PROLOGUE: WARNING! READ INTRODUCTORY PROLOGUE FIRST.  The modern believer who is not prepared to view the written word in its more pure state before the Church of Constantine corrupted the Bible, will be emotionally distraught by what they will read in this Gospel.  Some will be angered!  Others will be greatly perplexed!   The problem is that whether you are a believer or not, you will never be able to escape what is contained herein.   Each of us has entered this life for a purpose -- certain things are required of us -- and each of us is accountable for the opportunities that have been presented to us.  If, then, you either reject or ignore the message of the genuine Word of God that is herein placed in your hands -- while you still have the opportunity in this life to seek out the Truth and mold your life accordingly -- then you are only bringing on your own hardships and possible destruction. 




              1 The Parentage and Conception of John the Baptist

              2 The Immaculate Conception of Jesus the Christ

              3 The Nativity of John the Baptist.

              4 The Nativity of Jesus the Christ.

              5 The Manifestation of Jesus to the Magi

              6 Childhood and Youth of Jesus.

              7 The Preaching of John the Baptist.

              8 The Baptism of Jesus the Christ

              9 The Four Temptations

             10 Joseph and Mary Make a Feast Unto Jesus. Andrew and Peter Find Jesus.

               11 The Anointing by Mary Magdalene

               12 The Marriage in Cana

             13 His First Sermon in the Synagogue

             14 The Calling of Andrew and Peter.

             15 Healing of the Leper. the Man with the Palsy.

             16 Calling of Matthew. The New Wine in the Old Bottles.           

             17 Jesus Sends Forth the Twelve

             18 The Sending of the Two and Seventy

             19 Jesus Teaches Concerning Prayer

             20 The Return of the Two and Seventy

             21 Jesus Rebukes Cruelty to a Horse

             22 The Restoration of Iairus' Daughter

             23 Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

             24 Jesus Denounces Cruelty. He Heals the Sick and Casts Out Devils.

             25 The Sermon on the Mount (part I)

             26 The Sermon on the Mount (part II)

             27 The Sermon on the Mount (part III)

             28 Jesus Releases the Rabbits and Pigeons

             29 The Feeding of the Five Thousand with Six Loaves and Seven Cluster of Grapes. Healing of the Sick

             30 The Bread of Life and the Living Vine (Part 1).

             31 The Bread of Life and the Living Vine. Jesus Rebukes the Thoughtless Driver.

             32 God the Food and Drink of All

             33 The Shedding of Blood of Others Is No Remission of Sins.

             34 Love of Jesus for All Creatures

             35 The Good Law. Mary and Martha

             36 The Woman Taken in Adultery

             37 The Re-Generation of the Soul

             38 Jesus Condemns the Ill-Treatment of Animals

             39 Seven Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven

             40 Jesus Expounds His Inner Teaching to the Twelve

             41 Jesus Gives Liberty to the Caged Birds.

             42 Jesus Teaches Concerning Marriage.

             43 Jesus Teaches Concerning the Riches of this World and the Washing of Hands and Unclean Meats.

             44 The Confession of the Twelve

             45 Seeking for Signs. The Unclean Spirit  

             46 The Transfiguration on the Mount. The Giving of the Law

             47 The Spirit Gives Life. The Rich Man and the Beggar

             48 Jesus Feeds One Thousand with Five Melons. He Heals the Withered Hand on the Sabbath Day.

             49 The True Temple of God.

             50 Christ the Light of the World

             51 The Truth Makes Free

             52 He Declares His Pre-Existence

             53 Jesus Heals the Blind on the Sabbath

             54 Resurrection in the Spirit. The Importance of All

             55 Christ the Good Shepherd. One with the Father

             56 The Raising of Lazarus

             57 Concerning Little Children. The Forgiveness of Those Who Trespass. Parable of the Fishes.

             58 Divine Love to the Repentant

             59 Jesus Teaches His Disciples. He Finds Zacchæs.

             60 Jesus Rebukes Hypocrisy

             61 Jesus Foretells the End of the Cycle

             62 The Parable of the Ten Virgins

             63 Parable of the Talents

             64 Jesus Teaches in the Palm Circle

             65 The Last Anointing by Mary Magdalene

             66 Jesus Again Teaches His Disciples

             67 Entry Into Jerusalem

             68 The Householder and the Husbandmen

             69 The Christ Within, the Resurrection and the Life

             70 Jesus Rebukes Peter for His Haste

             71 The Cleansing of the Temple

             72 The Many Mansions in the One House

             73 The True Vine

             74 Jesus Foretells Persecutions

             75 The Last Paschal Supper

             76 The Washing of the Feet. New Commandment. The Eucharistic Oblation.

             77 The Agony in the Garden

             78 The Betrayal by Judas Iscariot

             79 The Hebrew Trial before Caiaphas

             80 The Penance of Judas

             81 The Roman Trial Before Pilate

             82 The Crucifixion

             83 The Burial of Jesus

             84 The Resurrection of Jesus

             85 Jesus Risen Again Appears to Two at Emmaus

             86 Jesus Appears in the temple and Blood Sacrifices Cease

             87 Jesus Appears to His Disciples

             88 The Eighth Day After the Resurrection

             89 Jesus Appears at the Sea of Galilee

             90 What is Truth

             91 The Order of the Kingdom (part 1)

             92 The Order of the Kingdom (part 2)

             93 The Order of the Kingdom (part 3)

             94 The Order of the Kingdom (part 4)

             95 The Ascension

             96 Pouring Out of the spirit