the reality of man's blindness.   Moreover, the monks and yogis who have never even begun to develop the lower earth realities within themselves because they negated the lower centers so they could adore the Light of the upper centers, are gazing upon the Light that was evolved by souls such as Yeshua who did develop these lower centers and walked in TheWay.   And that is why they can only look, and can't become -- and most of them totally lack any understanding of the soul-self of man.   Which is why the psychic friend of Louise said of the Buddhists (and yogis): "the Buddhist aeon is the most dull and grey of them all, because they are just sitting in this dull grey atmosphere saying mantras all the time; apparently it is so dull grey there because they completely blanked their minds here on Earth..."
This is why what is presented in post 600 is at best Pabulum -- this is why Yeshua said that the Kingdom lies before men and they see it not -- this is why in the Seth material he speaks of the need to alter one's vision in order to add depth -- this is why Gurdjieff and Pythagoras warned that if you fail to comprehend the Law of Three, and do not seek to overcome the twisting of the Law of Octaves within you, you know nothing of any real value -- and this is why Gurdjieff warned that the path of the East, while permitting the yogis and masters to perceptively pierce beyond the three-dimensional illusion of this world, renders them spiritually impotent because of their own failure to develop, transmute, and transform their own lower nature by virtue of the path of denial.   And this is why the people of the New Age and Theosophy are for the most part blind to the inner reality of the soul-self -- and this total absence of self-knowledge permeats just about all of their writings.   And even when they are presented with the accounts of the Being of Light in the NDE, they still lack the dimension of thought and understanding to perceive the reality of self that is being presented to them.   And this is why I am condemned when I attempt to warn those who come here that because of this inherent blindness and lack of perception, that only the very few in the world are able to go beyond the milk of spiritual understanding, and know the Truth.    




Shalom Howard:
Who says Yeshua was never married in previous lives?   I never did.   He never did.   That he chose not to marry in that life, does not tell the entire story.   No soul could accomplish Perfection in one life -- must less eons of lifetimes.   In the case of the historical Yeshua, we are talking about a soul who entered life with Oneness in the physical, soul and spiritual minds and realities, and only had to Complete the final phase which made him a god.   That the church has edited out the means by which a soul evolves to that level of perfection, is to the detriment of Christians who lack the understanding of the process of soul-evolution.   Once again, notice that the word meditation is never mentioned in the New Testament -- ANYWHERE.   Unlike the yogis, Yeshua condemns the whole guru and teacher concept that is the mainstay of the East.   Flo was reading part one in the 600 series this morning before I went to work
(see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NazireneLibrary/message/600 ), and came across the part where I explain that the yogis can only adore the Light, because they have never developed the Light within themselves.   Since all of Creation is imbued with the Pattern, we can use simple electricity and an electric light bulb to demonstrate the differences -- i.e., the two wires are the positive (male) and return (female) parts of the circuit -- and it is at the point where the two polarities come together in the filament of the light bulb where the light is emitted.   The yogis attempt to negate their own inner circuitry, and look at the whirring of the generator in the spiritual centers.   Since we are created in the image and likeness of God, and not just a mere extension as the adherents of the collective consciousness dogma believe, that means that we have the capacity to evolve the Light within ourselves -- just as our Source.   In fact, when we do this, we add to the Source and bring Creation closer to the Omega.   But to accomplish this, we must take the potentials of the divided polarities within self -- Merge them as in the Divine Marriage
(see http://DivineMarriage.org ) -- and evolve the gift of being that our Creator-God gave us into a Great Light.  
In many respects we can liken the path of the East to a variance on the parable of the talents at Mt. 25:14:
 "For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country, who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them.  And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability; and immediately he went on a journey.  Then he who had received the five talents went and traded with them, and made another five talents.   And likewise he who had received two gained two more also.  But he who had received one went and dug in the ground, and hid his lord's money.   After a long time the lord of those servants came and settled accounts with them.  So he who had received five talents came and brought five other talents, saying, 'Lord, you delivered to me five talents; look, I have gained five more talents besides them.'  His lord said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.'   He also who had received two talents came and said, 'Lord, you delivered to me two talents; look, I have gained two more talents besides them.'   His lord said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.'   Then he who had received the one talent came and said, 'Lord, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you have not sown, and gathering where you have not scattered seed.   'And I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours.'   But his lord answered and said to him, 'You wicked and lazy servant, you knew that I reap where I have not sown, and gather where I have not scattered seed.   'So you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received back my own with interest.   'Therefore take the talent from him, and give it to him who has ten talents.   'For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.    'And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'" (Matt 25:14-30 NKJ)
If you remember, your friend Jeff who thinks knows all, and you argue with on that other forum, posted the wisdom of that swami who said that even striving for Godliness was the building up of ego and going in the wrong direction.   Yet, in the above parable, the one who did the most striving and work, was the one who was not only held in the highest esteem, but benefited the most.  So what these refugees from eastern mysticism are proclaiming is that the path to enlightenment is to place the talent upon one's inner altar, and spend one's life adoring it.   And because of their path of denial, in the manner of the man who hid the talent in the ground, they have done nothing to increase what was given to them.      
In relation to mine and Flo's discussion with respect to when she read what I had written, the yogis are the opposite polarity balance of the degenerates who are portrayed in the above parable of the ones who squander their life-force away by burying it in the earth.   In fact, the yogis are those who are portrayed in the above who deposit it in the bank, and incur interest -- which represents the snails pace development of the Eastern path of meditation and denial.   But what is important to understand is the fact that they exist as a paradoxical opposite to the path of degeneracy at the opposing polarity of the Cosmic spectrum.   Remember, the Universe -- BY LAW -- must maintain balance.   And because of the degenerates on the opposite end of the Cosmic spectrum who squander away all of their life-force (bury it in the earth), they are balanced out on the Laws of the Cosmic Tree of Life by those who put it in the bank (the Eastern chakra gazers).   And while those who put it in the bank do not evolve the Light within themselves, the interest acquired does add to and feed the WHOLE.   It is not that they are Spiritual or Complete -- but rather, through the path of denial, they lack the darkness of their degenerate opposites who they are Married to by Cosmic Law.   And in the weakness of their path, they are as delicate flowers that bask in the Light -- and while they bear witness to that Light, then cannot become the Light.
Creator-God did not bestow upon man the passions and appetites of the body, so he could be forever demonized and plunged into the depths of hell when he engages them.   As stated in the Nazirene Gospel:  "For they, making a god of their belly, sacrificed to their God the innocent creatures of the earth, in place of the carnal nature within themselves"  -- and this carnal nature MUST be engaged in order to be transmuted into an unblemished lamb, and transformed into a spiritual foundation for a Disciple of TheWay to seek the Kingdom from the balanced Center of his Being.   These earth-reality passions and appetites which the yogis deny, have their corresponding opposites in the higher expressions of the heavenly centers -- and the outward carnal expressions are not only subdued by making the two one, but the Third Force is Evolved that brings about Perfection and Completion.   We must be as the servant who received five talents -- went and worked them -- and through much labor and struggling, is able to return the ten (10) of the Kingdom to our Master.   And those who are able to bring about the ten, always receive the ONE!!!  
I am condemned when I tell the Christians that they are walking the broad-way of self destruction.   They tell me that I am blind to the truth (of their doctrines).   I am condemned when I tell the seekers of the New Age that their concepts which is based upon the teachings of the Billy Graham's of the East, are just as counterfeit.   They say: I talk down to them!    Remember, it was our sister Desiree who is still crying in the other forums who said to me: "It is hypocritical for you to say that you are wiser and more knowledgeable than everyone else!"    And yet, the reality that Desiree and others deny, is found in the above words in the parable: "...And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability; and immediately he went on a journey."  
And how is each person's ability determined?   What is the criteria?   It is the same criteria of why others are here in this forum -- i.e., because in the past they were the "...good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.'"    We did not bury the talent in the earth, and neither did we become chakra gazers as their cosmic opposites in the East -- but rather, over the course of many lifetimes we picked up our crosses and walked in TheWay.   So, is myself and others truly so egotistical to think that we understand what the yogi chakra gazers do not?   After beginning to read this latest sequence of posts starting with 600 in the library, my wife Flo concludes that what I am writing is self-evident, and it can easily be seen why I reject the Eastern Billy Graham's.   Like the Christians, it is not that they are wrong -- just very incomplete -- and all considering walking their path should seriously consider if it is beneficial to go in that direction.        
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Shalom Allan,

You have returned some stability to my life with this awesome post. You have posted that which I have only dared to think. I�m not crazy after all.

In your post, you state:

�Moreover, the monks and yogis who have never even begun to develop the lower earth realities within themselves because they negated the lower centers so they could adore the Light of the upper centers, are gazing upon the Light that was evolved by souls such as Yeshua who did develop these lower centers and walked in TheWay.�

Question: How did Yeshua, or others, experience and develop these lower centers if they were not married or never experienced a woman? This is a redundant question, not requiring an answer, ?but thought.




Shalom Eric:
With respect to your below link, they are primarily Buddhists who are attempting to present themselves as Essenes.   While most of these groups condemn Paul -- and I can understand why -- Paul had more in common with Buddhism than James/Jacob or Yeshua.   In fact, the teachings of TheWay was as much a separation from the ascetic branch of the Essenes, as it was from the Pharisees.  
Because of the great spiritual success, an uncountable number of religious groups have attempted to assimilate Yeshua into their fold.   They each see in him the fulfillment of their respective religious orders.   We see it even today with the New Age Christians and other groups.   And while on one hand this is good, on the other hand, none of these groups understand the mindset, lifestyle and inner teachings that brought such great success to Yeshua and his disciples.   And I present this as from a group effort -- which is exactly what it was.   The disciples were not the narrow minded ignorant Jews that most groups have attempted to portray them as.   They were in their own right leaps and bounds ahead of other spiritual orders -- and it is this spiritual essence that I am striving to awaken in many of the highly evolved souls in this forum.  
None of these groups that have attempted to assimilate Yeshua into their own order, possess any vision of man's true higher soul-reality.   And like Joseph Smith stated in utter frustration, they can't think beyond their traditions.   And most of these traditions are drawn from the ancient folklore and superstitions of the people.   Their ideas about God do more to inhibit them, than to help them.   And I have yet to find any religious group that possess the knowledge of the soul and the soul-reality.    So this places all religious groups in the category that Edgar Cayce portrayed them -- i.e., your dammed if you do, and your dammed if you don't.    Without religion, few people are able to get the necessary structure and discipline in their lives to begin to get control of one's lower nature and multitude of self -- and without leaving religion behind, few people are able to fulfill the true interpretation of the words:  �Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand� (Matt 3:2 NAS) -- which should be interpreted:  �Open and unloose the mind, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand� (see http://GateOfEden.com ).   So, your dammed if you do, and your dammed if you don't.  
The spiritual movement which came to be the teachings of TheWay, which embraced the Nazirene Vow
(see http://messianic.nazirene.us/nazir.htm ), and the Ebionite reality of the necessity to be poor to the ways of this world, was as much a revolution from the ascetic ways of the Essenes, as it was from the rest of the religions of man.   So if you say to me that a group of Buddhists are attempting to assimilate the Essenes and Yeshua, then what you are in effect saying is that they are going in reverse of reality.    While the Buddhists and Essenes were good and sincere seekers, few of their number were and are able to release their minds from their traditions in order to truly open the inner door to the Kingdom.   And while the various religious groups and orders get glimpses of the Light of the Kingdom, very few are able to �Open and unloose the mind..." sufficiently to actually enter the Kingdom.   And I am not making reference to the astral realms of the New Age and Theosophy
(see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NazireneLibrary/message/596 ) -- but rather, to be able to enter in at the Center and through the Door of Light into the realm of souls that must be evolved to fulfill the Ultimate Purpose which is our eventual Return to our Source of Being.  
Because of the inherent anchors of every religious path -- and when I say every, I do mean EVERY -- Gurdjieff attempt to teach his disciples about the Laws and how to overcome the Laws through the elevation of consciousness.   By stripping away all the traditions and garb of religions that anchored the people to superstitious folklore and counterfeit religious doctrines, Gurdjieff attempted to provide a more pure path for seekers to strive after the higher truths of reality.   But there is so much left unsaid, that few succeed in making any real advances.   Carl Jung possessed a key when he said that the Christian Gnostics were the worlds first psychologists -- and this is a truly important concept to embrace.   If all that exists, exists because God is Thinking it -- and if our true form is the Being of Light
(see http://BeingOfLight.com ) who is Pure Energy and Intellect, then it is through the development of the mind that must be our vehicle to find and know God.   Yet, because all religious paths become corrupted by those less enlightened individuals who follow in the next generation after the original visionary who initiated the movement, this reality of Mind quickly becomes eradicated.   The survival of the teachings depends upon a large group of people to embrace these teachings, and since the large group of people are always of a natural organic mindset that is entry-level at best, the focus of the respective religion is always on the cure of the carnally sick, and the higher realities of the development of mind is always sacrificed on the altar of institutionalization by necessity of survival.   Unless the teachings are made applicable to the multitudes, they can't survive beyond just a handful of true disciple-seekers of Truth -- and in being made applicable to a larger number of people, the focus is always on the elementary, and corruption by counterfeit priests and teachers quickly follows.   Moreover, in order to maintain control of the group, the independent and evolved use of the mind very quickly becomes condemned.   And while fragments of truth continue to exist across the Tower of Babel syndrome, few people possess the higher consciousness necessary to fit the puzzle back together.
Our true form is a Being of Light that is pure energy, intellect and consciousness.   And yet, intellect is a dirty word among most religious groups -- as is the development and evolution of self.   Moreover, everything that myself or someone like me says, will be thoroughly misconstrued by the people of a natural organic mindset who can't perceive anything beyond the limitations of the physical body-consciousness.    So, in order to begin the development of a larger group of people, the necessary restraints must be instituted in order to get control of the lower mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms which the body-vessel is controlled by, but because these disciplines and ritualized traditions become the main focus, they become cast in stone and anything beyond them is immediately condemned.   Which means that the larger body of the members of each respective religion exists in order to create an elementary environment from which the few true seekers within the group can be ferreted away and developed in secret from the rest of the believers.   And this inner group within the larger group are the seekers who are in the process of learning the minor mysteries of God -- with the Higher Truths being reserved only for the very few who can succeed in bringing about the necessary alchemical transmutation of the lower three kingdoms in order to create the necessary body-vessel environment -- and the transformation of the 144,000 multitudes within self that comprises the human potential -- and the evolution of the soul-essence into the Oneness as portrayed in the singular twelve disciples -- and in making the lower earthly triad into the fit bride for the higher heavenly triad as portrayed in the Star of David, that reality of mind that we call Yeshua is born of the virgin within, and the disciple is then positioned to bring about the next stage of soul-birth in the body-vessel.   But that disciple who has begun to walk in TheWay, has about as much in common as the multitude of their own respective systems of religion, as the sun has with the moon.   And if the reality of that disciple was ever revealed to the multitudes of their own respective religion, they would kill him as a heretic.  
The true Being of Light that we are -- i.e., our soul-self -- enters this realm in cycles -- and it is not the soul itself that enters this ream -- but rather, and embryonic image of our soul
(see http://nazirene.org/eden4.htm#embro-pre ).   And this soul-self is the Being of Light that is encountered by some in a Near Death Experience (see http://BeingOfLight.com ).   And it is your soul-self which exists consciously independent in a parallel realm, and knows your every thought -- your every future event in your life -- and has the memory of every experience that your true self has ever had since the dawn of time.   What natural man is often incapable of understanding, is the reality that we CONSCIOUSLY exist across the spectrum of a multitude of realms and dimensions, and the lower realms of consciousness is incapable of perceiving the next higher level to the Source of Being because of Natural Barriers that exist because of the turning of the Laws as represented by the twisting of the Octaves (see http://TheLawOfOctaves.com ), and the fact that each lower level is divided on a horizontal plane from the next vertical plane above it.   Throughout this sequence of posts in the Library
(see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NazireneLibrary/ ) which is in the 600 series, I have demonstrated where each level gives birth to the next level beneath it by dividing within itself as in the Divine Pattern
(see http://DivineMarriage.org ).   So to possess the knowledge and the perception of the next vertical (inner) level above us, we must not only bring the lower levels beneath us into proper harmony and oneness, but we must re-merge the Adam's and Eve's on the level where we are at.   And as explained throughout the 600 series of library posts, this cannot be done in the ritualistic denial practices of the larger religious group.   And it is important to understand that Buddhism and Essene asceticism is a necessary step in order for the people to gain control over their own lower natures.   In the same way that the various "AA" groups employ the twelve step programs to assist the addicted from being controlled by their various demons that possess them -- i.e., alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food, etc.. -- the carnal people of this world are addicted to its sensuality, emotionalism, egotism and the craving of religious/political power, mammon and materialism.   Since no gains can be achieved while man exists in this addicted state, the religion of the masses is always an "AA" type format which is necessary to free them from their carnal and worldly shackles.    But the religion then becomes the fulfilling of the rituals and disciplines to break the addictions -- and as these lesser but necessary rituals become imbued with what is believed to be what had been Commanded by God, the true initial purpose and objectives of the respective religions become lost and obscured.    
Life after life we become caught up in the rituals and traditions of the religious paths, while the primary objective remains obscured and unknown.  Without the religion, we quickly become possessed by the sensual and elemental appetites of the body, and controlled by the elemental powers of this world.   With the religion, we become so hypnotized by the rituals, traditions and manmade doctrines, that the primary objectives of both the religion and life becomes hidden and concealed from us.    This creates the many failures in life -- and it is this reality that Yeshua makes reference to in the 84th saying of the Gospel of Thomas in the words
(see http://nazirene.org/gospel_of_thomas.htm )
(84) Jesus said, "When you see your likeness, you rejoice. But when you see your images which came into being before you, and which neither die nor become manifest, how much you will have to bear!"  
Notice that Yeshua did not say that when you see God, you rejoice... and how much will you bear?    But the reality of what is conveyed in these words is one of those Great Truths that are unknown and condemned by the masses of entry-level believers.    Because at the "AA" elementary level everything has to be conveyed from the perspective: God Commanded This -- or, God Commanded That -- or, you must do this to satisfy the Requirements and Laws of God -- and the real killer in the doctrine that you must get rid of self in order to satisfy these Requirements, while enabling the masses to get control of their lower natures, makes them unfit for discipleship or walking in TheWay.   And so, your dammed if you do, and your dammed if you don't -- and life after life is a series of failed soul-images that are only able to make the most minutest of spiritual gains.  
Because the people not only fail to move beyond the entry-level rituals -- and made the whole thrust of their respective religion the "AA" type rituals of denial that were necessary to gain control over the lower nature -- the reality that was portrayed by the psychic
(see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NazireneLibrary/message/596 ) is true of all religions.   And in describing the after-death result of the Eastern path:  "the Buddhist aeon is the most dull and grey of them all, because they are just sitting in this dull grey atmosphere saying mantras all the time; apparently it is so dull grey there because they completely blanked their minds here on Earth..."   And the astral realms are full of Fundamentalist Christians who do nothing but sing hymns and praise the Lord -- sex addicts who have perpetual sex -- people who surround themselves with gold and jewels -- and every other addiction known to man.   And eventually, these addictions are overcome, and the healing process is begun -- and it is then that they must begin the journey of self discovery.    And this is where the semi-enlightened Eastern sources correctly described in the portrayal of the Buddhists (and Hindus) and latter day New Age and Theosophists in the above dark and dingy astral realm, who have failed to understand the teachings of Yeshua, or my present teachings of the reality of the soul-self that they totally rejected in their attempt to negate the self and become one with God -- or worse yet, those who negate all knowledge with the doctrine of the Collective Consciousness and the all you need is love rhetoric -- must begin to come to terms with their own true higher reality.   Yeshua said: "When you see your likeness..."  -- and yet the New Agers and Theosophists who come here to call me a heretic completely ignore this reality because it is above and beyond their psychics and mediums.   And when they attempt to adopt Jesus, and make him one of the yogi-type enlightened masters, they make the teachings of Yeshua and TheWay as counterfeit as the Christians and their Jesus-god.   And why do these people condemn what I write?   Because it doesn't conform to their many books that are drawn from the elementary religious rituals that has through corruption become the substance of their respective religions.     
In the Gospel of Thomas saying 84, your likeness is the true you -- i.e., the Being of Light who is your soul-self.  Your images are the personalities (embryonic images) which lived before you in previous lives which failed to become one with their source of being (the Being of Light), and thus failed to "become manifest".   While these images are never manifest, they do not die with respect to remaining as experiences in the travail and journey of the soul who must fulfill the requirement of perfection as stated at Matthew 5:48 where we are told to be Perfect, as our Heavenly Father is Perfect.      
Many, many, many (notice the number of many's) years ago when I first began my seeking, I read a book about the psychic and medium Arthur Ford, and one of the things that hit me like a rock through an intuitive insight that I did not at that time understand, was when he said that, in his investigations on the other side, many things that man considers a sin, is not a sin at all.   And this was my own soul-self attempting to convey to me the need to question what mankind thinks is right and wrong, good and bad, etc.    And much of my own exploration into past lives and learning about our soul-self that is a great void in the books that seekers read, was as much the process of getting right of religious, cultural and societal ignorance and misinformation, as it was learning the truth.   And as long as man continues to remain ignorant of his true nature and form, then he will continue to be shackled to models of entry-level religion, and make gains at a snails pace over the course of countless lifetimes.   And this, in many instances, religion does as much harm as it does good. 
In the pattern that I laid out in this series, the disciple must apply the third-force of the lower earth centers, in harmony with the third-force of the heavenly centers which is often portrayed as the Christ Center, with the third-force of the heart center that is because of the Law of Octaves on a different plane that the others.   The problem is that this requires the transmutation and transformation of the lower natures with their opposites in the higher centers, and the balance and harmony of the twelve spheres of mind of the Tree of Life which are represented in the organs of the body.   But since the religions of the world both inhibit and deny the lower natures, and look upon the development of mind as pure heresy, the people are all up the creek without a paddle.    They can't possess the knowledge and understanding of the soul-self that dwells in an inner realm of being, and is the true being that we are, because their respective religious teachings inhibit them from overcoming their divided natures, and opening the inner door to the realm of souls.   You can't have it both ways -- i.e., if our true nature and form is a Being of Light that is pure energy, intellect and illumined knowing, then you can't find self, and Know Self, by following a path that negates the development of mind.   And while these religious paths succeed in gazing upon the Light -- as with the chakra gazers of the East and the New Age -- the very tenets of their respective religious paths inhibit them from bringing the Tree of Life into harmony and oneness, and becoming the Light by manifesting their soul-self in their body-vessel.    Which means that their own religious paths have become an obstacle to the Truth, the Light and TheWay.  
If I had not been, who I was in my previous lives, I would be just as lost as everyone else.   If each of you, had not been who you were in your previous lives, you would not bee here listening to the ramblings of a heretic.    And if you think that the religions of the world would accept the truth when it is presented to them, then you are yourself a great fool.    Without the ability to explore my past lives and communicate with my soul-self, I could never have unraveled the Mysteries of God that perplexes the religious leaders of the world today.   At best, I would have been no better than the rest of them.   And this is what makes the difference between True Spiritual Gnosis, and doctrinal head-knowledge which my wife calls B/S knowledge.   And since most religious leaders do not possess the catalysts that I do, that enables me to not only restore the knowledge of TheWay -- but to pierce through the inner barrier through the Center that most religious leaders cannot -- it is impossible for them to know what only the very few who possess the Knowledge of TheWay can Know.   And in like manner, many of you are here so that you can benefit from the catalysts that permit me to do this -- as has been the case in numerous previous lifetimes -- and you entered this life knowing that I would provide you the tools that would enable to you become awakened to your own higher soul-self reality.   But since we dwell in a world of self-imposed ignorance, only those who are prepared to confront self and the shackles that inhibit you from embracing the process of �Open and unloose the mind, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand� -- will remain here without being provoked to anger and condemnation at my attitude and ways of awakening those who know, but are sleeping.   Because there is no other means to awaken one who has been drugged and hypnotized by the god of this world, except by jarring them and disrupting their doctrinal shackles that keeps them in their stupor.   And many will go away mad, because as Paul warned: "Those who think they know, do not yet know as they should know" -- because the natural mind of man will judge and condemn the Higher Mysteries of God as pure "foolishness" -- and they will reason that anyone who thinks they know what others do not, are ego driven misguided fools.    And since this soul and spiritual disenfranchisement is the only true Universal Truth which permeates all of mankind, this insures that the Mysteries of God are preserved only for those few who are willing to walk in TheWay.
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Shalom Allan:

Do you have any opinions on this group?








Shalom Emmanuel & Desiree:
One of the important reasons why The Fourth Way needs a teacher, is to keep the disciples from be re-seduced by the collective consciousness of this world.   And this you can observe in our present time when people leave Christianity and convert to a New Age type of thinking, while they think they found the truth, they have merely been seduced into a new rhetorical trap.   This is caused by the fact that a conversion to a different school of philosophy, does in no manner equal transformation.   
Gurdjieff understood that the only way that the way of the monk and yogi work, is if the believer leaves this life and retires to an ashram or monastery.   For a developing mind, it is necessary to escape the clutches of the god of this world, and enter a sacred sanctuary in the presence of evolved souls who will drive the disciple into the higher realities of soul and spirit.   Remember, unlike the people from the New Age who read books and post in these forums, Gurdjieff went directly to the source of Eastern teachings -- as presented in that post I made to Dawn of Gurdjieff and Jung
(see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NazireneLibrary/message/588 ) where it was written: An enigmatic Greek Armenian, George Gurdjieff, born in Russia about 1870, is generally acknowledged as the bearer of the enneagram to the West. His autobiography relates his travels through Central Asia, Tibet, and India. Gurdjieff's wanderings led him to Nasqshbandi Sufis and their claim to be "Masters of Wisdom," where an inner circle of enlightened masters teach these ancient truths, orally, to selected student-seekers. The esoteric teachings that characterize their beliefs were revealed to men by spirits called "Transformed Ones." Gurdjieff gathered a band of believers and in Moscow they established The Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man. Fleeing to Paris and on to New York following the Bolshevik Revolution, Gurdjieff set up shop, teaching "Esoteric Christianity."   A catalog of the beliefs of Gurdjieff's Esoteric Christianity includes the head, heart, and gut division of man, which must be kept in balance by spiritual dances (based on enneagram dynamics) ensuring that one remain spiritually awake. Most importantly, the essence of man is the material of the universe-a divine essence. According to Margaret Anderson, author of The Unknown Gurdjieff, few people are able to shed their ego-the personality style adopted at age three-in order to release their essence, entrapped by the personality. The spiritual exercises taught by Gurdjieff were designed to effect that transformation. Gurdjieff's zeal for the enneagram lay in its power to reveal to men the cosmic process-the natural ordering of the universe-as he believed the enneagram reflected the numerical order of the universe itself. The symbol's numbering also fascinated mathematician Peter Ouspensky, who became a Gurdjieff disciple. The mathematical fact that 1 divided by 7 results in the repeating, nonterminating decimal .142857, without the digits 3, 6, or 9, while dividing 3, 6, or 9 into 1 results in self-repeating decimals was believed by Ouspensky to be the mathematical map of a harmonic universe-a divine inner order of all things. Gurdjieff and Ouspensky revered the enneagram to such a degree that they taught "Only what a man is able to put in the enneagram does he actually know, that is, understand." Gurdjieff's work evolved into the "Fourth Way," which is a method of achieving inner perfection in ordinary life, rather than withdrawing from the world as do the yogi, fakir, and monks. The goal of Fourth Way practitioners is an accelerated transformation, returning to pure essence.
Will Pae's forum is a prime example of people who believe they are enlightened because they have changed their rhetoric.   They haven't undergone the process of transformation -- in fact, they reject the very elementary way of life necessary to begin to initiate spiritual transformation.   And this is because after their conversion, the Law of Octaves (see http://TheLawOfOctaves.com ) once again twisted their new rhetorical reality, and they are very much living in the same old house with a new facade.   They just entered a new variety of sleep and stupor -- the collective consciousness convinced them that they found enlightenment -- and this is true of everyone who does not maintain vigilance over the mind.   Remember those verses on staying awake -- the need for a watchmen -- these make reference to maintain an awakened state and not to be seduced by the Law as presented in the twisting of the octaves.  
I see in the above the mention of the need to shed the false ego-self which inhibits the release of the soul-essence.   Most people could make an Eastern type dogma out of this, and go off and be once again seduced by the collective consciousness of this world until they leave this world.   And the great reality that these people would be missing, if the fact that the false personality is not only necessary, but an important element in the equation in order for the disciple to evolve.   Gurdjieff makes the association of the city person as the epitome of false personality, and the country person where people such as where Howard lives possessing a more highly developed essence, but lacking in the dynamics to drive that soul-essence to the point of rebirth.   Like male and female polarities, within the person there must be a balance between ego and essence in order to achieve true growth and evolution.  
Because of the twisting of the Laws, the people who attempt to rid themselves of ego, only create an alter-ego, and this is merely their failure to realize that they have been once again seduced by the collective consciousness of this world which uses the gravity of mind (Satan) to keep them trapped.   As my wife often points out: Don't these people see that they are the most egotistical of all?   And I tell her no, because the god of this world has given them a new delusion.   
A True Teacher MUST possess the knowledge of the soul-self -- because, without this experiential knowledge, the seeker will be quickly seduced by the twisting of the octaves and the power of the collective consciousness of this world to trade one rhetorical illusion for a new rhetorical illusion -- both being a delusion.   The people of the New Age, while many are sincere in their endeavors, and there are many really valuable healing methods that parallel the Sufi dancing used by Gurdjieff to maintain the proper flow of vital life-force through the inner kingdoms of the body -- remain lost because they lack a teacher who knows the threefold nature of Creation and mankind, and the reality of the soul-self.   Often, through the use of confrontation, the teacher must break the shackles of the new delusion that the (gravity of mind) working through the collective consciousness and the twisting of the octaves, the teacher must continually free the disciple.   Every time the seeker believes he has found truth, the collective consciousness of this world will use a new illusion to once again seduce him/her into thinking they found the truth of enlightenment.  
People get angry at me, because I blow holes in their rhetorical facade.    But their anger is good, because a seeker needs to harness this emotion to blast through the fossilized rhetorical beliefs that the collective consciousness has used to re-seduce them.   And in invoking Laws, these Laws come back upon them like a boomerang, and help to free them from their shackles.   You will see these people return back to this forum in cycles -- and that is because their own soul-self is driving them back here for another treatment of blowing away the new rhetorical (Gurdjieff called them) buffers that the collective consciousness of this world has re-installed in them in order to keep them shackled.   Feminine compassion and politically correct nice-words would be a poison that merely permits them to experience a slow death.    And there own soul-self who is working from the realm of souls to awaken them, sends them to me for a new healing by once again chipping away a little more of the shackles that enslave them.   Often, I know they are coming even before they arrive.     
When I made that initial post on Dawn's forum I got hate mail from our old friends at the call group who basically have people such as Louise and Sheryl under their control, and the following was sent to Dawn and cc'ed to me:  "Hi, I've been watching the list for a while but never felt to join. Allan is just a pharisee in slightly different garb. He clogs the mind of others with his endless mental revolutions and seeks to stir up separation by evoking partisanship, whenever his own belief system is threatened. Giving him attention will only encourage him to shout out his credentials louder. He is a desperate and deeply deluded man, perpetually justifying his own spiritual status by using his intellect and belittling others in order to reflect back to himself his own views of his superiority. He is one of those whom Jesus exposed and reviled 2000 years ago. Anyone who follows him will have something of the ancient Jewish karma/evil in them." 
It is good for their own growth that I invoke this anger in them -- because only through the boomerang effect of the Laws, can they be helped.   Gurdjieff was able to bypass the error of the Billy Graham's of the East (Theosophy), because he went to the source of Eastern Mysticism -- i.e.,  "...His autobiography relates his travels through Central Asia, Tibet, and India. Gurdjieff's wanderings led him to Nasqshbandi Sufis and their claim to be "Masters of Wisdom," where an inner circle of enlightened masters teach these ancient truths, orally, to selected student-seekers. The esoteric teachings that characterize their beliefs were revealed to men by spirits called 'Transformed Ones'."   I was able to bypass the Billy Graham's of the world both east and west, by going back to that life I lived with Yeshua, and through my wife's ability to transcend time and re-manifest past lives in the present time frame of consciousness.   It is imperative for the god of this world to maintain control of you, to seduce you into the delusion that there is truth in this world -- that you can find truth by reading the many books of the East/West Billy Graham's and chakra gazers of this world -- in order to inhibit you from seeking your soul-self and the inner Kingdom.   Will Pae became angry when I told him that even the best churches of this world are mere shadow churches of the one within.   I enrage the Christians when I prove their doctrines to be counterfeit and their scriptures corrupted (see http://TheTenWords.com ).   I enrage the people of the New Age when I blow holes in their rhetoric.   My wife will tell you that I am hated by the local government.   Great Wisdom is expressed in the Gospel of the Nazirenes where it is warned:  "These things have I spoken to you that you should be forewarned. They shall put you out of the synagogues; yea, the time comes, that who so ever kills you will think that they do God's service. And these things will they do to you, because they have not known the All-Parent, nor me."
The Truth: Any religion that dwells in peace in this world, has been compromised.   Any teacher or prophet who is embraced by a large number of people in this world, is counterfeit.  This world is a reflected reality -- and like a black and white negative, Light and dark are reversed.   In the same way that we can't look upon the physical light of this world -- i.e., the sun -- without becoming blind -- and we can only look upon the light through a reflected reality, this reversal permeates every aspect of this world.   Light is dark -- strength is weakness -- good is bad -- truth is error -- and the god of this world is the Devil -- i.e., "...the time comes, that who so ever kills you will think that they do God's service."    If a New World Order and government were to arise as the New Age Utopians promote, then it will herald in the universal worship of Lucifer.    The god of this world being of a Left Hand reflective reality, is totally threatened and undermined by anyone True Prophet who knows the Truth of the Inner Kingdom of Light.   And while there is Truth in the world, the Tower of Babel syndrome which has been brought about by the Laws has so fragmented this Truth, that it becomes a force of continued enslavement because of its incompleteness.    And any True Prophet who knows the Truth, will be rejected and even killed by those who serve the god of this world.
In many respects The Fourth Way can be said to be the religionless path to enlightenment.    In recognizing that all the religious paths of the world were corrupted because the god of this world uses all traditional religions to perpetuate the enslavement of the believers -- and all religions were/are fundamentally useless from the perspective of their original intent to bring about soul-birth over the course of a single lifetime -- Gurdjieff revealed in his teachings the reality of the Laws which keep man ignorant of higher reality, and shackled to lives of self-ignorance -- and he revealed the means to overcome these Laws.   Gurdjieff was born a Sufi, and traveled to India and Tibet to study under the enlightened masters of the East -- and having recognized the failings of the Eastern path -- being a slow and steady path of enlightenment, its way of denial required lifetimes for the seekers of this path to become conscious of their inner soul-reality -- he realized the need to create a system where anyone could begin the process of spiritual elevation and enlightenment without having to retire to a monastery or ashram and walk a path that can take eons to bring results.   And seeing the failings of the many traditional religious paths, he also knew that if he was to initiate a new or renew one of the existing religious paths, with the traditional associated religious beliefs and doctrines, that his efforts would quickly become corrupted and would end up just like all the rest -- just one rung above useless because of the corruption.   So in keeping his teachings to the reality of the Laws, while eliminating all traditional religious doctrines and traditions, he believed that his teachings would remain more pure because they wouldn't be compromised by the class of priests and politicians who use religion for their own positions of power over the people and material gain.   And he also understood that this was one of the fundamental reasons why the historical Buddha said that there was no God -- only us -- thus, taking away the element that the priest class uses to cultivate positions of power.    Let me assure you that both failed -- i.e., The Fourth Way is dependent upon a teacher, and few people possess the depth to comprehend the teachings of Gurdjieff -- and after personally spending thirteen months traveling around South East Asia during the Vietnam war, the priests have totally taken over and created a culture in total opposition to what the Buddha envisioned.
Gurdjieff correctly stated that if man was to be able to actually take a step back from his immersion in this world and actually see his present predicament of life -- how he is little more than a herd-animal in the organic reality of life in this world who is the source of a certain vibratory frequency of vital life-force that the collective consciousness of this world needs to survive -- and a man could perhaps be permitted even a lucid moment where he could gaze upon this world from an elevated perspective and perceive his true reality for even one moment -- the vast majority of people would be horrified at what they witnessed.   And while this has been said by others, in his explanation of the workings of the Laws, Gurdjieff went into far greater depth and detail.   Yeshua said that the father of the Torah observant Pharisees who did exactly what the scriptures commanded, was the devil -- but few people relate that to their own lives.   Paul spoke of the god of this world that controls every aspect of life in this realm -- but Christians are under the deluded mindset that they are free from the shackles of imprisonment.   The Gnostics said that the God of the Jews was a Demiurge, but few understand this assertion, and everyone thinks that they are exempt from the reality of worshiping the Demiurge.   To their own demise, everyone thinks they understand what was warned, and no one applies this lesser god reality to themselves.    Our sister Judy is a prime example of the seduced who believe that the world is full of truth -- and while she is a very intelligent and insightful woman who appears to be a sincer seeker, because she has never viewed this world from the perspective of her soul-self, she has easily fallen victim to the pervading force of the great illusion.   And since the vast multitude of people are simply incapable of releasing themselves from the shackles of the collective consciousness of this world, they are doomed to develop at a virtual snails pace.  
If you are going to understand Gurdjieff, then the first thing you are going to have to do is set aside all your religious beliefs -- put them on a shelf in your mind -- and be ready to prove the Truth with your own life.   But this is also true of the teachings of Yeshua and TheWay.   And this is also true of any path that leads to a greatly accelerated spiritual evolution of self.    Why?   Because he dwells in a reflected reality where the Tree of Duality has reversed Light and Dark, all of natural man's perceptions and ideas about life are fatally flawed.   And this is why Paul warned the baptized believers that they would look upon the Mysteries of God as "foolishness".  
How can this be, you say?   Because of man's very limited perception and understanding of life due to the organic obstructions of the physical body-vessel in which he dwells.   His body which is comprised of the elements of the three kingdoms of the earth, is limited to perceiving and interpreting only that spectrum of frequencies associated with the earth.   And these limitations are brought about by the fact that nature only permits the body-consciousness to evolve to that point where the mind supports the physical, and no further.   In fact, the body itself inhibits further development of mind and consciousness.   And what all true enlightened visionaries have taught, is the absolute need to escape the mechanical reality of the collective consciousness of this physical world.   This can in many ways be compared to the individual cells that make up your own body -- i.e., with the exception of the alien consciousness which is you, the person who calls herself Desiree, all the rest of the body parts are basically running of auto-pilot.    They each perform a biological function which serves the whole, and none of the cells of your body act independently of the assigned biological function.   And since the Laws of Creation always maintain balance within the reality of the Tree of Life, each person is born into this world under Law, with an assigned biological-cosmic purpose -- and in the same way that each cell of your body is limited to its assigned function, your life as a single cell in the cosmic universe is the same.   That pattern of the Macrocosm, is the same as the microcosm -- and in the same way that your body has countless cells, you are as a cell in the body-mind of the Macrocosm of this world.   
Regardless of the fact that even a very superficial examination of the world confirms that the universe is just as the Deists stated -- i.e., running on auto-pilot -- the vast majority of people cannot deal with this cosmic reality.   To them, their life is the most important thing in the world -- and they believe that God should share their view of themselves.   But in their failure to comprehend how the lower realms of Creation came into existence -- that to a degree, freewill permeates every aspect of Creation -- and the reality that each level is in and of itself, self-sustaining -- the average religious person is simply unable to deal with the reality of this world.   When Yeshua said: "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.... It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life...  the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you" (John 4:24; 6:63; 14:17 NKJ).   If you want to know the Truth, then you must life the live and embrace the mindset that will bring about the necessary alchemical transmutation of your lower nature, and the spiritual transformation of self, overcome your divided natures and manifest your soul-self, and only then will you be prepared to seek God and the Inner Kingdom.  
This world is thoroughly mechanical -- i.e., running on auto-pilot.   And the people of this world are all hypnotized into a stupor where in the reflected image, they embrace the illusion as if it were real -- i.e., Plato's Cave
(see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NazireneLibrary/message/540 ) -- and as Plato warns to no avail that those who actually enter our inner soul-reality, and return back to this world: "...Then, when they try to go back into the cave and tell the other captives the truth, they are mocked as madmen."   Examine your own body -- i.e., every aspect of your body is basically self-sustaining and self-serving.   You don't have to think about the majority of bodily functions that are all running on automatic.  And while modern man has created a world of complexities that only further enslave him, indigenous man only works about an hour a day to serve all his bodily needs.   And with respect to your alien personality, the body-vessels of many people live years in a a coma or suppressed mental state.   So while you need your body as a vessel to manifest in this world, for the most part your body functions without you.  Everything in this world breathes, consumes food and nourishment, has sex and procreates, lives and dies regardless of the level of intelligence associated with the organism -- and while humans many ritualize many of these organic functions, your body is basically in total control of every aspect of your life except for the philosophical and religious window dressing that mankind places upon the necessities of life.   And basically, one of the realities that Gurdjieff correctly warned the people about, was the fact that all valid religious paths that are intended to free man from the shackles of organic existence as a cell in this body-world, are very quickly assimilated and co-opted by the (collective) consciousness of the organic reality of this world.   And in the same way that your own body possesses the means to protect itself against any threat to its existence -- and has whole inner organism designed to fight off any disease or damage to its survival -- so does the body-organism of this world.     And in the same way that Yeshua said that his Kingdom was not of this world, genuine religion is as a disease to the body-organism of this world -- and in the same way that your own body fights off all invading organism, this world will immediately pounce upon any expression of genuine religion that would free the people from servitude to the collective cosmic-body consciousness, and thereby threaten its balance and harmony -- i.e., "...the time comes, that who so ever kills you will think that they do God's service."   The people of a natural organic mind who exist in a fallen state, cannot use the vital life-force that they generate through their spiritual centers.   In the Library there are numerous posts on the holographic universe -- and there is an article which presents this reality at
(see http://messianic.nazirene.us/science_proves.htm ) -- and one of the realities of this world is the fact that every form and aspect of organic existence is a projection of man's own psyche imbued into nature and all of organic life.   So what we are seeing in this world is a reflection of self that the Eastern religions call the illusion that must be escaped -- but they do this because of their own incompleteness with respect to the denial of their lower nature -- and in reality, everything in this world is an allusion that points to and reflects an important element in our own psyche.   Which means that we are presently dwelling in a Living Allegory -- i.e., a Living Scripture -- which is why the in the Essene Gospel of Peace Yeshua condemns the reading of scriptures in the manner that most religions do
(see http://beingoflight.brotherofyeshua.com/defeat.htm#living ).           
All of these realities are possible, because everything is created in accord with the Divine Pattern
(see http://DivineMarriage.org ), and every aspect of Creation is imbued with the DNA of Creator God.   And the quickest way to attain to True Enlightenment, is by entering into a Divine Marriage with a fellow soul-seeker -- because all the elements of the Whole are present within the union of husband and wife who seek the true depth of their own relationship.   And this is why Yeshua says that God did not write your scriptures and books -- man did.   But if you begin to understand what you see with depth of consciousness, then the Laws themselves will evolve you.   But since most people's lives are superficial in every way, they remain shackled to their role in the cosmic elemental scheme of the outer reality of this world.  
Refugees from the philosophical ramblings of this world come here and proclaim that the answer is unconditional love -- and that is fine, now practice this on your husband, wife and children.   Love and treat your husband and wife as if they were a god or goddess.   Raise your children as you would want to be raised.   And in all things, live your highest ideal in every expression of life.    Begin to do this, and the Laws will insure your evolution and movement toward enlightenment.   But since few people are willing to totally surrender their selves to their spouse -- and fewer yet are willing to perpetually live their highest ideal -- then they negate the Laws and remain enslaved.   Gurdjieff knew this, and he would only work with disciples who were married.   And Emmanuel very quickly learned this great Truth when he relived his life as an Ebionite.   If you want to Know the Truth, then you must begin by building an environment where Truth can dwell -- in a mindset that is the "good ground" within which the seed-essence of soul-self can grow and expand to consume the whole of you.   And while you must love and have compassion on the people of this world, you must in no manner imitate their unclean ways -- and you must totally insulate your children from embracing their path and worshiping the god of this world.   And if you constantly live your highest ideal, and be faithful to the little things, then the Spirit will give you the Greater in which you seek.   This is the Law.   When Emmanuel asked about Dawn in Spirit, he was told that she should cultivate and raise up her family.   One of the women in the forum took this as man's attempt to negate the power of women, and relegate them to the kitchen.   In these postings, and on these web sites, everyone has already been given the necessary lifestyle and primary mindset that must be embraced to cultivate the soul-essence and the Truth and Light within you -- and unless you make yourself a Consecrated Sanctuary that is a FIT Environment for the Truth and Light of the Kingdom to InDwell, nothing more can be received.   Quoting the Pistis Sophia off the Being of Light web site:  "Do not cease seeking day or night, and do not let yourselves relax until you have found all the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light, which will purify you and make you into Pure Light and lead you into the Kingdom of Light."  (see http://BeingOfLight.com)   Do this, and you will know the Truth by virtue of your own soul-birth and inner spiritual experiences of direct and intimate contact with the Kingdom within (see http://GateOfEden.com
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Shalom Desiree,

There is quite a lot that can be said about the need for a guide, however what the gnostic is to realise, and what Yeshua taught, is that the True Teacher is within us. For those who cannot access this teacher, they need help getting there, for those that can, they can learn all they need from him. All teachers are ultimately counterfeit in this world, ie: "let none of you be called Rabbi, for One is your Teacher." But for those who are unable to reach the inner levels on their own, a teacher can help facilitate their progress - like a catalyst that lowers the energy required to activate a chemical reaction.

A wise student of Gurdjieff is an observant one. It would be wise to consider the observations noted in the following article by a devout student of Gurdjieff: http://www.authentic-breathing.com/self-observation.htm

While Gurdjieff was not wrong in his teachings of the Fourth Way and he understood the nature of the problem that confounds a seeker in this world, there are inner teachings that he could not give to the masses because he was wiser than them. The movement that began as the Fourth Way will come back upon the students and raise them up to new heights when a teacher is developed from amongst their own teachings - one who will be able to internalize and expand upon the teachings in a way that develops the students in the method as put forth by Gurdjieff himself.

Peace be with you,