Embryonic nature of physical mind.  Demonstrates that our whole perception of life is in error -- and this erronious.   Because we fail to understand that our mind is embryonic, we will neither go to Glory, as many Christians believe; we will not reincarnate, as many Eastern Religions an New Age people believe; and neither will we cease to exist, and many Atheists believe.  

Church Father Origen, the Key of Knowledge

Relationship to the Pre-existent Soul

Relationship to Woman's Eggs

New-Age perception of reincarnation in error

It can be said of most people that they don't reincarnate

Freewill and the triangulation of the past, present and future

Freewill and the Transformation of self/soul

Development of Mind and the teachings of Paul

Paradox of Embryonic Mind and Darwinism

Embryonic Mind, Perfection, and the Parable of the Sower and the Seed

Sexual relationship of men and women

Relationship to physical body

Developmental Womb of God

Becoming alive in the Process of Birth

Development through Divine Pattern of Laws

Teachings of Paul in Romans

Relationship to physical development

Miscarriage of Embryonic Mind

Key to self-knowledge

Effect of sin


Reincarnation: Without an understanding of our threefold nature -- our pre-existent soul -- our embryonic state of mind -- and the manner in which we develop within the Laws controlled by the Divine Pattern of Creation -- we can never come to understand the true meaning of either the scriptures of the Gospel Message -- and we squander away our opportunity of Life.

The Biblical Foundation -- The Pharisees and Disciples of Jesus believed in reincarnation

Removal of the doctrine of the Pre-existent soul -- Condemnation of Origen by Justinian

Reincarnation, a foundational doctrine of the True Christian Church

Calvinism and the biblical teaching of Predestination and Preordination is the result of Reincarnation

Allegation of Celsus against the Church

Reincarnation and the Minor Mysteries of the Gospel

The return to Eden, the Key of Knowledge, and the pre-existent soul

Reincarnation and the process of rebirth

Reincarnation and the Gospel of John

Reincarnation and Nicodemus

Reincarnation and the cycles of life

Prologue of Reincarnation, the Key to Christianity               

Nazirene Gospel References:

Regeneration of the soul through many lives

Recall of Previous Lives

We inherit the results of our own actions from the past

We return back into life in accordance with our past deeds

Do not put off what can be accomplished now to a future lifetime

Evil souls purified by fire until ready for perfection

All are bound by the cycles of rebirth until perfected



Resurrection: The Resurrection is a spiritual event -- not physical -- in the life of the disciple who faithfully walks in  The Way.  While the Gentile converts of the simple faith were taught the physical Resurrection, the more mature were taught an entirely different doctrine that is understood today.  

Second century allegation against the church that it is a secret system of beliefs with respect to the Resurrection. 

Acknowledgement of two doctrines respecting the Resurrection

Each of us must be born from the virgin of our soul

Resurrection can only come about by walking the path of exact imitation of Jesus the Pattern

Resurrection is the reconstitution of our nature back into its original spiritual form

The Prodigal Son matures and becomes as his Parent -- God



Trinity: The doctrine that God is three in one -- i.e., Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

Written into the writings of the early authorities by the fourth century Roman Church of Constantine

Trinitarian mindset is a detriment to Christians fulfilling requirement of parable of Sower and the Seed

Gentiles believed in Christ before the birth of Jesus

Trinitarian doctrine was founded upon the writings of Plato

Doctrine of the Trinity opposed by the Apostle Peter

Essence of Trinity within each person

Early Gentile Christians did not believe Jesus was God

Hebrews possessed higher vision of God than is represented in the Pagan Doctrine of the Trinity

Feminine Power essential to Perfection and Completion

Marriage is pattern of Trinity

Paul wrote that Jesus became the Son of God when he was begotten

Scriptures altered to conceal the words spoken to Jesus at the Baptism 


Threefold nature of scriptures. 

Hebrew/Christian teachings on the threefold nature of the scriptures

Threefold nature of scriptures patterned after threefold self and Creation

Literal body of scriptures written to make them acceptable to the culture of the people 

Shepherd of Hermas and the threefold nature of the scriptures

Scriptures are designed so all people see their own beliefs in the body of the text

Science demonstrates reason why scriptures are written in threefold nature

Origen on the reason for the threefold (allegorical) nature of scriptures

Examples of scriptural absurdities that cannot be viewed as literal truth

Reason for error in genealogies of Jesus

Objective of scriptures is to convey inner spiritual truths and realities, not history of beliefs

Origen on allegorical nature of Genesis account of Creation

Key of Knowledge and the threefold nature of the scriptures

All righteous people will be saved, and they will be taught directly from the Son of God

Apostle Paul on the allegorical nature of the scriptures

The Shepherd of Hermas and man's search for Truth


Star of David, its meaning within the mind of man

Star of David, its symbolism used on this web site

Relationship of Star of David to the scriptures

The Star of David and the flow of vital life-force into the mind of man

David and the Tree of Life


Hebrew language was the language of the soul

All original Gospels written in Hebrew


Sin is spiritual sickness -- sinners cannot be saved until they repent from sin 


One Teacher -- All opinions of men are error


Satan can be compared to the gravity of mind -- truth as a disease

Satan in the form of gravity of mind, can only be overcome through the higher law


Sex, modern man's undoing because of ignorance of effects


Original followers of Jesus were called Ebionites


Original followers of Jesus were vegetarians





World female

Spirit - Entering