What the essence of the New Covenant teachings proclaim is that, in the life of the genuine disciple of the Light, the Lord Himself must be our Only Teacher -- and it is only the Lord Himself that can reveal to us the threefold nature of the Word, the Holy Books that we call Scriptures, as well as every aspect of the life we are presently living.   Once this reality is properly understood, we can then begin to discern the difference between the true shepherd of the people -- the true church manifest in this world -- and the true wise man from whom we must seek to learn from.   The genuine shepherd of the flock does not preach the gospel -- or teach the meaning of the scriptures -- but rather, the genuine shepherd teaches by shining his light, and living that pattern for his brothers and sisters to see and emulate, that they too may come into the Presence of the Lord and learn the Mysteries of Creation.   Thus, the man of true wisdom understands the truth of Origen’s words where he states that we already know before we begin to learn -- and thus assists the flock in opening the mind to the indwelling revelation of the Word.

In an honest appraisal of the scriptures the Rev. Charles Spurgeon wrote in his autobiography: “The system of truth revealed in the Scriptures is not simply one straight line, but two; and no man will ever get a right view of the gospel until he knows how to look at the two lines at once.... Two truths cannot be contradictory to each other... and it is only my folly that leads me to imagine that these two truths can ever contradict each other” (Charles H. Spurgeon, Autobiography Vol. 1: The Early Years. pp. 173, 174).  

Rev. Spurgeon could not bring the two lines of Gospel Truth together -- speaking of them as his “folly” to even imagine that two of God's teachings could contradict each other.   Yet, Rev. Spurgeon makes an astute and honest observation that, to their own demise, few Christians throughout history have been willing to admit.    It is absolutely necessary for us to come to terms with the fact that truth is not only paradoxical, but that in our natural-carnal state, we are unable to bring these paradoxes together.   In fact, this wide-eyed perception of reality is so important, that we can never progress beyond the very limited point we are presently at, until we realize this great truth.   Why?   Because it is in the realization of what Spurgeon calls his ”folly” that we begin to open our minds to the reality that exists beyond the physical barrier of this world.

What Rev. Spurgeon failed to understand is that this same dilemma has plagued mankind since the very dawn of time itself.   The Bible, as with all of life, contains an uncountable number of paradoxes -- paradoxes that on the surface appear to oppose each other because we cannot harmonize and balance the two opposing truths -- and these two opposing lines are consciously built into the text of the scriptures.   Moreover, the two lines of truth that Rev. Spurgeon writes about can never be resolved, because he was missing the third element to the equation.   It is the presence of this third great truth -- the one that brings the two conflicting and contradicting lines together into an abiding harmony and oneness -- and the means to perceive it, that we must strive to embrace in our lives if we are to confront the root cause of our own limitations.   Thus, Rev. Spurgeon perceived the presence of the Key of Knowledge in its opposite polarities (positive/negative, male/female), but lacked the third element to the equation that unlocked the Mysteries of God that had the power to harmonize and merge the many paradoxes of both the Bible and Creation itself.

Because we continue in the doctrinal legacy and mindset of men such as Constantine and Justinian, and embrace a quasi-Darwinist perception of life, we permit our children to be instructed by an educational system that not only does not possess the Key of Knowledge, but attempts to negate the polarities of the threefold forces of Creation through a false vision of political correctness.   We therefore embrace a culture that is in total conflict with the Key of Knowledge -- we worship in churches that parallel the same exact flaw that Jesus condemned in the Sadducees and Pharisees -- and we continue to perceive life through the limitations of an intellect that utilizes less than ten percent of its potential.   Moreover, if individual parents even attempt to live and teach their children in accordance with the genuine fundamentals of New Covenant teachings, and imbue them with a vision of the threefold essence of themselves, the scriptures, and Creation, we have empowered the government to take custody away from these parents.   In view of this fact, how can we call ourselves a free people?   How can we even begin to call ourselves Christian?   The truth is that we are neither free, and neither are we Christian in the genuine meaning of the word!

If these allegations are true, and we in fact obstruct and inhibit the parents who even attempt to convey to their own children the true threefold reality of both the scriptures and Creation, while we continue to live in accordance with the doctrines of carnal men, do we really believe that we will be rewarded with the gift of eternal life or any part of the promise of the New Covenant?   Moreover, to simply reject what I am saying without investigating the facts in the endeavor to know the truth of the matter for ourselves, must be viewed as being synonymous with playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun!   There was a valid reason why Jesus warned us that man in his natural organic state is blind to man’s true reality -- blind to the true meaning of the scriptures -- and blind to the manner he must live in order to walk in The Way!

What few of us are able to realize is that these two lines of truth that Rev. Spurgeon could not reconcile is in fact the greatest moving factor throughout every aspect of our lives -- from the seemingly smallest coincidental random occurrence, to the most paramount and decisive incidents that mold our every expression of life itself.   To exist in a state of ignorance with respect to the impact of these two, and ultimately threefold forces upon every interaction of our lives, is to be totally ignorant of the very meaning and purpose of life itself.   And yet, we educate our children, and promulgate our doctrines of belief, and attempt to live out our lives without any awareness or knowledge whatsoever of these two dominant major factors with which everything else we depend upon in the process of decision making is subservient to this ultimate defining reality that we fail to even perceive.

When the scriptures convey the idea that natural man is spiritually blind to his own greater reality, the very essence of this blindness is manifest in our failure to even be conscious of the all-encompassing impact these two lines of truth manifest in an uncountable number of forms that are simply beyond the ability for the average person to contemplate.   From a biblical perspective, what we call satanic influence is indicative of a lack of comprehension and perception of these two forces at work in our lives, and our failure to apply the third force -- which is the Key -- to bring our life into a state of Oneness.  

From a biblical perspective, it is Satanic to squander away one’s essence of life on things of no meaning.   Why?   Because in order to know the true being that we are -- i.e., to know our soul and spiritual natures -- is the very purpose and reason for life in this realm.   To squander away our vital life-force on things of no value, and never come to know the essence of the spiritual being that we truly are -- and as the offspring of God, such a frivolous life is synonymous with living the life of a fallen god -- this condition that is paramount among the people today is Satanic.  

The biblical reality that we fail to understand is that everyone who fails to manifest and utilize the Key of Knowledge to unlock the threefold nature of man and Creation is his life, is under the dominion of Satan.   The religion of Jesus was one where the genuine disciple was not of this world, which meant that he was in harmony and at one with his essence of inner being.   His expression of religion was one of spiritual manifestation, and had little in common with the traditional philosophical-redemptive religion of the masses of carnally minded believers who dwell under the dominion of the god of this world.

What this means is that the carnally minded sects of Jews known as the Sadducees and Pharisees who called themselves the chosen people, were controlled by the forces of Satan.   People whose consciousness is of this world and who dwell under the dominion of Satanic influence, cannot be the chosen people of the One Eternal God who is the Source of all Being.   In like manner, the Church that called itself Christian that was born in the fourth century was in reality the Church of Satan.   In the words of the Apostle: “Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought: But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory” (1 Cor 2:6-7 KJV).  

To understand the Satanic reality the Apostle is warning us about, we must first understand the conditions that the Apostle openly condemns in a very non-politically correct fashion.   It is imperative that we ask the question: How can Paul make the statement that all wisdom that is embraced by the intellectuals, scientists and philosophers of this world is in error, and will come to “nought”?  The answer lies in the fact that without regard to how logical and rational the wisdom of this world sounds to us, it is always in error because being three-dimensional, it is incomplete.   What we fail to understand today as we question the validity of Paul’s words, is the fact that the Apostle can universally condemn all wisdom of the philosophers of this world because being of a natural mind with its congenital ten percent limitations, each has failed to utilize the Key of Knowledge in their lives.  

By virtue of the limitations of our own three-dimensional perception, when we study the scriptures we fail to perceive the overshadowing significance that these two lines of seemingly opposing truth present within every concept that is conveyed to the reader -- and thus the consequential reality of Spurgeon’s words when he wrote what is perhaps the most important advice to all who open the Bible that “…no man will ever get a right view of the gospel until he knows how to look at the two lines at once”.   Moreover, these two lines of truth are merely emblematic of the greater flaw in our natural vision that ultimately encompasses every aspect of what we think and comprehend throughout every experience that embraces every solitary moment of our lives from birth to death and beyond.

The looming problem that is an obstacle for every Christian when they open the scriptures is the reality that there is nothing in the Bible that can even be comprehended without a very thorough and genuine knowledge of the impact of the workings of these two lines of truth -- with the problem being that because of our present-day quasi-Darwinist mindset, few Christians today are prepared to even contemplate with respect to the dynamic design of the essence of genuine original New Covenant thought.   When it is realized that the very term Christian denotes one who is of an enlightened state of mind because of the Anointing they have received, then it must also be realized that the present spiritual poverty that envelopes the modern believer and causes him to cling to faith and belief in doctrines not fully understood, has been brought about because we permit secular philosophers, counterfeit religious authorities, and worldly social re-engineers to dominate the manner in which we think!   Again, the root cause that natural man is almost totally oblivious to, is the fact that it does not matter at all as to what we believe, so long as what we believe is not in absolute harmony with the embodiment of these two lines of truth -- and the reality that Truth cannot even be envisioned or contemplated so long as we continue to ignore these two lines of truth that impact every element of both the Bible and life itself.

When we do as the great majority of our churches today, and close our eyes to the words of Rev. Spurgeon where he warns us of the two lines of truth in the scriptures that appear to conflict with each other -- two lines that even he, a well respected biblical authority could not reconcile -- the reality of which continues to haunt the church to the degree that no amount of Bible study can bring these two lines together into one harmonious accord -- our indolence with respect to pursuing the resolution of the great universal dilemma that the Apostle warns us of, will only bring about our own demise and spiritual death.   Perhaps more importantly is the fact that from the perspective of the essence of New Covenant teachings that was placed into the hands of the disciples in the first century of our Common Era, without the knowledge of the workings of these two lines of truth, one cannot be born into the next level of being that Jesus taught was absolutely necessary to enter the Kingdom, and the faithful flock cannot walk in The Way and become a body of spiritually mature Christians.  Yet, without a doubt, the person today who preaches the gospel, or believes the gospel, is unable to bring these two conflicting lines of truth together.   Why?   Without the application of the Key of Knowledge which Jesus taught and revealed to his disciples, it is impossible!

Once properly understood, the universal flaw of the natural mind of man can be observed in Jesus’ condemnation of the Jewish sects of the Sadducees and Pharisees.   Where we attempt to doctrinally assign this condemnation to the rejection of Jesus by these sects of secular/carnal Jews, we entrap ourselves in the same exact bonds of servitude when we fail to perceive the true nature of the allegation that Jesus alleged.  

The Sadducees and Pharisees failed to recognize the Messiah manifest in the world, because they failed to properly utilize the Key of Knowledge and perceive their own soul and spiritual natures -- which natures has the ability to learn directly from the Son of God who dwells in the inner most Kingdom that can be accessed by each of us who goes beyond the congenital limitations of our physical nature.   Thus, because the Sadducees and Pharisees remained very much attached to the elemental powers of this world, they were in reality impostors when they proclaimed themselves to be the chosen people of the One Eternal God.   Moreover, once we begin to understand what is being conveyed in the scriptures, we then are able to begin to perceive that regardless of what the impostors call themselves, this condition is prevalent among mankind whenever man permits himself to be ruled by his carnal nature.   Moreover, regardless of the name of the religious-philosophical or secular-philosophical schools they embrace, the Apostle is correct when he warns that they will always be in error because of the congenital limitation of mind that is ruling over their perception and understanding.

It is the Key of Knowledge that enables us to merge together the seemingly opposing paradoxes and conflicting elements of truth in our lives.   When we fail to utilize this Key that Jesus placed in the hands of his genuine disciples, we will always see conflict and disharmonious religious/secular philosophy in the world.   The problem that Rev. Spurgeon noted is correct -- and from a carnal perception, the truths presented in the body of the scriptures not only conflict, but often directly oppose each other.   As an example: From the perspective of the majority of the people who are alive today, the title of a book entitled Reincarnation, the Key to Christianity, would appear to be in error.   Why?   Because the concept of reincarnation does not really apply.   In the words of St. Jerome (340-420): “The doctrine of transmigration (reincarnation) has been secretly taught from ancient times to small numbers of people, as a traditional truth which was not to be divulged” (Hyeronym., Epistola ad Demetriadem; Quoted in Reincarnation an east-west anthology by Joseph Head and S.L. Cranston).   Why?   Why was this teaching only presented to a small number of Christians as a traditional truth, and not to everyone?   Because it is our essence -- our soul -- that has existed since the dawn of time that reincarnates -- while the person we are in this world is limited to what we accomplish and make of ourselves in our present life.

Rev. Spurgeon could not bring the two lines of truth together because, like the majority of modern Christians, he lacked an understanding of the pre-existence of the soul -- and it is of this storehouse of inner knowledge that Origen made reference to when he said that each of us “…possess knowledge before we really [begin to] learn”.   Even if it were possible for Rev. Spurgeon to study the scriptures for a thousand years, unless he began to apply the Keys of Knowledge in his life, and succeeded in overcoming the barrier between his physical, soul and spiritual natures, the enigma of life and the scriptures would remain an elusive and impossible endeavor for him to bring together with respect to the two lines of seemingly conflicting truth that he observed in the pages of the Bible.   Moreover, what this also means is that regardless of how faithful and sincere a Christian you are today, unless you embrace the Keys of Knowledge in your life, you cannot walk in the footsteps of the Lord in The Way, and you cannot gain access to the True Spiritual Church of Christ, or enter into the Kingdom that he promised to those who would relinquish their servitude to the elemental and political powers of this world, and become his genuine disciples.

Is this rather profound declaration cruel and uncompassionate?   Do you reject this declaration because you believe that God/Jesus loves you, and He wouldn’t permit such a fate to befall those who love Him.   The problem has nothing to do with love -- but rather, the failure of the people to put into practice the Commandments of the Lord in their life.   Those who truly love the Lord, are those who keep his words and Commandments as an intimate expression of their every experience of life.   In the biblical account of the prodigal son it is seen that the Father loved and greatly rejoiced as the return of his son who was dead, but again became alive.   Ultimately, it was the love for his son that motivated the Father to give His son his inheritance -- permit him to squander away his inheritance on riotous living in the far country -- allow his son to be in servitude to the citizen of that realm -- in the knowledge that when the time came that the son returned by his own volition, that he would return in the manner of a truly perfected soul.

Because we remain attached to this world, and therefore lack the knowledge of our own pre-existent soul, there exists great voids in our thinking and perception of the Word.   Because our understanding and vision of life is so short-term, carnal and limited, we are unable to even contemplate the Higher Wisdom of God.   We say to ourselves that God would not permit us to be deceived -- God would not permit the church that calls itself the Church of Christ to fall into error -- and yet, we close our eyes to the very reason why the Father permitted his son to fall into a state of servitude to the citizen of the far country.   That our Heavenly father permits us to learn from the error of our ways, and reap the results of our own disobedience in our lives, has nothing to do with the question of His Love for us!

The problem which is brought to light in the example of Rev. Spurgeon’s inability to harmonize the two lines of truth, is emblematic of the congenital defect that plagues all of mankind!   In order to overcome his dilemma, he would have had to go beyond the natural limitation of the carnal mind, and look into the spiritual realms of existence where the two lines are brought together in harmony and oneness.   Rev. Spurgeon was a man of great faith and belief in the Gospel -- but like the modern believer, he lacked an important key that enabled the Christians of the first century to easily answer what appeared to him as folly in his inability to perceive the two lines of truth together.   Why?   Because the flawed foundation of the very structure of beliefs he embraced, remained very much in accord with the quasi-Darwinist thinking of the fourth-century Church of Rome.

Unlike most other preachers of the gospel, Rev. Spurgeon was an honest man.   He outright admitted to his listeners and readers that there were elements of the gospel message that was beyond his comprehension.   What he said was: This was the best I can do, as he acknowledged the flaws in his perception of the Word.   Perhaps it is a tribute to his greatness that he did not embrace the theology of many of his peers, and attempt to negate one biblical truth by exclusively adopting its opposite paradoxical polarity.   What he said is that the Bible contains these two truths that appear to conflict with each other, and it was his own fault -- i.e. “his own folly” -- that he could not see them working together in one harmonious accord.

Why did Rev Spurgeon take this position?   Unlike many other preachers of the gospel, he did not choose to diminish the position of God.   He did not say that God appears irrational -- but rather, he acknowledged that the movement of the Hand of God was beyond his very limited understanding.   He recognized that it took a greater mind than his to bring these two truths together -- and that God would not have ordained them, unless they both were true.   Unlike the majority of religious authorities, he understood that to ignore one truth and embrace the other, is to do injustice to the Word of God.   To close one's eyes to either of the truths, is to close one's eyes to the Genuine Gospel message.  

Again we can use the example of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Baptists, Pentecostals, the Unitarians, the Quakers, and the mainline Protestant sects who all read the same Bible, and each perceives a different and often conflicting message in the scriptures.   Moreover, each religious sect clings to one biblical teaching, and disregards those opposing teachings that are embraced by these other religious sects.   It is not that the Jehovah’s Witnesses choose to embrace doctrines of belief that are often seen in direct opposition to those held by the majority of Evangelical Christians -- but rather, that they see a line of truth that is ignored by the Evangelical Christian, and vice versa.

With respect to the two lines of truth that Rev. Spurgeon wrote about -- both lines of truth exist -- and he was not wrong in what he saw in the scriptures -- but rather, that what he saw was incomplete.   In his wisdom he was able to recognize the fact that there was a great void in his understanding that was responsible for his inability to comprehend how these two lines harmonized together into One Truth.   Moreover, the true depth of his wisdom is demonstrated in the fact he recognized that if he was to be truly faithful to Christ, then he must not embrace one of these lines of truth, while ignoring the other.  

Do you desire to truly be a faithful disciple of Christ?   Do you truly desire to perceive the Secrets of Creation?   Do you desire to understand the being you truly are in light of the Biblical revelation that each of us is the direct offspring of the One Eternal God?   The modern Christian who is in search of the higher revelation of the Word must view the issues raised by Rev. Spurgeon as emblematic of a pattern -- a pattern they must begin to embrace in order to fulfill the spiritual requirements of the Gospel.   In the same way that Rev. Spurgeon did not have an answer to man's dilemma, neither do the great many authorities who attempt to teach us the mysteries of life right up to our present time.   This is true of those who embrace the modern day gospel in the form of the simple faith that Paul refers to as the “milk” -- and this is especially true of the educational systems we send our children to.

What I will demonstrate very clearly is that the Word which Jesus taught is not only revealed in a “threefold” revelation of body, soul and spirit, but that the pre-existence of the soul is present as the dominating factor in every revelation of New Covenant concept of thought.   In fact, from our modern perspective, understanding the pre-existence of the soul is synonymous with finding the proverbial missing link that connects every aspect of life and the Gospel together with the biblical vision of the Destiny of mankind in the symbolism of the prodigal sons of the One Eternal Father God.   Further, once this great truth is embraced, all the mysteries of life begin to fall into place, and Christianity is again restored to its rightful place as the revealer of the Light to the inquiring mind of mankind.

With respect to the deeper meaning of the scriptures, statements of fact can be plainly set forth: Christians in search of the Truth must begin to perceive the depth and wisdom of the revealed Word in its threefold revelation.   Man does not have it within his power to corrupt the Word of God regardless what he does with the religious forms and sacred writings of this world.   With respect to the very Pagan Church that came into existence in the fourth century, Jesus did not come and give man the Key to the secrets of life, only to have his efforts undermined when carnal men with a very limited perception of reality attempt to interpret what was beyond their understanding.   Going one step further, if we believe in the God of the New Testament, and we believe the Bibles assertion that God is able to perceive the hearts of men, then we must also realize that God is able to see the heart of all things -- which means that we must recognize that Jesus did not condemn the manmade doctrines of the carnal Jewish sects of the Sadducees and Pharisees, only to ordain very similar manmade carnal doctrines by the Gentile Pagan Christians.   Modern archeological discoveries prove conclusively that what Jesus condemned was manmade doctrines -- regardless of their source of origination.   Jesus condemned one man placing himself in the position of a teacher over his brother wherein he instructs others about God and the Mysteries of the Kingdom -- and his condemnation is applied equally to all who attempt to explain away the inconsistencies of the scriptures and interpret them in a carnal mindset.

The New Covenant is founded upon the principle that there is One Truth -- and this One Truth can be embraced by all of mankind who desire to walk in The Way.   It’s all-inclusiveness is perceived not in its unrestricted acceptance of all people as we falsely believe today -- but rather, that it is indigenous to the soul and spirit of all people, and can therefore be accessed by all in search of Truth and Light.   The missing link that our churches are in search of today is in fact the spiritual connection that was severed by the fourth century Roman Church -- and if the modern Christian truly embraces the opportunity to be faithful, once the missing link of the New Covenant is recovered, and the spiritual essence of the Word of God is restored, the adversarial doctrines that emerged from the historical period known as the Age of Enlightenment -- i.e., Darwinism, Marxism, Atheism, Secular Humanism -- all have their very carnal and three-dimensional foundation pulled out from under them, and they are forced into oblivion.   In fact, these manmade philosophies that are dominant theories in our present-day society, exist only because religious men in the churches of the past threw away the Key to Knowledge that Jesus gave to his disciples.   Why?   Because, in accordance with the warnings of Jesus, it is impossible to embrace the Truth, while simultaneously entering into a covenant with secular Pagan Rome.

The obstacle that confronts the modern Christian is seen in the reality that in returning to our genuine Gospel spiritual roots, we must open the inner door to the Kingdom within us.   We cannot accomplish this without an understanding of the two lines of truth that appear to us as a paradox -- a paradox that seemingly appears to oppose each other, and is difficult for us to reconcile.   If it is therefore true that we possess a soul that pre-existed our physical beginning of life in this realm, and a spirit that remains ever near in the realm of the Presence of God -- then we must also recognize that the answer to the paradoxical nature of these two lines of truth which the Rev. Spurgeon observed, as well as all the other paradoxes in life, can only be brought together as we draw nearer to the Truth from a soul and spiritual perspective.

What this means is that without an understanding of the pre-existence of the soul, it will be impossible for us to overcome the inherent barrier of mind that plagues all naturally born men, and inhibits our understanding of both life and the scriptures.   Thus, it is imperative that we begin to come to terms with one of the great obstacles that confront us, which is seen in the fact that mankind himself is paradoxical -- i.e., man is imbued with conflicting realities that are manifest in a paradoxical manner.   What this means is that the truth of one dimension of being appears to conflict with the truth of another.  

Men and women of an elevated spiritual mind have long warned us that the Mysteries of God are not only difficult, but impossible for the carnal mind of natural man to understand -- to reject their witness, is to slam closed the door of Truth.   Yet, by virtue of the fact that we were created in the very image of God, we possess a depth of inner natures that transcend the limitations of this world -- which means that we not only simultaneously exist in all worlds and time as can be envisioned -- but part of our inner self continues to exist at the very core and Essence of the Source of all of Creation.   That we are able to remain conscious in each of these worlds and realms of being, is because the same barriers that separate these realms in the outer world, also exist within ourselves.   That we are capable of simultaneously being conscious of all worlds is brought about by overcoming the walls of division within our own mind and being.   That we are limited to less than ten percent of our potential of mind, is directly related to our failure to bridge these inner barriers of mind that separate the threefold natures within us.

If we are to mature and grow in consciousness and awareness of man’s higher reality, we must begin to realize that when we gaze beyond the depth of the surface, truth and reality can begin to appear very different.   As an example: With respect to the idea that reincarnation could be the key to Christianity, the great truth which was made reference to by Rev. Spurgeon is seen in the fact that, from the perspective of the majority of believers, the doctrine of transmigration has only been secretly taught to the few, because it simply does not apply in the majority of cases.   The Greek, Eastern, and more modern New Age concept that all people, as they presently are in this life, reincarnate, is simply a grave misunderstanding of the spiritual truths that St. Jerome writes were not to be “divulged” to the body of carnal believers.   Why?   Because our concept of reincarnation is flawed.   The idea that the person you are has previously existed -- or that the person you presently are will live in another life -- is an erroneous misunderstanding of certain profound truths that are not understood by the majority of people who believe in the popular doctrine of reincarnation.   Moreover, from this perspective the modern Christian is correct in his assertion that the popular belief in reincarnation is a grave error.

From the reality of the Word, only those people who are of a genuine spiritual essence -- i.e., the True Christian and Disciple of the Light -- can say that they have lived in the past, and will again enter into this life in the future as in the manner of our understanding of the concept of reincarnation.   The average person who has not experienced the next stage of birth which Jesus said was absolutely necessary in order to enter the Kingdom -- i.e., “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3 KJV) -- the belief in either reincarnation, or even our continued existence after death, is severely flawed from a New Covenant perspective.   Fundamentally, Jesus’ words were an attempt to convey a great truth to the mind of carnal man when he warned that if we have not walked in The Way into Life, then we are walking the broad-way to destruction. 

From the perspective of the genuine Christians, there was no reason to teach a doctrine such as reincarnation or the transmigration of the soul to the masses of the carnal believers.   Such a doctrine when interpreted from a shallow carnal view, neither assists them in their walk in The Way, nor is it true from their physical perspective.   They, being spiritually dead, can neither reincarnate, nor do they enter into the Life that is promised in the scriptures to those who are totally faithful to the Word.   The reality that confronts the carnal believer is one where if they do not walk in The Way, then they are walking the road to destruction.

The true void in our thinking can only be realized when we begin to perceive the flaw and inherent limitations of our quasi-Darwinist ideas of life and Creation.   And what is this flaw?   While pure Darwinism promotes the concept that only this realm exists, and thus all truth and ideas must be evaluated from solely a physical perspective, our pseudo-religious, quasi-Darwinist mindset that is the foundation of our modern-day church doctrines, states that life begins at conception -- that we are the person who emerges from this biological event -- and Ultimate Truth can only be revealed to us from a source external to our being.   The problem is that this foundational mindset it totally opposite from what the people of the New Covenant believed, and what Jesus taught -- especially to his disciples who the Bible states learned the Mysteries of God privately from Jesus, “…in the house”.

The reality of man’s plight in this world is that he is an embryonic image of his pre-existent soul that has entered into this realm in order to perfect those laws and elements that he must overcome.   In the same way that a fetus is an embryonic copy of its parents, our mind is an embryonic image of our soul.   In the same way a fetus must grow and mature in accordance with the pattern of its parents, our mind must grow and mature in the pattern of our soul.   When our mind grows in the culture of the world, and becomes alienated from our soul, then our life becomes synonymous with the miscarriage of a fetus whose defect fails to develop it in accordance with its physical genetic pattern. 

That different men and women each possess a vast amount of greatly differing and sometimes unique abilities, is due to the past accomplishments of their pre-extent soul.   Because each man-woman is an embryonic image, a number of really important paradoxes are invoked in their life -- i.e., in one sense, that unique man-woman has never lived prior to that life, and because he-she is an image of his-her soul-spiritual natures, he-she can only become real if he-she is able to develop through the next stages of soul-birth, spiritual-birth, and ultimately re-enter the Kingdom of God from which the source of man’s being originally emerged at the beginning of Creation.   In this respect, because we cling to an anti-biblical quasi-Darwinist philosophy, there are whole dimensions of New Covenant theology that are no longer understood in our modern day with respect to the absolute need for each of us to be born again.

Everything in this world is a symbol and form of higher reality.   What that means is that if we study and investigate the organic patterns that are present in our lives, we can begin to discern higher truth because we are literally immersed in the Divine Pattern of Creation.   In the same way that a woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have -- and only those eggs which become fertilized and are born into this life will ever become an actual person, we exist in a similar fashion on the Divine scheme of reality.   We have the potential to become spiritually fertilized and be born into the Life that Jesus declared was the promise of the New Covenant, but unless we are ready to mature and leave the womb of Mother Earth, and be born again in the reality of our soul and spiritual natures, we cannot then emerge into the True Life in the Kingdom after our time in this realm has expired.   We will not go to Glory -- neither will we be with the Lord -- and this miscarriage of life from a soul and spiritual perspective has the capacity to embrace all of the after death realities that man has envisioned -- i.e., some have called the absence of reality, hell.  

As spiritual beings, we dwell in these bodily vessels of flesh for a reason and purpose -- and if we fail to take advantage of the opportunity of the life we are presently living, from the perspective of our soul it will be an opportunity that has been squandered and lost.   Not to recognize this great truth is to diminish the very purpose and design of life itself.

In this respect the Rev. Spurgeon is again correct when he states that there are two lines of truth, and because the majority of mankind -- the people the Apostle Paul refers to as “natural” (1 Cor 1,2,3) -- do not possess a genuine spiritual essence that is manifest in their life, it is the application of the one line of truth contained in the scriptures where the Lord taught that they will be forever cut off (Matt 25:46) which will come to pass, and it is this line that becomes the only reality that can be applied to them.    When Jesus said of the masses of people: “let the dead bury their dead” (Matt 8:22 KJV) -- those who he spoke of as dead, inherit the fate of this one line of truth, and not the other.  

The problem is that carnal man has altered the gospel message in order to make it acceptable to his manner of thinking.   Those who Jesus called dead, have found fault with the words of Jesus, and demanded that he change the rules in accordance with their very carnal perception of life and Creation.   The dead (Christians) have replied to Jesus: We demand that God repent, and embrace an all-inclusive perception of the Word.   We want to live and enjoy the things of this world, and still be saved and go to heaven when we die!   Yet, what they fail to realize is that in the manner of an egg that has never been fertilized, from the perspective of the soul’s reality these images are very much already dead.   Why? In their manner of thinking and lifestyle, they have already locked themselves out of the Kingdom.   The result is that their physical death is just the final step which has been brought about when they failed to embrace the opportunity of Life that God has bestowed upon all men.  

From the modern Christian perspective we can reason that it would be cruel if all those possibilities of life that exist in the form of an egg in the ovaries of a woman are never given the opportunity of life?   Isn’t this the exact teaching of the modern Roman Catholic Church that bans birth control, and even male masturbation, because these acts constitute the denial of life?   Wouldn’t a truly compassionate God desire every potential person to be born, live their lives, and eventually take their place in the Kingdom?   In the same way that a woman has tens of thousands of eggs that possess the potential to be born as a person, and yet the opportunity of physical life is only given to the very few, the same is true with respect to man’s birth into the Kingdom.   If anyone is cruel, it is the pseudo-priests and the philosophers of this world whose false doctrines and teachings rob the person of the life of its soul.  Thus the words of Jesus: “Yes, woe upon you hypocrites. For you go to all lengths to make one convert, and then turn him into twice the son of hell you are yourselves” (Matt 23:15 TLB).

Contrary to modern liberal all-inclusive Christian doctrine, those who Jesus said are dead cannot be brought to life merely because the inevitable happens and they physically die.   Again, it is impossible for us to comprehend this greater reality until we begin to understand ourselves as an embryonic image of our pre-existent soul.   In the same way that each egg that is released into a woman’s womb is equally living -- equally possess the potential for life -- it is only those eggs that are fertilized, and grow to maturity, that enter into this life as we know it.   In the manner of an egg with respect to the next stage of birth, even though these people walk among us, the Bible, which is written from a soul-spiritual perspective, correctly views these people as being dead -- and in the manner of the unfertilized egg that is eventually expelled from the woman’s womb, those who are dead because they were never fertilized, and never evolved through the process of soul and spiritual development, cannot be born outside of the womb of this world, and neither can they be given the opportunity to again enter into this life (reincarnate) in the manner envisioned by those who believe in the doctrine of reincarnation.

What this means is that both the traditional Christian belief that they will go to Glory without having fulfilled the spiritual requirements as set forth in the Bible, as well as those who believe in the doctrine of reincarnation, are equally wrong -- though there are varying degrees of truth to each of their beliefs when properly understood from a higher perspective.  

If natural man could envision the Mysteries of God which the Apostle states is beyond carnal man's comprehension and ability to perceive in his natural state of being -- i.e., the revelation of the mysteries that are veiled by the seals which the Prophet Isaiah declared was beyond the vision of the people -- what natural man would learn is this great profound truth that is totally in conflict with our modern-day quasi-Darwinist mindset: Only those people who are themselves in harmony with their pre-existent soul -- Disciples of the Light that are of a true spiritual essence -- inherit the other line of truth, and are given the opportunity to reincarnate in the endeavor to serve and grow in the Grace of the Gospel.   The majority of people do not go to Glory in the Kingdom, and neither do they reincarnate in accordance with the common understanding of the term, because in the manner of an unfertilized egg, they being incomplete, there is no life in them that is of a genuine essence, and they are therefore said to be dead from a scriptural and spiritual perspective.   With respect to this next stage of birth Jesus said: “But if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments” (Matt 19:17 NKJ).   It is not that God judges man with respect to his ability to live in accordance with a set of laws and rules -- but rather, it is in the living and keeping of the commandments that brings about the necessary growth with respect to the next stage of birth.   The problem is very simple: Those who keep the commandments become fertilized with the essence of their spiritual nature -- those who live in accordance with this world make themselves temporal, and deprive themselves of Life.

We can perhaps only begin to envision the reality of our plight in this world if we take a moment to shift our perception of what we see.   If our soul existed prior to our birth in this present life, then the being we truly are can only be found in the essence of our inner-self, and not what our culture has molded us into.   The more we embrace the culture and mindset of this world, and permit ourselves to become alienated from our indwelling pre-extent soul and spirit, the more counterfeit we become.   To what degree, then, we are alive from a spiritual perspective, is directly related to what degree we reflect our soul -- i.e., the being that we truly are before entering into this present life.

What the modern Christian must begin to understand is that it is not that their doctrines of faith is necessarily wrong -- but rather, incomplete -- and it is for this reason why Paul calls the testimony of Christ the “milk”.   In order to develop into a state of spiritual maturity we must recognize that great wisdom of the Apostle Paul when he wrote throughout his Epistles that it is impossible for the carnal mind of man to comprehend the Mysteries of God -- and that man must himself become spiritual, in order to receive the Spiritual Gospel of Christ.   What he is proclaiming to us is the absolute need for us to be born into the next stage of (soul/spirit) development.   Thus, we must become nourished by the milk of the simple faith as we mature enough to receive the solid meat of the Mysteries of God that can only be received via man’s spiritual nature.

With respect to the title of this book (Reincarnation, the Key to Christianity), there are people in the world today of whom it can be said in the true sense of the word that they have been reincarnated.   This is true because they have in their present life manifested the genuine essence of their pre-existent soul -- and from the perspective of their innate spiritual nature, they are to varying degrees alive.   I use the term varying degree, because the process of manifesting our true nature and self is not necessarily a yes or no reality -- but rather, must be understood as a gradual process of growth and maturity.  

In the same way that a fully developed man or woman is not born after the egg is fertilized in their mother’s womb, neither is a person born spiritually by virtue of their philosophical association with a very carnal perception of the Gospel message.   In the same way that a physical man or woman had to evolve through every stage of development from a fertilized embryo -- fetus -- newborn -- infant -- toddler -- child -- adolescent -- young adult -- in order to take their place as a mature man or woman, the soul who is able to stand in the presence of God as a mature and fully formed spiritual being has evolved through every level of spiritual development.   That we today do not understand the process with regard to what is required to bring this condition of maturity and perfection about in our lives at present, is not the fault of God.   It is well defined in the Bible, we just chose to ignore what is written -- which in part was brought about when the Roman Church threw away the Key of Knowledge, and killed the genuine congregation of the New Covenant.   Thus, mankind has brought this state of unknowing upon himself!

Because we embrace the doctrines of Pagan Rome, which is found embodied in a quasi-Darwinist vision of nature, we are unable to grasp the true New Covenant process of spiritual development because we fail to comprehend that our soul has existed since the very beginning of time.   In not understanding our true spiritual nature, we fail to perceive that the measure of how real and genuine we are, can only be envisioned in our relationship to our pre-existent soul -- i.e., whether it can be said of us that we are alive from a biblical/spiritual perspective.

In the case of the majority of the people who are driven by their carnal nature, the idea that is championed by modern New Age believers who falsely assert that they have reincarnated merely because they possess the spiritual genetics of their soul, and have the appearance of having lived before, this teaching is fundamentally a flawed doctrine of belief.   While it is true that many people have developed the ability through a number of different means to detect the lifetimes that their soul has previously lived, if the person we are at present is bound by the culture and thinking of this world, rather than a reflection of our soul, then there is nothing of any real substance that will survive death.   In like manner, even though it appears that we survive death from the perspective of those who are revived after a Near Death Experience (NDE), this in like manner is only a partial truth.   What should be truly troubling to the person of faith is the fact that from a soul perspective, neither is the Atheist totally wrong in his assertion that the people of this world do not survive death -- and this belief can also be found in the Bible.

With respect to the New Age believer who learns to use age-regression techniques to view what they call their past lives, this would be synonymous with our saying that we see our own selves in the lives of our physical brothers and sisters.   While the offspring of the same parents share the same genetics as their siblings, it is true that each child is unique to it’s own self.   Therefore, what the New Age adherent sees when he learns to view what he believes to be his past lives, is in fact other images of his pre-existent soul that came into being in the manner of his physical brothers and sisters.   Again in order to even begin to understand the essence of life, we must learn to embrace the paradoxical nature of Creation.   While it is true that we came into being at conception, it is also true that the very essence of our being -- i.e., our soul -- has lived before in what appear to us as other lifetimes.   The question with respect to have we lived before, or will we survive death, can only be understood from the perspective of to what degree we can manifest our soul, which is our true self.

Reality can perhaps best be envisioned by injecting a little science fiction into the equation.   From an X-Files perspective, if we were born into this world as a reflection and image of our pre-existent soul, and an alien being in the manner of a body-snatcher took over our life -- displacing and suppressing the person we truly are with a foreign personality -- when the body dies, and the alien is released, how much of our life did we actually live during the time when our true nature was suppressed -- when we existed in a sort of coma -- and some other being used our body in our absence?   The truth of the matter would be that we were robbed of our life because the genuine person we were was suppressed -- existing only in a state of suspended animation -- while an alien being walked in us -- talked in us -- and used our opportunity of life for their own purposes.

I understand that what is being portrayed in this analogy is not a pretty picture.   The predicament is that our whole perception of life is flawed because it is based upon a quasi-Darwinist vision of creation.   The problem that confronts each of us is seen in the fact that, because we have begun our understanding of life on the wrong philosophical foundation, everything we build upon our philosophy is equally defective and flawed.   We therefore reject the words of Jesus, and think of ourselves as being alive, rather than dead.   It is difficult for us to embrace the reality that the person we have come to be is not genuine -- that in becoming part of our culture, we have in fact made ourselves an alien to our very own souls -- and since we exist as little more than a shadow of our real selves -- a phantom-being who exists as part of the present cultural landscape with only a hint of the being we truly are by virtue of the tinting of the personality that we have come to be -- the emerging self-portrait is not the image of ourselves that we wish to view.  

We say that God loves us, so we will be saved.   Yet, many mothers rejoice when they conceive -- they love the child that they feel growing in their womb -- and yet are unable to change the course of events when their fetus fails to properly develop and is spontaneously aborted.   In the same way, if you say you love the Lord and you desire to enter into Life, then the evidence of your love is not in accordance with what you say -- but rather, your willingness to live and develop your life in accordance with the Word in order that you might be born into the next world.

Only when we begin to envision the existence of our pre-existent soul and spiritual nature, are we able to embrace the words of Jesus when he commanded that we must be in the world and not of it.   Only when we comprehend that our physical body is a vessel that manifests the presence of our soul and spirit in this world, can we even begin to fulfill the Gospel message in our lives.   Only when we begin to grasp the fact that when we permit ourselves to become a part of the temporal culture of this world -- a person born in the very limited consciousness of the timeframe in which we are presently living -- a being who has been led into the very pit of what is spurious through our adoption and adherence to a political philosophy that has no place in the true reality of Creation -- are we able to embrace what is genuine and real.   From a biblical perspective, the result of embracing the philosophy of this world is an acknowledgment of the fact that we have permitted ourselves to become a mortal creature who has been so immersed in the mindset and false thinking of the timeframe in which we presently live, that we have been molded and reformed into an alien in relation to who we truly are at the essence of our being.   Listen to the true prophets of this world -- i.e., the Atheists -- and know that if you have any part of their philosophy or lifestyle, then you will cease to exist when your opportunity in this life has come to an end.

We can see the great flaw of the doctrines of the Atheist-prophets imbued in our present-day cultural thinking -- i.e., their philosophy is founded upon the premise that we came into existence at birth, that we are nothing more than what we perceive with our physical eyes and senses, and we are a physical being who originated in this world.   The Apostle warns us that they are blind to man’s higher reality, and their wisdom is foolishness!   Moreover, their very limited wisdom was foolishness in the day of the Apostle, and remains foolishness to this very day.   It is not that the philosopher’s of this world became more wise -- but rather, that Christians have permitted themselves to become totally alienated from the spiritual wisdom of the scriptures.

It is not until we begin to perceive ourselves as spiritual beings who are projected into this realm as an image of our pre-existent soul, that we can begin to understand both the core teachings of The Way that Jesus taught, and the obstacles in life that we must overcome.   What we must come to realize is the fact that we cannot alter the original foundational concepts of the New Covenant in order to make these spiritual truths conform to a quasi-Darwinist mindset, and still be called the people of The Way.   It does not work!   There is only One Way -- and that is The Way which was Ordained by the Lord!  


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