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Part VI Conversations With The Lord Jesus


In my own evaluation of my paranormal experiences in these deep states of prayer and meditation that I had entered into, I realized that I had been given a gift from God.   I was permitted to glimpse reality beyond the scope of vision which was seen by most of mankind.   It was as if I was cheating on the test of life itself.   As the many questions began to form in my mind as to why these sacred mysteries were being revealed to me, and not to others, in a flash I was shown the answer.   First I saw that because of the accomplishments of my soul in previous lives with regard to opening the inner doors of the mind, I fortunately inherited the genetics of my soul.   To express this truth in modern terms: Because in other lives I had been there, and done that, it was much easier for the person I was in this present life to do it again.   

Looking beyond this fact, though, I saw that there was still a greater reason it appeared that the Hand of God directly intervened in my life -- and I was given this knowledge because there was work to be done.   Because all events and occurrences in this life are brought about by the workings of Divine Law, the shadow church of the fourth century which called itself Christian, incurred a series of debts that had to be repaid.   Thus, I saw that it was my destiny to again tell the world of the true Messiah, the Messiah I listened to -- the Messiah whose hand I had personally touched -- the Messiah whom I laughed and cried with -- the Messiah who opened my mind to the Truth and the Light -- the Messiah I loved when my name was Jacob.   Over the past two thousand years the church has walked a path of doctrinal confusion.   Sincere believers have prayed for both a greater understanding of the Gospel, as well as a more personal walk with God, the Lord has heard the prayers of those who desired the knowledge of the Mysteries spoken of by the Apostle, and the time has come to rectify the error of the past when the church rejected God and made a covenant with the Emperors of Rome.

Initially, I revisited and explored the life of Jacob as often as I could -- so much so that the person I was as Jacob became very intimate in my present life.   As I delved more deeply into my past life as Jacob, I found myself being drawn to that timeframe when Jesus was about the age of fourteen and living among one of the local Essene communities.   I was known as Jacob, the Rabbi, who ran a type of orphanage on the road between Bethany and Jerusalem.   It was there, at the orphanage, that he often visited me.

The Essenes were a people who understood the spiritual laws that each of us are born under, and they recognized the true greatness of Jesus as a supreme elder from his birth.   They understood that an exalted soul of the highest order had been born among them -- a Messiah, or Anointed One of the Lord -- a soul who was destined to lead a great many of their brethren to God and the Kingdom.

Even as a young boy the wisdom of Jesus was incomprehensible to carnal man.   Many times Jesus and I would speak at length about the scriptures and the purpose of life.   Do not look to the surface Jacob, he would say, but let the Spirit open your mind, and look to the heart of all things.   He impressed upon me the importance of understanding both the scriptures and life as an unfolding of one's inner self -- and that everything was brought about through an interaction with God's Natural Laws which control and balance all or Creation.   He taught me about the Kingdom within myself, and how to perceive this same Kingdom within the vail of the body of the scriptures.   His favorite was the Book of Enoch -- in that it embodied sacred knowledge that was only hinted at in the majority of other scriptures that was used by the secular, or worldly Jews, who were at that time known as the Sadducees and Pharisees.

Jesus was a Master Teacher -- and he did not instruct in the manner that we teach people today.   What he impressed upon me was this great truth: Since the Kingdom was within the mind of man, and thus each person possessed a direct connection to the Father; to teach, in the manner of instruction, was to alienate the person from their inner source of knowledge.   Instead, Jesus would often ask me questions in order to force me to look at the possibilities from many varying points of view.   The Essenes called this counsel -- where the elder would question the students and disciples in the endeavor of assisting them in discovering the answers that already lay dormant within their own minds.

Often Jesus would present me with a paradox or parable to resolve.   I came to recognize that this would usually be the case when he was going away to another Essene village, and would not return for weeks or even months at a time.   He explained that the parable was the key to unlocking the mind -- in that it forced the disciple to draw upon inner resources in order to discover the mysteries that lie hidden beneath the surface of man's outer personalities.    The paradox, Jesus taught, was the means by which man can contemplate the deeper things of God.  

This important New Covenant concept is almost totally missing from modern-day Christianity.   Because we are unaware of the inner Kingdom and the pre-existent soul of man that has existed since the beginning of time, the focus of our religious experience is in reverse -- from an opposite perspective -- than what Jesus taught.   Where we look outwardly, in an Old Covenant mode of learning, the followers of Jesus prepared themselves for an inward revelation.   Moreover, because we do not perceive our inner, intimate connection with God, we fail to realize that man has the innate ability to not only contemplate, but to move in total harmony with God.   Lacking today is the vision that man is truly the offspring of God, and this reality can only be realized when he begins to imitate his Heavenly Father -- i.e., Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children” (Eph 5:1 NAS).  

What the modern Christian must come to terms with is that if we are indeed the prodigal sons of our Heavenly Father as Jesus taught, then we cannot return to the Kingdom until we fully embrace our own Godly essence.   That we belong to a certain church -- or say a certain prayer -- or die, and physically pass from this life -- does not fulfill the biblical requirement of perfection and completion.

In my life as Jacob, Jesus took me through each stage of growth and spiritual maturity -- one step at a time.   In the beginning my perception of the stories and paradoxes that Jesus presented to me was very shallow.   Each time I thought I understood, he would demonstrate that what was conveyed could be perceived from more than one reality.  What he imprinted upon my consciousness was the importance of opening my mind to possibilities from more than one dimension and perspective.   In our present-day Bibles it is from this reality that the Apostle wrote: “if anyone thinks that he knows anything, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know” (1 Cor 8:2 NKJ).

He would often demonstrate to me that the many dualistic concepts of God and Creation embraced by many religions were in reality the manifestation of the Supreme Triune Force that embodies every aspect of man's existence.   The two paradoxical extremes cannot exist without the third force that is the balance and the product of the two.  

He often used the example of man and woman to inscribe in my mind that everything in life was a pattern of the Divine -- and this pattern was replicated throughout all of creation.   Is it not written in your scriptures, Jacob: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness... So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them” (Gen 1:26-27 KJV).   If God (Elohiym), which in the Hebrew original of our scriptures is written in plural form, made man in His image, male and female, would it not also be true that the Eternal God contains the two polarities of Creation within Himself?   That is not to say that the Eternal is divided -- but rather, within the One is the Two -- Father-Mother God in total and complete harmony.   And then he added: Is not all of Creation the product of the works of the Eternal -- and as the Two Divine Forces move out into Creation, where these Forces come together -- this is the offspring of God?

Any time man truly desires to know God, Jesus would say, he has only to begin by observing the dynamics of life itself.   He does this by looking past the facade of manmade cultural bias, and endeavor to begin to see things as they really are, in order to learn about the higher order of reality.   He often demonstrated to me that ordinary people live out the very essence and foundation of Creation -- and because they never contemplate the depth and substance of their daily experiences, they fail to see that they are immersed in the Divine Pattern of their Creator.   The key to the discovery of all understanding lies before them, but they see it not -- because they look only on the surface, and fail to contemplate the depths of what they see.  

In what eventually came to be the New Testament, the same basic message is found in the Epistle of Paul to the Romans where it is written: “...since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities -- his eternal power and divine nature -- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse” (Rom 1:19-20 NIV).   Thus, we must recognize the great depth of the Apostle words when he states that God can be revealed and understood through the contemplation of Creation itself.   In recognition of the far-reaching perception of the Apostle's words, we must then ask what is the highest order of Creation that can be observed in this world?   From our vision of Creation, the only possible answer is man and woman.   To what degree God is revealed in the image and dynamics of man and woman can best be understood in the Apostles words when he wrote: “since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them”.  

I remember how Jesus spoke to me about the patterns of Creation: Jacob, he would say, all things emanate from a higher order -- and one has only to understand the pattern to contemplate the whole.   If man and woman are made in the image and likeness of God, then mankind is a pattern of our Creator.   What this means is that man only has to observe and seek out the essence of his own self, to begin to comprehend the secrets of the universe and Creation.  

What is important, he would say, is to begin to understand that what we perceive as two began as one -- and the two that we observe is in reality three -- and in the three, there is the one.   There is the (male) man, he would say, who represents the active moving polarity -- and this polarity exists throughout all of Creation.   There is the female, who represents the opposite, reflective or passive polarity -- and this polarity also exists throughout all of Creation.   Therefore, from the working dynamics of the two, everything else comes into being.  

Now the active principle is passive in its own way, just as the passive is active in its own way -- and all of life is brought into existence through the manifestation of their being.   The secret, he would say, is never in the two, but in the magical third force that merges the two as one.   It is here -- in the very center of where the two meet, that you will find the answers which will guide you in your quest for knowledge and understanding.   Therefore, in any paradox, always search to find the third power that is not only the force of Creation, but also the very domain of mind and being.   It is in this third force -- the force that merges the two into one -- that you will uncover the ultimate answer to man's plight in this and all other worlds.   You will always find this third force at the point where the two interact with each other.  

At the first light of day, wise men meditate and pray.   Why?   Because the power of the light of day and the dark of night are negated in the harmonization of the dawn.   Thus, he pointed out, in their cosmic balance and harmony, the two have become one -- separation has been negated -- and the energies of Divine Creation are made manifest.  

What is perhaps even more important for us to understand is that from the perspective of God, all the polarities of life are always in harmony.   Where man sees day or night -- which represents either one polarity of the other -- the vision of God transcends time and space, and all of Creation exits in a perpetual balance.  Thus, if man is to begin to draw nearer to the vision of God, then he must look beyond this world of limited appearances where each of the polarities are envisioned separately, and perceive the movement of the forces of Creation from a much broader perspective.   It is impossible, then, for us to walk in The Way, and draw nearer to God and the Heavenly Kingdom, until we open our mind and understanding to the greater vision of reality.

The man of wisdom is he who understands the power of God as manifest throughout all of Creation, and embraces them in his quest to consciously make himself part of God's pattern of life.   At dawn, when the feminine force of night, and the masculine force of day are negated, the subtle energies within the body itself are more easily brought into harmony by the mind -- and can then be more readily used in the pursuit of one's inner spiritual quest.   It is of course good to always be in prayer and meditation -- but any time that we can make ourselves a willing and conscious participant in the power of Creation, and immerse ourselves in its all encompassing force, we ourselves are nurtured.

As I looked at him puzzled, he went on to explain: The movement of the heavenly bodies that exist in this realm are moving within the Laws of Creation.   They are in a state of constant cyclic motion.   In the same way that the light of day moves from a state of lesser strength, to fullness, and then is subdued by the coming of night and darkness, all the polarities of Creation exist in this state of constant movement.   During those times when the cycles are negated when each of the opposite polarities are harmonized -- as at dawn -- natural man is able to use this balance to bring about change in his own life.   The spiritual man who has overcome the forces of this world through the merging of his own inner opposites, is not as dependent upon the forces of nature to assist him, because he has reached a stage in his development where he has transcended the elemental powers of this realm. 

Don't many of the people of the nations attempt to live their lives in harmony with nature, I asked?   Yes, he said, they have observed the power of God moving within them, as well as throughout all of Creation -- but they pray to the gods and powers of this world to grant them divine favors, money, sex, health, materialism, and political positions to influence and rule over their fellow men.   In all things, the children of the Light never pray nor crave after the things of this world -- but rather, they channel the power of this world within their own being, in order to place themselves at the door of the inner Temple where their Father awaits their arrival.

Again Jesus turned to the Divine Pattern of man and woman to demonstrate this channeling of energy.   By nature, he said, the male is bestowed with the active power of Creation from God -- it is physically manifest in his seed.   We see this Divine Force at work every time a child is conceived and born.   In the same way that the woman takes this creative force from the man, and grows it within herself, until the child is born, so too is the pattern of all of Creation.   On a cosmic scale, we dwell in the very womb of Mother-God, and it is this world that matures the child until he is reborn into a full-grown spiritual child of God.

Then he posed a question: Who is the wife, he asked?   It is the woman of the man, I replied.   And as I blurted out my answer to his question, something quickly told me that I had just revealed how superficial my understanding of life was.   In my own recognition of my limited perception, he smiled and said: Just because a women lives with a man, and even bares his children, that does not make her his wife, he replied.   As I looked at him perplexed, he went on and explained:  This sacred power that has been entrusted to the male is all encompassing throughout Creation, and is evident and visible in every aspect of our lives.   That we can observe it in the Creation of a new life in the form of a child, does not limit its universal scope and presence.   The Power of Creation is a constant force in mankind, but few men are able to comprehend the full spectrum of its manifestation in their lives.  

He then took a deep breath and continued in his explanation: In the same way that the man, who by nature, is bestowed with the Divine Creative Force of the Father-God, man can use this gift to bring forth life in the world, and he can also use this same power to bring forth life within himself.   The problem, he said, is that few men, of their own, are able to utilize the power of Creation within themselves.   If you truly come to understand this fact of reality, you will not only understand the very higher purpose of this world in which we presently dwell, but you will be able to apply this great truth to every aspect of your life.   It is the woman who has the power to take the creative force from the man within herself, and return it back to him -- not only refined, and at a higher vibration, but also more focused, in order to assist him in his quest to open the inner door of the kingdom.   Though the woman was made from man, she is a Divine Creation of God who is charged with a Divine Purpose in the higher destiny of all mankind.  

As I looked at him rather perplexed, he again slowly began to speak: Every experience in life conveys to you the great truth that this energy that originated with the man, was not only raised up within the woman, but was merged with her own very subtle essences in the process -- therefore, like the child that is physically born into this world, the spiritual child born within the two who are truly married, raise each up to new spiritual heights.  

A man creates, he said, and a woman grows what he creates.   The final product is a combination of the two.   Thus, the two become one flesh -- not because their bodies become the same -- but rather, because their very subtle energies have not only merged, but have been raised up and born anew -- and it is these spiritualized energies that totally immerse the flesh, that bring them together in oneness.   Thus, we see the higher vision of Creation when the two worlds are brought into a state of harmony and oneness.

This is the true meaning of the oral traditions of Israel where a man is not to say the name of Him who is referred to by the Prophet Daniel as the Ancient of Days.   A man and a woman in their separation remain incomplete and lost.   It is only when the man and the woman have been recreated by the intermingling and raising up of their vital energies -- when the two have been reborn in the spirit anew -- that together in total unison can they say, or even know the true name of God.

Why, then, wouldn't any woman be the man's wife, I asked?   In a way she is, he said.   And in another way she isn't.   A woman can very well be a wife in this world, in accordance with worldly customs, because this world looks only upon what is external and superficial.   In the Kingdom of our Father, though, worldly customs means nothing -- and what men bind together on their own accord, without the power of God, is not real.   It is the Kingdom of the Father that is eternal, and only what is genuine from a spiritual perspective is real.   The problem with the union of male and female that is ordained in this world is that they are brought about by the lower laws of nature and carnal desire -- and they are not conceived and born out of the Eternal Creator.  

He then went on and explained: In the majority of unions between a man and a woman, the man imparts the creative force to the woman -- not out of the sacredness of the union -- but because his biological inclinations which are driven by the laws of this world give him no other options.   The same with the woman, he said.   She receives this power to fulfill the customs and the inclinations of the flesh, and not to make herself a part of the man and return it back, to him in order to open the doors to the Kingdom together.  

When people eat and partake of food, Jacob, do they not pray first and give thanks?   Most religious observant people do, I replied.   And yet, even greater spiritual nourishment can be received through the intermingling of the vital energies of husband and wife when they come together -- but how many pray? How many give thanks?  How many beseech God to move within them and truly make them One in His Light?   Man has the power to rise above that level of the beasts and the beings of the lower world.   The power to create in the image of God does not originate in the flesh -- but rather, in the spirit.  

Being themselves of the flesh, few men are able to even comprehend that they are truly a divine being -- a god -- and a Child of the One God.   Therefore, man does not give of himself to the woman in the sacredness of spiritual creation.   In like manner, the woman does not even comprehend the sacredness of the union of man and woman -- and so, being molded by the customs and thinking of this realm, she expels this energy out of herself and into the world where it is squandered away and lost.   This man, then, who is of a natural mind and of this world, is not a husband; and neither is the woman a wife in the genuine spiritual meaning of the word -- but rather, they make themselves vessels or roads by which Satan, the ruler of this world, bleeds off the Sacred Power of Creation to use for his own purposes.  

The Secret of Creation is found within the pattern of the marriage -- where the two become one and the same flesh -- the divisions are overcome, and something new is born from the union.   Thus, the marriage is the Divine Pattern of all of Creation -- and has been given to man to be used for Divine purposes in his life.   The two are made one -- not by words, customs, or the intermingling of physical bodies -- but rather, they are made one flesh when they are of one mind and spirit.   Each not only lives for each other, but also in total harmony with God's vital energies and life-force of Creation that constantly moves within their being.   Regardless of how physically distant they are from each other, they have become a part of each other, and continue to vibrate together in a perpetual state of oneness.

To this he added that the same forces which are at work within the pattern of the marriage, are at work in the world both without us, as well as the kingdom within us.   Within man, he said, lies the kingdoms of many powers that, though are all from the One, in the generation of Creation, have taken on an individuality of their own.   It does not matter, then, whether you look out into the world, or whether you search the scriptures, or whether you search within your own house, man is immersed in the pattern of Creation, and he partakes of it in everything he does.  

Why do we need scriptures, I asked, if the answers can be found in the world, or in one's own inner house?   Because the scriptures were written by wise men who focused man's quest into a concise picture for other wise men to follow in their search for Truth and Light.   Many people, I acknowledged, read the scriptures, and they do not see the things that you have shown to me.   And he replied: That is because the scriptures are not written for the multitudes of people, he said, but rather for the wise souls to renew themselves in this and future generations that are yet to come.  

The multitudes, he said, only need a body of law to instruct them.   Do not kill; Do not bear false witness; Do not commit adultery; Love your brother.   This the scripture provides, but this can be conveyed to carnal man without the use of scriptures -- which possess a depth that few men in their natural form are able to perceive.   But wise men embed in the sacred writings a soul and a spirit in order to make them a living document, and convey to all men the reality of Creation from every level of being.   As the body is the vessel for the soul in this world, so it is in the sacred word.   Moreover, in the same way that we are born into this world through the carnal chain of creation -- in this way it is carnal man that preserves the scriptures for future generations.

Take yourself as an example, Jacob, he said.   You take pride in the fact that you are not an Essene, and you falsely believe that you live independently.   Yet, you are not as independent as you think.   In your more distant past, you have many times been an Essene, and you have also been part of still other spiritual communities whose names we no longer know.   And though in this life you are neither an Essene, or a person belonging to these other communities, what you have been in your more distant past is very much alive and still with you at this present time.   In truth you are a child that has been born from your own past.

Why are you different than other men, he asked?   And not waiting for an answer, he said: You spend a great deal of time in the study of scriptures.   Why are you drawn to them?   Why aren't all men equally drawn to them?   When you read them you see a greater truth that most men.   Why?   Why does one man see and understand what other men do not?   In the more distant past of your soul that you presently do not remember, you were not only a student of the sacred writings, but you spent a great amount of your time composing sacred writings in order to help others find their way.  

You, then, he continued, as with all people, have earned the right to inherit the good that you have done in the past -- and the laws that control your destiny insure that what you have previously accomplished can be drawn upon at any time that you desire it, regardless of where in this world your soul travels.   Because these laws -- like angels -- are constantly with you, you see things in the scriptures that others do not.   Is this fair, he asked me?   And as I weakly replied, I guess.   He then continued to explain: The man who builds his house in this world of impermanence, looses all upon his departure.   But the man who builds a spiritual house in this world that reaches into the Kingdom of his Father, keeps that house no matter where his soul travels in this and all worlds that are to come.

He then said to me: In the future there will come a time when the children of the Light will be overcome by the children of darkness.   Ignorance and folly will reign among mankind, and the Pure Word will no longer be spoken.   Yet, when the children of the Light see the scriptures, what they have built in the past will remain with them, and they can draw upon this inner source of knowledge.   Even though the world will be immersed in darkness, and the evil one will reign over the hearts of men, those who were faithful to the Word in the past, will bring forth an understanding from within themselves, and their eyes will again see the sacred truths that lie concealed to the masses of people who dwell under the power of darkness.   Thus, the scriptures themselves will be the key that will open the door to the spiritual house which they have already begun building in their more distant past, and will act as a path of communication between the outer man and the Kingdom within.  

Who among us builds a house in this world in a single day?   In the same way that a day is merely a single cycle in the life of a man, a life is a single cycle in the reality of the soul.   In building his house, when a man arises in the dawn of a new day, he begins at the point where he left off in the preceding day.  In the manner of a man building a house, the soul of man which dwells in a spiritual realm, begins each cycle in this world in the same place where he left off in the past.

Though I could grasp his analogy to the building of a house, I was troubled by his words with respect to the total rule of the evil one over the hearts and minds of mankind.   I therefore asked him: Why will the world be plunged into darkness?   Why do you say that truth will be overcome, and ignorance will reign?   And he answered: Because the earth is continually moving through the cycles of Creation -- and all things are in their own way sacred, and in order for there to be growth and balance, they must come to pass.   In the same way that there is winter, spring, summer and fall -- day and night -- all of Creation is held in a perpetual balance -- each age brings with it new opportunity for growth, and each element of Creation must have its day of manifestation.

When he would speak to me during moments like this, it was as if he were speaking from a point within me as well as without.   When I first become cognizant of his presence in a multidimensional reality, I not only saw him grin, but I could feel him smile from somewhere deep within my being.   Jacob, he said, the power of God is One.   Therefore, the power of God that I manifest without you, is merely an extension of not only what is within you, but is the only Genuine Force in all of creation.  

It is good to see and become cognizant of the presence of God in all things -- and all things in God.   The people of the Nations, though, worship the gods and powers of this world, when they should be looking beyond the elemental powers that control the mundane things of this world, and worship the True Source of all Life -- the One God from which all things emanate.   The Jew was forbidden to go in the way of the Nations because there is only One Supreme Power -- and to place little aspects of the One over another, or even over the One, is the folly of the Nations.   It is the disciple of the Light who knows that this world is both an illusion, as well as a pattern of the things in Heaven.     

But Jesus, I said, you are here speaking to me now.   I see you, and I can touch you.   Then, in an instant, he vanished from my sight.   And as I sat astonished, he again spoke to me -- but I did not hear him with my ears, but rather with the ears of my soul.   Jacob, I heard him say, I am always with you, and am always ready to teach you when you call upon me with the wholeness of your being in word, thought and deed.   And then I felt his hand come upon me -- but it was from somewhere deep inside -- and he pulled me up and within to a place I had never been before, or even imagined existed.   And I saw him, and heard him speak, and yet his lips never moved as he said: It is here, beyond the sacred door of your soul, that you must search for me, and find me.   How, Rabbi-Teacher, how can I do this, I said?   And I heard his voice come to me as if it were floating upon a wave of pure spiritual energy: By living in accordance with the Royal Law and manifesting the power of the Light -- first in your own life, and then by using that Light as a guide to bring the children back home to our Heavenly Father.  

Then he explained to me: The scriptures are of little value to the lost souls of this world -- a people who cannot see with their spiritual eyes, nor hear with their spiritual ears.   Few of them have ever surrendered to the Light -- they have never sought truth, for the sake of truth -- and permitted the Light to manifest in them.   Therefore, they remain as weeds planted in this world whose end is their own destruction.   From life to life they travel the roads and byways of this world -- never searching for the Light -- living carnal sense bound lives of no meaning and substance -- enslaved by the very laws of this realm that hold them captive to the powers of darkness and despair.

Is there no hope for them, I asked?   You are their hope, Jacob, you and all the men and women like you who are willing to live their lives in accord with the Light of our Heavenly Father.   Only when the children of the Light awaken the lost sheep by shining and manifesting the Light of their Father before them, and lead them along the path into the Kingdom, can there be any hope for those who dwell in the darkness of this world.   Therefore, it is the highest form of worship of your heavenly Father when you strive to live every minute of your life in His Sacred Light and Eternal Love.   Your praise means nothing, your songs, your prayers, your money, or your words -- all these things, and the means by which you do them, were already given to you by your Heavenly Father.   The only thing that you can give Him that He does not already possess, is your love and willingness to live your life in the Light.  

It was at that point when my mind seemed to be drawn to a place that I can only describe as a threshold of energy and spiritual consciousness that seemed to divide the inner and outer world of my being.   As I gazed toward the outside world, I could again see the boy Jesus sitting before my body -- and then, his body seemed to become transparent, and I was able to see the subtle energy flows that I understood to be the soul, or the life of the body.   Beyond the physical form of his body I could see the kingdom of the twelve spheres of mind.   It was then that I understood that when these twelve spheres are balanced, and working in perfect harmony, they give the disciple access to the Tree of Life.   When there is division and discordance of body, mind and spirit, and the vital energies do not merge in oneness, there is that Tree known as the Knowledge of Good and Evil -- the eating of which, banishes man from the Kingdom, and makes him a slave to the deceptive god of this world.  

As I gazed beyond the twelve spheres whose harmonious flow of conscious energy and vital force enabled the disciple to gain access to the Tree of Life, I could then see seven sacred spiritual centers -- each sphere was one of the colors of the rainbow through which generated the force of Creation.   These again, being in perfect harmony, formed the very Temple and dwelling of the Divine.   Those centers which correspond to the Heavenly Kingdom, are the three in the head of man.   Those centers which correspond to the Earthly Kingdom, are the three in the lower abdomen of man’s physical body.   That which corresponds to the son of man -- i.e., the forth center with is the balance between the upper and lower triads, is manifest at the gateway that lies between heaven and earth as it is formed in the physical body of man.   It is this center that holds the key -- in that, it also forms a triad with the upper most Power in the Head, and the Lower most Power of the Earth, and is the place where the Great Powers of Creation are brought together in abiding Oneness.

Then, even beyond this, I was shown the Triune Power of God that is beyond the division of the Seven -- the One in the head emanated the Power of the Father -- the One near the lower abdomen emanated the Power of the Mother -- and the One in the center near the heart -- the center which brought the Masculine and Feminine forces of God's Creative Power together.   And as I gazed upon these things, I heard a voice not only without me, but from deep within my soul -- and the voice said: "This is the power of my Son, the Creative Force that came into existence in the beginning, and is the destiny of all Life in this and every world that was, that is, and is to come".  

I then heard Jesus say to me: Beyond this you cannot see -- but there is a place where even the Triune Power of God does not exist, and all is merged into an abiding Oneness.   It is this place spoken of symbolically by the Prophet Daniel when he wrote about the Ancient of Days -- He who is called the Eternal -- who has no beginning nor end, and exists in a state of perpetual oneness and harmony deep within the divisions of these outer realms of Creation.   This is the God of Israel -- The One that is above, within and without all other levels of Creation -- and is the Destiny of the All to return.   In the higher vision of Creation, the Most High Eternal God is neither Male nor Female, because the Two Great Powers exist in a state of Total Harmony and Balance.

And as we spoke he explained that as each level of Creation moves out into the next lower world from which it gives birth, each world takes on an individuality of its own, and becomes manifest as a separate entity from its original source of being.   As each level of Creation becomes imbued with its on level of individual power, these powers then take on a consciousness and a being all their own.   The further into Creation the powers move, the more divided they become -- and each possesses a unique identity.   I then saw that man was divided into three natures: physical, mental and spiritual -- and the world outside of man was a materialistic illusion that reflected the diversity of the powers of Creation that form and sustain the outside world.   As I saw, I understood that all the various forms of this world were in fact mental patterns of the primary creative energy that not only formed them, but also existed both within man and the Eternal -- in whose image man was Created.  

As I gazed upon these great wonders that I was shown, I saw that all of Creation was as a mirror that reflected the diversity of the powers of the inner kingdom back to man.   Because the soul at birth infused a genetic image of itself into this realm, and inhabited a physical body made up of the elements of this world, man could only sense Creation and the diversity of powers when they were set before him in a physical form -- a form that would convey to him a mental pattern of the powers they represented.   Thus, what man sees in this world is both an illusion, and an allusion -- in that, everything that is seen is an allegorical pattern that reveals the essence of mind that it ultimately represents, in the greater vision of Creation.

I was then shown the people of the nations sacrificing an animal upon their alters -- and I understood that though they did not understand what they were doing, they were driven to do this by an innate force that attempted to free them from the physical bondage of what the animal represented in its mental form.   Each animal in nature represents a sensual and carnal power in the body-mind of man.   The same is true with respect to the vegetable and mineral kingdoms as they are manifest in the earth.   Thus, the reality of life is that man is ultimately interacting with his own mind and being, as he gropes unconsciously in the world of symbols and patterns of his own higher reality.

I was shown that in the Law of Moses, the Jew was told to sacrifice only certain animals in the one Temple to the One God.   These things were symbols -- the Temple, and the sacrifice of animals -- were all a pattern of man's higher reality.   In seeing these things I understood that the life embraced by the carnal Jew was transitory -- i.e., it was a step up from the people of the Nations.  The Sadducees and many Pharisees who only perceived the Law in a very carnal sense, never understood that God did not want the sacrifice of animals -- but rather, what these animals represented in their carnal nature.  Thus, the term Jew denotes one who does in the physical, what they should have been doing in the mind and spirit.   I also saw how the eating of flesh defiled man -- strengthened his carnal nature -- and kept him attached to the elemental powers of this world.

If man could look beneath the surface of this world, he would begin to understand that mankind is totally dependent upon God for his sustenance and being.   Man craves the flow of God's Spiritual energy through his body.   It makes him feel alive, and fills him with power.   Everything that man does in his life, he does to create an aqueduct of energy to flow between himself and the other symbols of creation -- and thus maintain life, which is then sensed as carnal feeling and desire.   Because man does not perceive the essence and spiritual significance of his cravings, and does not see that he spends his whole life in the endeavor of making himself a conduit of the vital energies that flow throughout all of Creation, mankind lives out his lives in bondage as a slave to a sense-bound body.

As I looked upon what I saw in astonishment, I heard Jesus say to me: These things which appear base, are necessary for the spiritual growth of the souls who have become lost in the illusion of the material world.   They are dead to the spirit -- and like ones who are drunk with the wine of this world, there is nothing that can be done until they have had their fill, and of their own volition, begin the journey home.  

In today’s Bible I recognized this great truth as being embodied in the parable of the Prodigal Son -- who, after taking his inheritance into the far country, it is written: “After he had spent everything, there was a severe famine in that whole country, and he began to be in need. So he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that country, who sent him to his fields to feed pigs. He longed to fill his stomach with the pods that the pigs were eating, but no one gave him anything” (Luke 15:14-16 NIV).

I then said to Jesus: Can nothing be done to release them from this life of sense-bound imprisonment?   To this he replied: They can only be awakened and healed by example.   When he saw that I did not understand, he added: The children of the Light are those who know they are not of this world, he said.   In a vision he then showed me the person I was at the inner depth of my soul -- which I understood to be my mental-mind -- which is the true entity that I am.   It is this part of me that is the genuine being that transcends the many lifetimes I have lived in this world.   He then opened to me the meaning of the scriptures, and showed me that after the fall spoken of in Genesis -- which is a symbolic representation of the events of Creation that took place within us all -- part of our being became enmeshed in these outer layers of Creation where they are so divided, that they have lost sight -- or all comprehension and understanding of the Divinity of man and his connection with the One True God that is the Source of all Life.  

The soul dwells in a spiritual realm, which is represented as life within the promised land that had been given to Israel, or even the Garden of Eden -- the Promised Land.   In the same way that the soul is created in the image and likeness of God, we are created in the image and likeness of our soul when we come into this life.   Our physical form is a pattern that symbolically represents the diversity of powers within us.   If we are a man or woman, then we have entered this life polarized to that polar force that exists within our soul, which in turn exists within our Creator God.   If we are a man, then our feminine nature is suppressed by the physical body in which we dwell.   If we are a woman, then our masculine nature is suppressed by the physical body in which we dwell.   Our husband or wife in this life, therefore, becomes the means by which we can manifest our full potential.   It is truly a case of one and one not only equals one, but because that one has a depth that reaches deep within our being, the sum is far greater than its individual parts.

He then showed me how these male and female polarities are portrayed within the symbology of both the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, as well as the Tree of Life.   When these polarities -- positive and negative, heaven and earth, inner and outer, higher and lower -- are divided, that condition can be said to be of the Tree of Good and Evil from which we eat.   Thus, in our divided condition, we make ourselves easy prey for the powers of darkness that rule this outer kingdom.   Our soul, or mental-mind, exists in a place where all these polarities and powers exist in a state of oneness and harmony.   To begin to find the true being that we are, we must endeavor to negate the polarities within us.   To accomplish this, it is imperative that we begin to see all things in this life as they truly are, and not as we would want them to be.

Our genetic race, and even the geographical part of the world in which we live, is as a filter that further polarizes the vibratory frequency of our thinking to a certain center of one of the mental spheres of what is called in scripture, the Tree of Life.  I saw that the soul is neither male or female, nor any race -- but rather, the sum total of what these things represent.    I then understood the message of the scriptures with regard to division: When we bring the forces of Creation into a perfect and balanced harmony, we are able to open the inner gate to the Kingdom, see beyond the natural barriers of this world, and behold the glory of Creation.

Everything in life has its purpose and meaning -- a meaning that is not apparent to the carnal people who dwell in a state of bondage to the sensual powers of this world.   It was shown to me that because of the division of our outer being, we can only work on perfecting ourselves a little at a time.   Thus, a black man is working to perfect different aspects of mind than a white man -- an Asian man -- and a man or woman within the races themselves.   When Jesus taught that the secret to life is the Law of Love -- which is referred to as the Royal Law (James 2:8) -- he was conveying a great truth to those who were lost in the materialistic illusion of this world.  

Because other people -- in effect -- represent different balances and manifestations of Creation which are polarized to differing spheres of mind and being, when we open our heart to them, empathize with them, and extend to them acceptance and understanding, their mere presence has the ability to resonate their own vibratory frequency within us.   If we become truly conscious of their dual manifestation of presence both within and without our being, their presence has the potential to open doors within our own mind.   This state of empathy where we are able to experience the life of another person within ourselves, enables us to expand our consciousness, and become more whole and complete.   The objective, then, is to empathize with them, without either judging them, or embracing their limitation.   In like manner, when we reject others -- judge them, and push them away -- we make ourselves less by closing the doors within our own being.   It is for this very good reason that Jesus taught that as we do unto others, we do to ourselves, and ultimately to God.     

Upon my return from the distant past into the present time, I would often release myself to the Light, and it was during these times that I was brought to an even higher understanding with regard to the many things I saw and re-experienced in my connection with my life I previously lived as Jacob.   I understood that when the historical man Jesus walked the earth he taught the secrets of life to the wise who were able to hear it, and make it a driving force in their lives.   In the words of the Apostle Paul: “I know how to get along with humble means, and also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need” (Phil 4:12 NAS).   That there is a secret that was imparted by Jesus to his faithful disciples -- and them alone -- is a paramount doctrine of the Bible that is generally ignored by the churches today.   It is not that Jesus did not desire to help everyone -- but he could not.   In the same way that we cannot help one who is consumed by a desire for alcohol, drugs, sex, materialism, social or political power, or any number of addicting substances in this world, Jesus could not help those who were addicted to -- and under the control of -- the powers of this world.   Like the story of the prodigal son, the lost souls have to first have their fill of the food of swine, as represented in the things of this world, before they could be healed.

In one of my meditative states I remember posing the question of why the belief in reincarnation was not more clear as a biblical doctrine.   In a vision the Light displayed to me the places in the scriptures that still allude to this teaching, as well as others that were either obscured or removed by the later church.   I saw that the whole body of the scriptures were written from the perspective that the soul and spirit of man are not of this world -- that they pre-existed the physical body and the carnal mind -- and without this mindset and understanding, very little of the scriptures can be understood in their deeper spiritual sense.   I was also shown the names of early Christian writers who wrote about the transmigration and perfection of the soul -- and I saw that I could still research their works.   The Light then said to me that these early writings will assist me in the task that I am to perform in this life.

Then, as I contemplated what I saw, I heard a voice like that described by John:  “I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and I heard behind me a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet, saying, 'Write in a book what you see, and send it to the... churches’” (Rev 1:10-11 NAS), that they might again turn their whole hearts to Me in Spirit and Truth.   And I understood it to mean that I should write about the great and wondrous things that had been shown to me.

And as I heard these things I saw a vision depicting man's long plight to restore the sacred teachings of the New Covenant to their original form.   I understood that I was just one of many people who have been part of the Divine agenda that was taking form.   Since the time of the Reformation the Lord has been preparing the hearts and minds of mankind to embrace the ultimate Truth that the Son of God taught.   The greatest obstacle to the Lord's mission in this world has always been the church that has used His name to further their own carnal ends -- priests who lived as princes in the fulfillment of their lust for worldly power and prestige.   It was for this reason that the Reformation came about -- and though many of the children were led into the Light, the Reformation was only the beginning of the spiritual revolution that would one day truly restore the Gospel to its original purity and greatness.  

I saw that immediately after the breakup of the mother church -- the Church of Roman -- many of the Protestant sects that arose in the new religion came under the rule of other secular governments.   In many instances, this imposed the same limitations upon the new Protestant sects that had plagued the Roman Church from which it had broken away.   I saw that in order to develop and renew its spiritual essence, the church needed freedom from secular control.   Because this could not be achieved in what we call Europe, it was the Hand of God that blew the winds of religious freedom to the New World across the sea.   And it was again the Hand of God that inaugurated a government that was based upon mankind's inalienable rights granted to him from his Creator.   What few believers today realize is that it was also the Hand of God that enabled secularism, atheism, feminism, and numerous other anti-religious movements to weaken and almost overthrow the very spiritual foundation of the nation.   All these things were necessary in order to weaken the hold of the anti-church that was built with the hands of men, and revive the Messianic fervor that would one day ignite a new and even greater spiritual revolution than has ever been known to modern man.  

During this period from the Reformation to the present, it was again the Hand of God that led men to discover more ancient copies of the scriptures -- i.e., the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hamaddi Library, and many other writings of antiquity that would eventually assist man in his quest to restore the True Church of the Son of God.   Yet, the modern church has made very little use of a host of important discoveries that God has provided His flock.   In the majority of instances, when the churches have been put in a position where they must choose between new information that conflicts with church dogma, the mass of believers always cling to what they had accepted as doctrines of belief.  

In this respect, what would the flock of believers have the Lord do if His people refused to use what he has placed in their hands?   The faithful flock continues to pray for a greater understanding -- a greater wisdom -- a greater faith -- and a closer walk with the Lord -- but these things cannot be embraced in a casual manner.   One of the paramount warnings of the Bible which the majority of Christians repetitively ignore, is that we cannot be a spiritual people, while we continue to dwell in accordance with the culture and mindset of this world.  

In answer to their own prayers for greater understanding, the Hand of God has provided the church with a great wealth of historical facts that are simply not being embraced by the faithful flock of believers today.   In view of this fact, we must honestly ask ourselves what would you have the Lord do when the flock of believers does not embrace what has been placed directly into their hands?   Should He just abandon all Christians as an unfaithful people who call upon him in name, but refuse to surrender to the Light of the Gospel message?

Many of our modern-day church authorities feel that if the Lord wanted change, then he would again manifest himself in this world and bring about the change that he envisioned.   They are of this opinion because they do not understand the mystical traditions of the scriptures themselves, and they fail to see the essence of the problem.   When the Bible speaks of Moses going up on a mountain in order to communicate with God, these things are not historical events -- but rather, they represent revelations of the mind -- i.e., the man of the earth raising himself above the gate, and learning from the enlightenment of the indwelling spirit.   In order to overcome this world of impermanence, and enter that of permanence, each of us must become as Moses, and receive the Law in a state of elevated mind directly from our Creator.   In order to accomplish this, each of us must fulfill all the events of the scriptures within our own mind and being.  

The Bible speaks of Jesus as the pattern for all of mankind to follow.   I ask, then, what does that mean?   A pattern is not something that we philosophically believe and exercise static faith in.   We take a pattern and use it to make a duplicate of the original.   That means that, from a biblical perspective, we must walk the walk by taking the yoke of Jesus upon ourselves.   In order to accomplish this, we must begin to understand what the symbols of the Bible mean in our own life.   We must become born of the spirit.   We must convert the twelve tribes of the Old Testament -- which very word tribes demonstrate a state of division within the spheres of the Tree of Life -- and change them into twelve faithful disciples.   We must then gather ourselves from the four corners of the earth, and bring ourselves into a state of all abiding harmony and balance.   We must understand the meaning of the virgin birth and the crucifixion within our own lives, as we seek to overcome our divided nature, and ourselves become the Son of our Heavenly Father.

Many of our present-day religious authorities are aware that what I am expressing in this words is the very message that is seen in the many archaeological discoveries that have been placed into the hands of the church -- but they don't know how to go about performing the task.   They cannot, because they are attempting to perceive the deeper meaning of the scriptures, while still embracing a carnal mindset that is burdened by the culture of this world.   Many of the leaders of our churches today are faithful men who want only to serve the Lord.   But because they have become burdened with a great number of misconceptions, and lack a clear and concise vision of man's spiritual nature and destiny, the task of guiding the flock into greener pastures has been made very difficult.

What was needed was someone who could put all the pieces of the puzzle together.   Someone who knew first hand what the True Church looked like in its founding, and could assist the modern believer in their endeavor to rebuild what had been defiled by ruthless and greedy men of the past.  

When I came to understand the problem, I realized the role I was to play.   In the same way the Lord had sent out his faithful servants to bring the good news to the people at the beginning of our Common Era, He opened the door of time to help His lost sheep during an age where they would need Him in the future.   That time is now -- and His voice is calling out to those lost in the wilderness of this present age.   Listen, and you will hear him say: Little children, I am here; and when “you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart” (Jer 29:12-13 NKJ).   And these are the eternal words that the Lord our God has again spoken to his children on this very day.  

When the disciple who has cleansed his house from the defilements of this world hears the voice of the Lord, and opens the door to the inner Kingdom, the disciple is brought into the presence of “…the true light which… enlightens every man” (John 1:9 NAS) who walks in The Way.   This same Light that has been witnessed about by the spiritual men and women of every age, has been well documented and described as a being of Light by those who have experienced near death experiences in our own time -- and has been responsible for altering the course of peoples lives who have been revived and brought back to life.  

During those times in deep prayer, solitude and meditation when I was brought up into the Light, I was shown how the Angelic Forces of God was working in our present time -- and the publication of these near death experiences is just one of the many ways that our Heavenly Father is attempting to communicate with His children.   It was also shown to me that greater spiritual knowledge will again be given to mankind, and man will once more come to realize that the gates of Eden have always been open to those who were Consecrated by the Light.   In this respect, we do not have to die to come into the presence of the Light, or enter into the Kingdom of heaven -- but rather, overcome the divisions that causes us to eat the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil -- and in bringing the polar divisions into harmony, open the door to the voice on the other side that is calling out to us.  

Do you want the Lord to come and speak to you -- personally speak to you -- so that you might know the truth?   The message of the scriptures is very plain -- i.e., the Lord wants nothing more than to meet and speak with you, and answer all your questions pertaining to the Mysteries of Life and Creation.   In the parable of the prodigal son, it is demonstrated that when the son was still on the road, the Father met him along The Way.   Thus, the problem that each of us are individually confronted with is this: The Way that Jesus revealed is walked in mind -- the Kingdom is a spiritual dimension the we must begin the journey to return to and enter -- and we must ourselves commence the journey through a change in our mindset.   This change cannot be philosophical, or one of static faith, but must become a very real and tangible change which is evident in the consecration of everything we do in our daily lives.   Thus, we must become immersed in the Royal Law of our Eternal Creator and Source of Being.

What I have written here is nothing new, and has been said in many ways by many enlightened spiritual men and women throughout the ages that have preceded us.   I have done nothing more than convey to you the precepts of a Living Gospel -- which Living Gospel is the very essence of what Jesus taught.   It is not my doctrine.   Neither is it my teaching.   I have not even told you to believe a word I say -- but rather, only to prove the validity of the Gospel for yourself.   I have only told you what the Lord has shown me, and write to you of things that He wants you to know.   The knowledge of the inner life and the sacred oracles have never been hidden from the disciples of the Light.   But who are the disciples of the Light?   Not those who professed that they believed, and continue to live in accordance with the customs and philosophy of this world -- but rather, those who have purified their earthly vessels, and searched in spirit and truth in order to find the peace and serenity of life with the Lord.  

In the same way that “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24 KJV), the Words and Gospel of Jesus are spirit, and must be understood in the spirit rather than the flesh.   In refocusing their consciousness and attention away from the outside world, and turning inward, there have been many Christian witnesses in the past who have succeeded in opening the door of their inner spiritual reality -- a door that the scriptures affirms exists within each of us.  

Perhaps there is no finer witness to the life of the True Christian who seeks the Lord in spirit, rather than the flesh, than the words in the Imitation of Christ, the second most read book in the world, where it proclaims:  “‘The Kingdom of God is within you', saith the Lord.  Turn thee with thy whole heart unto the Lord, and forsake this wretched world, and thy soul shall find rest.  Learn to despise outward things, and to give thyself to things inward, and thou shalt perceive the Kingdom of God to come in thee.  'For the Kingdom of God is peace and joy in the Holy Spirit', which is not given to the unholy.  Christ will come unto thee, and show thee His consolations, if thou prepare for Him a worthy mansion within thee.  All His glory and beauty is from within, and there He delighteth Himself.  The inward man He often visiteth; and has with him sweet discourses, pleasant solace, much peace, familiarity exceeding wonderful.  O faithful soul, make ready thy heart for this Bridegroom, that He may vouchsafe to come unto thee, and dwell within thee.  For thus saith He, 'If any love Me, he will keep My words, and We will come unto him, and will make our abode with him.  Give therefore, admittance unto Christ, and deny entrance to all others”.

The sacred key in the message is to close up the mind to the thinking, the teachings, and the many doctrines of this world, and give admittance unto the Light -- denying entrance to all others.   In the words of the author of the Imitation: “I WILL hear what the Lord God will speak in me. Blessed is the soul who hears the Lord speaking within her, who receives the word of consolation from His lips. Blessed are the ears that catch the accents of divine whispering, and pay no heed to the murmurings of this world. Blessed indeed are the ears that listen, not to the voice which sounds without, but to the truth which teaches within. Blessed are the eyes which are closed to exterior things and are fixed upon those which are interior. Blessed are they who penetrate inwardly, who try daily to prepare themselves more and more to understand mysteries. Blessed are they who long to give their time to God, and who cut themselves off from the hindrances of the world. Consider these things, my soul, and close the door of your senses, so that you can hear what the Lord your God speaks within you.”

This whole concept that, within the physical body we presently dwell in and use as a vessel in this world, exists the True Mystical Church of the Lord, is generally beyond the understanding of believers today.   In this respect, the promise of the Lord is fulfilled, and the True Church has never been defiled by the powers of darkness that rules this world.   It is as pure today as it has been since the dawn of Creation.   With respect to the True Church, the author of the Imitation of Christ merely states the same truth that is set before you in the Bible -- i.e., before we can be admitted, each believer who desires to enter within the True Church must of their own accord strive to gain entrance into the Kingdom and the Temple within.   It is there that “Christ will come unto thee, and show thee His consolations, if thou prepare for Him a worthy mansion within thee”.   What does the witness say in the Imitation with regard to his own experiences: “Blessed is the soul who hears the Lord speaking within her, who receives the word of consolation from His lips” -- yet, in order to hear the Lord speaking within you, you must prepare both your body and mind to receive the True Word of the Lord.   The witness conveys to us: “Blessed are the ears that catch the accents of divine whispering, and pay no heed to the murmurings of this world”.   It is the murmurings of this world, and the carnal perception of the Word, that inhibits the believer from hearing the accents of Divine whispering”.  

In clarification of these things the witness then states: “Blessed indeed are the ears that listen, not to the voice which sounds without, but to the truth which teaches within” -- the problem being that the voices which sound in the external world outside of us, place great obstacles in the path of the truth which teaches within.   Thus, the witness tells us: “Blessed are the eyes which are closed to exterior things and are fixed upon those which are interior. Blessed are they who penetrate inwardly, who try daily to prepare themselves more and more to understand mysteries”.   Why? Because these great spiritual truths are mysteries to the carnal mind that cannot perceive the things of God and Spirit.   “Blessed are they who long to give their time to God, and who cut themselves off from the hindrances of the world”.   The people the witness speaks of are those who give their time to God, in the endeavor to find the Kingdom within themselves and manifest the fruits of the spirit in the world with their lives, rather than just with a profession of their words.   “Consider these things, my soul, and close the door of your senses, so that you can hear what the Lord your God speaks within you”.   What is being expressed here is the truth that, only those who can close the door to their physical senses, and open instead their spiritual senses within the mind, are able to “hear what the Lord your God speaks”.

Who is the true Christian?   It is important to remember that believers are not sanctified by God because they have proclaimed allegiance with their lips -- but rather, when they have made themselves an acceptable vessel of the Lord to inhabit.   The true Christian is he who hears the voice of the Lord, opens the door to the temple of the soul, and enters therein.   Like the author of the Imitation of Christ, they know that it is in the inner Kingdom where they will meet with Christ -- and it is here that they will experience the second coming.   They also know that in order to open the door and meet with the Bridegroom of the soul, they must present themselves pure spiritual virgins -- undefiled from this world -- and deny entrance to all others from the outside world.   Thus, they must truly fulfill the words of the Bible, and call upon the name of the Lord with a pure heart, and not as a mere profession of carnal faith.

What does it mean “to deny entrance to all others”?   It is the Jesus who was the Messiah sent from God -- the genuine holy one that each and every believer should imitate -- that can save you.   The Jesus that Christians believe in today, is the Jesus of Constantine and the Roman Empire -- and it is this Jesus of the flesh that makes the believers spiritually complacent, and will send them to the depths of hell!   The profound truth that is conveyed is to give entrance only to the Living Messiah, and deny entrance to all impostors.

When the scriptures state that “And he did not do many mighty works there, because of their unbelief” (Matt 13:58 RSV), it is absolutely necessary that we come to terms with the real meaning of the phrase unbelief.   The good news that Jesus brought to mankind was the announcement that they could be saved by first changing the mind, living in accord with the Royal Law of God, and then gaining entrance into the Kingdom of God by following him their leader.   Jesus stated to them that: “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36 KJV).   Thus, the Good News of Jesus was of a Living Gospel, and had nothing to do with beliefs, doctrines, or physical churches in this world -- or even a Kingdom that would come upon this world (LK 17:21-22).   Unbelief, then, is the condition seen in those individuals who attempt to interpret Jesus' words in the flesh, rather than the spirit.   Unbelief is prevalent among those who flock to temples made with hands -- and, like the secular Jews, await the day when the Messiah will come to them; rather than they doing as he commanded, and walk in The Way where he has promised to meet them.  

As Christians, we must ask ourselves what is it that you are waiting for?   What does the Bible tell us about these things?   The Messiah has already come, and is presently calling for you to open the door.   At present, you can neither hear him, nor respond to his calling, because you have permitted yourself to become a slave to this world.   As a prodigal son of our Heavenly Father, what is your inheritance?   It is the very force and essence of life that flows through your mind upon which your personality has developed and manifest.   When we therefore expend this life-force on the mundane things of this world -- in much the same fashion that we spend our salary and money on material things -- many of which we do not need -- we have permitted the god of this world to rob us of our inheritance and gift from our Heavenly Father.  

In the same way that a poor man cannot build a house in which to dwell, neither can we build a spiritual house when we have expended our energies and life-force on the things of this world.   In the same way that a worker must save and conserve in order to provide the down-payment on a house, we too must conserve our life-force from being squandered in this world, in order to begin to build a spiritual house within us.   In this respect, we must begin to truly open our eyes to the far-reaching dimensions of the words of the Apostle in the first chapter of the Epistle to the Romans, and understand the great wisdom when he wrote that by observing Creation, we can come to learn and know God.   We must also understand that the building of a house was an integral part of Jesus' teachings when he compared those who build a house upon the shifting sands of this world, and those who build their house upon the rock (Mt 7:24-29).  

That the second coming must be brought about in our present time, and initiated by our following Jesus' commands in the building of our house, is the reason that Peter tells believers that they should be “looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God” (2 Pet 3:12 NAS).   The meaning in the native Greek of the word that we translate “hastening”, is to “speed up”.   In view of the fact that Peter is clearly speaking of the second coming, this perception is rather astounding in relation to modern Christian doctrine.   What Peter is confirming to us is that Jesus meant exactly what he said when he told the Pharisees that the Kingdom of God will never come upon the earth, so as to be seen perceptible to the physical eyes and senses -- but rather, the kingdom of God is “within you” (Lk 17:20-21).   It is this spiritual second coming within the mind of the disciple that was further explained by Peter in the Book of Acts where he proclaimed that these things “shall come to pass in the last days” (Acts 2:17 KJV).

Because the keys of knowledge were thrown away by the Church of the Roman Empire, the faithful flock has suffered horrendously right up to our present time.   In the same manner that these keys of knowledge were thrown away by the Jewish sects of the Sadducees and Pharisees who clung to the doctrines and traditions of men -- men who looked to the body of the Law, rather than the spirit (Lk 11:52) -- believers today do not perceive the means by which they are to enter the Kingdom.   Because our modern church is the descendent of an apostate church that was imbued with the Paganism of the Roman Empire, the church no longer possesses the keys of knowledge.   They therefore have no other recourse than to preach the doctrine that we will meet our maker after we die.   Yet, they fail to realize that such a concept of access to the kingdom after death has no place in the teachings of Jesus.  

In the parable of the bridegroom and the ten virgins, “the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut” (Matt 25:10 KJV).   The five virgins who prepared themselves in the purity of the Word did not physically die in order to enter in the door to the Kingdom.   Moreover, those who possessed the vehicle of the Light -- the lamp, which is the Gospel message -- and did not immerse themselves in the purity of the Word -- which is the oil -- were unable to enter into the Kingdom.  

We see this same message in the Gospel of Luke where it reads: “And someone said to Him, Lord, are there just a few who are being saved? And He said to them, Strive to enter by the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able. Once the head of the house gets up and shuts the door, and you begin to stand outside and knock on the door, saying, Lord, open up to us! then He will answer and say to you, I do not know where you are from. Then you will begin to say, We ate and drank in Your presence, and You taught in our streets; and He will say, I tell you, I do not know where you are from; depart from Me, all you evildoers” (Luke 13:23-27 NAS).

When Jesus was asked the question are only a few being saved?   If all that was required was to believe, then he would not have forewarned them to “Strive to enter by the narrow door”.   Moreover, the very word strive, conveys to us that static faith will not be enough to open the door -- and to our faith and belief, it is necessary for us to labor in our struggle to open the door.   What door?   The door within us that is said to be narrow, because we cannot take along the baggage of this world -- which baggage is in the form of carnal doctrines which limit our perception, and the material things that inhibit us, because we cling to them.  

It is important for us to recognize that the Lord is not speaking to us about an after death state.   He does not say to enter the narrow door after we die.   What he said is that we must die to the things of this world, in order to be reborn in the spirit.  In this respect, the door can be opened at any time while we are in this life, but it is shut --- or closed to us -- once we physically die.   If, then, we are waiting to depart from this world in order to enter the narrow door and find the truth, or go to glory, then it will be us who the Lord spoke of when he said: “But Lord... we ate and drank in your presence... and he will say, I tell you, I do not know where you are from; depart from me, all you evildoers”.  

Why does he call them evildoers?   The answer is because he called them, and they did not come -- clinging instead to the doctrines of men and things of this world, rather than striving to “enter by the narrow door”.   What was true then, is true today -- i.e., he is calling, and if we fail to respond to his call, and remain in this world, then we are the evil ones who were called and did not come.   Again we can see this same concept of entering in the door to the Kingdom being expressed in the Revelation where it is written: “After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven, and… Immediately I was in the Spirit” (Rev 4:1-2 NAS).

The message of the Gospel has been set before us -- but because we follow men who themselves have not entered in, we fail to gain entrance into the kingdom.   Like the Jews: We sing songs of praise, and tell the Lord how great and wonderful He is.   We can therefore be likened to those whom the scriptures speak of when it cautions: “Those who guide you lead you astray, and confuse the direction of your paths” (Isa 3:12 NAS).   How do they confuse the direction of your paths?   Because they lead you to cling to the doctrines of men and the things of this world, rather than guide you to the door to the Kingdom that exists within you.

The author of the Imitation of Christ, as well as Peter, Paul, and numerous other witnesses throughout history, all tell us to move onward in The Way, and open the door within us to the voice of Christ.   Read for yourself the message in the parable of the Prodigal Son -- the journey out of this, the far country, must be initiated by each of us as we endeavor to return to our Father in heaven (Lk 15:11-32).   Therefore, all those who fail to embrace the Living Gospel, and fail to follow the Master into the Living Kingdom, are unbelievers -- regardless of whether they call upon the name of the Lord or not -- regardless of whether they are members of a church that represents itself as being of Christ.   For the scripture warns that: “God is not the God of the dead, but of the living” (Matt 22:32 KJV) -- and from a spiritual perspective, the carnal people of this world are dead, and only those disciples who enter the Living Temple are alive.

The Lord is this day attempting to call us and lead us out of the these lives of suffering and hardship that each of us has entangled ourselves in.  This reaching out of the hand of the Lord to mankind is presently seen in an uncountable number of ways -- including the Evangelical, Charismatic and Messianic movements within Christendom and Judaism -- and is expressed in the spiritual concept that man must be born again, or from above, in order to enter the Kingdom.  Yet these religious movements -- movements which are often condemned as extremists by people who claim to be of the same faith -- have focused on the need for believers to again return to lives that embrace spiritual values.   Are these movements the self-imposed product of the far right, which has been suggested by those who call themselves mainstream?   From the perception of the Word, what is often called far right, and extreme, is merely the beginning of what is yet to come.  

There is nothing in the teachings of Jesus that ordains a life of casual belief and faith where one continues to live in accordance with the thinking of this world.   What we today label right wing extremism, from a New Testament perspective would be reduced to spiritual mediocrity.   From the perspective of this world, Jesus was an extremist who rejected all the cultural icons of this world -- icons that Christians today falsely believe they can cling to and still be faithful to the Gospel Message.

The fact of the matter is that, mankind has suffered and lived in ignorance of himself and God for long enough, and the time has come where the Lord's voice will again be heard by those who desire and crave to hear Him speak.   What the Bible clearly tells us, is that we can only enter the Kingdom when we channel the whole thrust of our being in a spiritual, rather than a carnal direction.   Is this extremism?   There is nothing in the scriptures that supports a life of complacency and spiritual stagnation.   From a biblical perspective, those who are comfortable in this world, are those who dwell under the umbrella of darkness.   That they attend churches that philosophically associate themselves with the New Covenant, is synonymous with the sects of the Sadducees and Pharisees who called themselves the Nation of Israel.

What the Bible strongly conveys to the reader is that, in order to hear the voice of the Lord, the believer must seek Him in the absolute purity of the Word.   In the words of the Apostle: “The god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not” (2 Cor 4:4 KJV) -- and those who believe not, are those who fail to worship and perceive the words of the Lord in spirit, and remain clinging to the flesh.   The precepts of the Living Gospel can never be perceived by carnal minds, even if they call themselves Christians.   Therefore, it was never promised that the gospel would be preserved among the unbelievers who dwell in this world of darkness -- but rather, preserved for those who are deserving to inherit the Kingdom, and follow the Lord in spirit and truth.


Allan Cronshaw



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