The spiritual 

  meaning of marriage 


part 2




In the same way that we could not even begin to define woman apart from man, we cannot even begin to understand the spiritual meaning and potential of sex apart from the spiritual center which is opposite the reproductive center in the head of man.  Further, we must also comprehend the purpose of these centers in the Design and Pattern of God. While the Eastern religions and the traditional Gnostics were consumed in focusing on the upper-most spiritual spheres in the head of man -- looking for ecstatic and enlightened visions -- while abstaining and denying the lower nature of man, what they failed to realize is that the upper centers are controlled by their opposite.  What this means is that while they could diminish their physical presence in this world by denying the lower spiritual centers of the body in the endeavor to achieve visions in their meditation and spiritual disciplines, the results were not the same as those achieved by the Hebrew holy men and women who were able to raise up the lower centers by engaging them within a Divinely Ordained Marriage -- thereby causing the upper to be One with the lower, giving birth to the Son of God within the disciple in search of Truth.  

Truth is the birthright of all people! Traditionally, in order to understand the Divine Pattern of Mind that permeates all of Creation, one had to study Hebrew Mysticism and what is known today as Kabbalah -- a teaching that is greatly misunderstood by Fundamentalist of all religions today.    “’Kabbalah’ is the traditional and most commonly used term for the esoteric teachings of Judaism and for Jewish mysticism…”  (Gershom Scholem; Kabbalah; p. 3).   “…one can find within Kabbalism the most profound and Biblically-valid thoughts on everything from the Messiah’s suffering for sin to even a Triune concept of the unity of God” (Daniel Juster; Jewish Roots; pp. 238-239). “True Kabbalah is a receiving of Divine light, but this is not physical light as we know it. Rather, it is a powerful but invisible light that has the Divine life-force behind it. And when we receive this light into our heart, the darkness is not able to withstand it” (Avi Ben Mordechai; Messiah Vol. 3 p. 42).   

What is Kabbalah?  While many Christians and Jews ignorantly condemn Kabbalah, what they fail to realize is the fact that at its essence it is a spiritual religious manual!  In fact, if those who foolishly judge Kabbalistic teachings were to themselves explore their own marriage with their spouse to its ultimate depth, they would in essence learn what the true Kabbalist teaches to his students -- i.e., that the very core of all Jewish and Christian teaching is to make the disciple the Bride of Messiah/Christ.  In order to study Hebrew Mysticism, one had to live in a Torah Observant community, be a Jewish male who was married and over the age of thirty, and study under the direction of an enlightened Jewish master.   Thus, we must pose the question: If Truth is Universal, then why would we have to convert to a religion that we are not, in order to embrace this Truth?   What we fail to realize today is the fact that it was many of these (Jewish) restrictions that gave birth to the movement of the New Covenant and the teachings of The Way -- which teachings represented a universal path that all people the world over could embrace and follow.  That this sacred path became associated with a series of sectarian church doctrines, does not eradicate the essence of The Way, and neither does it ordain the counterfeit church that used the Word of God for their own political gains. 

What this means is that a genuine Jew or Christian today is not the person who goes to a church or synagogue and calls upon the name of the Lord -- but rather, those few genuine disciples who seek to become the Bride of Messiah/Christ.  And when it is realized that Jesus himself taught that in the same way that a man who looks upon a women with lust has already committed adultery (Matt 5:28), those who attempt to live in accordance with the thinking and culture of this world -- regardless of what they proclaim with their lips -- are little more than unfaithful counterfeit Christians or Jews.

What we fail to comprehend as a society and culture today, is the Presence of the Two Great Powers of Creation which the ancients called Dualism -- the balance or offspring of the Two that is the basis of the ancient Doctrine of the Trinity -- as well as the Destiny of Creation where all that is divided will be brought into a state of Oneness and Harmony. Moreover, that each divided polarity becomes itself divided with each level of Creation, and divided again until the farthest reaches of Creation, is also true because of all that exists retains the DNA of it’s Creator as manifest in the very Divine Pattern of Creation. 

That all that exists is born from the two was a universal doctrine in times past.   This fact with respect to the religions of the ancients is brought together in the words of Sir William Jones who wrote: “We must not be surprised at finding, on close examination, that the characters of all the Pagan deities, male and female, melt into each other, and at last into one or two; for it seems as well founded opinion, that the whole crowd of gods and goddesses of ancient Rome, and modern Varanes, mean only the powers of nature, and principally those of the SUN, expressed in a variety of ways, and by a multitude of fanciful names” (Asiatic Researches, vol.1.p.267).     

The creation of Eve out of Adam is a symbolic account of the Universal Pattern where the masculine and feminine powers/elements separate by virtue of the continual interaction of the paradoxical opposites of Creation.  Once this is understood out objective, then, is to merge these opposites back together within oneself -- with eventually bringing about our own return to Eden  -- or the return of the prodigal son to the Kingdom of Origination.  Men and women who have developed themselves, and possess a true spiritual vision, understand the connectedness of all of Creation -- and perceive that from the One Source of Being, all has emanated.   Creation means that God, from within Himself, brought forth all there ever was, is, and will be.   Each level of Creation is the result of the higher level giving birth from within itself to a more divided level of reality.   The more we move out into the lower levels of Creation, the more the Divine Powers of God are divided into lesser powers and states of being.   The gods and goddesses that we associate with Greek and Roman Mythology present to the reader the manner in which these divided powers manifest themselves throughout all of Creation, and especially within our own body-mind.   That when the division is overcome, and everything is brought into oneness, we begin to move within the essence of our True Source of Being, and the prodigal son returns home to the Kingdom -- this return is the main focus of all genuine religious philosophies the world over.  

What this means is that in their divided state where men and women are opposite polarities one to the other, even within themselves they are again divided in the manifestation of a left and right testis/ovarium, cerebral hemispheres of the brain, sides of the heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs of the body, two arms, legs, two eyes, ears, nostrils and even nipples on the breasts. Thus, even within the polarity, is the polarity itself again divided male and female (right and left, upper and lower) in accordance with the Divine Pattern of Creation.  While this may appear to be meaningless to the average person, what it conveys is that the mind itself is subject to these same states of division that is manifest in the body/vessel in which we presently dwell.

In view of the fact that the soul is neither male nor female, and the sexual organs of man in relation to woman are in fact One -- and yet divided across the two sexes -- the sex organs themselves are a divided polarity in relation to the brain and higher centers of mind. If, therefore, the sex organs of man and woman represent One, and within the woman her half is further divided into positive and negative, and the same is true with respect to the testis of the man, then we have four separate functioning polarities that must be merged into One across the spectrum of two physical bodies.   Thus, the man and woman must not only each overcome their own divided polarities of male and female, but they must then overcome the divided polarities that exist between the two physical bodies in which they inhabit. 

When used properly, physical sex between husband and wife in a spiritually sanctified marriage can be used as the catalyst that merges not only the four and the two divided elements of the sex centers, but also all the other spiritual centers and spheres of mind together.  On the other hand, a misuse of sex has the capacity to plunge mankind into the very abyss of ignorance, darkness and depravity. How can this be, you will ask?  Because the sex center is actually paired with the highest center in the head in the diagram of the Tree of Life at the right, the bottom (sex) center actually controls the upper in the head. What this means is that unless we perceive the absolute sacredness of sex, and use this gift from our Creator wisely, our upper mind can never develop beyond the level of physical (carnal) man.  Secondly, because by design, sex and the exchange of bodily fluids becomes the roads upon which the mind (thoughts) and vital life-force (spiritual flow of energy) of the polar opposites (male/female-positive/negative) travel across the spectrum of physical division, we are unknowingly impressed with the thoughts of all the people we have had sex with.     In the case of sex with our spouse who we are seeking a bonding spiritual union, this is good -- but sex with a wide range of people who remain carnal and entangled in the thinking and culture of this world, this may become an anchor to any manner of spiritual advancement.

While in past generations this may have been extremely difficult to envision, this is no longer the case at present. Bell’s theorem, which was proposed in 1964 by J.S. Bell, a physicist working in Switzerland, was first confirmed experimentally in 1972. Physicist Henry Stapp, in a 1975 federal report called it the most "profound discovery of science". Bell’s theorem succeeds in exhibiting the bizarre nature of the subatomic world. Experiments show that if paired particles which are identical twins in their polarity fly apart, and the polarity of one is changed by an experimenter, the polarity of the other particle changes instantaneously. Even though they appear to us as separate, the particles remain mysteriously connected regardless of the fact that there is no physical connection.  The problem is that the mind of man in it’s natural organic state is simply incapable of perceiving the far-reaching ramifications of this great truth -- and even less prepared to comprehend the results of the intertwining connections that are maintained not only between individuals and groups of people, but between the past, the present, and future.

Detriment of Social Re-engineering: Modern social re-engineers have deemed the biblical lifestyle of conservative sexuality and marital fidelity as being antiquated and outmoded -- but is it?   Even many supposed religious authorities have questioned the validity of the biblical authors -- and have in recent years especially attacked what they view as the extreme and outmoded morality of the Apostle Paul.   Is his theology out-of-date, as many assert today?   Or did he possess a vision of this material world that we are only now beginning to comprehend?   If Bell’s “profound discovery of science” is applied to the relationship of husband and wife and the Divine Pattern of Creation, then sexual partners not only remain connected, but continue to strongly influence each other throughout the rest of their lives.   Once we add in the teachings of Hebrew/Christian Mysticism that God can only be realized by men and women who have become “One Flesh”, and overcome their own states of masculine/feminine division, only then we can begin to realize why our present promiscuous lifestyle has been deemed the pollution of the flesh by the prophets who authored the Bible!  

Were the authors of the Bible narrow-minded old men who feared sexual variety, expression and bliss?   Or, in their elevated vision of the world and Creation, did they perceive and observe great truths that the majority of people who see only a very limited spectrum of the frequencies of Creation are blind to?   Once the ramifications are understood, these are perhaps the paramount questions with which the people in our present time are confronted with!   

How can the two become “One Flesh” and enter into a state of total harmony, when both Bell’s theorem and the prophets of old agree that we remain intimately connected to all those with whom we engage in sexual congress?   Moreover, when Bell's Theorem and the knowledge of modern quantum physics are taken to the next step, and made applicable to the individual lives of the people, the scientist has proven that those we have engaged in sexual relations in the past, continue to impact and color our thinking throughout all of our lives.   That Hebrew/Christian Mystics knew this fact, is the primary reason why Orthodox Jews do not shake hands, and no one can even touch an Hassidic Rebbe except his wife.   While not the same as sex, a lesser connection is made with each person we touch or come into contact with.

If, then, we are truly the advocates of freedom and choice that we proclaim to be today, shouldn’t we make this knowledge available to our children when we teach them sex education in school?   Shouldn’t we convey to them the reality that if they engage in sex with a variety of partners as is being advocated today, that they may never be able to enter into a marriage in the genuine biblical sense, and they will never be able to become “One Flesh” with their spouse?  What difference does it make?  In not being able to enter into a Genuine Marriage, they may never be able to enter into the next stage of birth that transmutes our temporal nature into one of soul-permanence. From a New Covenant perspective, Jesus taught that if we do not walk in The Way and succeed in bringing about the next stage of birth, that we walk the broad-way to destruction.  

Quite contrary to the Darwinist perception of Creation which continues to be taught to our children today, the only explanation for Bell’s theorem that can possibly be arrived at is the realization that the particles remain connected in a realm beyond the three-dimensions in which we presently dwell.   Since there is no physical connection, this connection that causes the split particles to simultaneously change polarity must exist in a dimension beyond our normal perception.  Thus, it is metaphysical. 

What does this mean to us?   It not only tells us that Darwin’s theories and ideas pertaining to Creation was in grave error, but is confirmation that what we see with our physical senses is merely a very limited and partial view of reality -- an extended reality we fail to see because of the impairment of our perception of the world -- which extended reality is in fact the controlling force in our lives.   Ultimately, what this means is that at best, we possess merely the illusion of freedom and choice.   If it is true that visionaries of the past who we have ignorantly portrayed as narrow-minded, sexually frustrated old men took the position they championed because they saw the result and impact of the heathen, hedonistic and self-indulgent promiscuous lifestyle of the people of the Nations, then the joke is truly on us when we condemn what we do not understand!  And what of the Christians who embrace Christ with their lips, but continue to live in the manner of the heathen?

Only when we begin to truly comprehend the far-reaching aspects of this profound truth, are we able to understand the many warnings of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.   Where the people of the simple faith imagine that God keeps a running tally with regard to a person’s deeds and miss-deeds in their life in which they will later be judged, the truth and reality of the scriptures is better represented in the words of Gary Zukav when he wrote: “Bell’s theorem not only suggests that the world is quite different than it seems, it demands it... Physicists have ‘proved’ rationally that our rational ideas about the world in which we live are profoundly deficient”.   And when we rationally analyze these words of the modern scientist, don’t we also have to admit that the Bible continually states exactly the same thing? 

Sex centers of men and women paired: In accordance with the Divine Pattern of Creation, the sex centers of a man and a woman are as twin particles that have been paired when the soul, which is asexual, entered a physical body as one polarity (half) or the other. What this means is that via the exchange of seamen and bodily fluids by husband and wife, a conduit is opened through which the thoughts of each of the individuals are able to mingle. In a Genuine Marriage where the two become physically and mentally of One Mind, the Seven Spiritual Centers within each begin to move in harmony and balance, and the biblical reality of One Flesh becomes manifest in the lives of the husband and wife.  The seven spiritual centers which are portrayed in the picture, connect to man's spiritual mind.  The Tree of Life and its twelve spheres, connect with the soul and higher mind of man.  

Sex as a Sacred Sacrament: When used properly within the form of a Divinely Ordained Marriage, sex is the Temple Sacrament that bridges the physical divide -- the catalyst that enables the husband and wife to create new life within themselves in the endeavor to make and grow the two into a state of Oneness.   But though the connection of thoughts and impressions is beyond the conscious awareness of the average person, in relation to the true depth and dimension of marriage, it is only the being.  As a husband and wife begins to enter into a spiritual meditative sexual relationship, the raising up of the energies gives birth to Higher Consciousness.  

The merger of minds during Sacred Sex: When a man and woman in a Genuine Spiritual Marriage equally purifies and cleanses their physical bodies so as to make them conducive to an environment of Higher Consciousness -- eliminating all defilements and physical/mental pollutants which enables a higher vibratory frequency of vital life-force from God to flow through their bodies, which effectually saturates their minds with a spiritually vibrant flow of Illuming Light Energy -- consecrating their minds to the seeking and living of Higher Truth -- and both equally begin to explore the sexual relationship in a meditative manner where it is the energies that move and permeate their being in the endeavor to open the inner door of Higher Consciousness and the Kingdom -- a totally unexpected thing begins to happen.  Because the mind is not the brain, as medical science erroneously believes -- but rather, is the field or etheric body which surrounds and animates the physical body, in meditative sex the mind of each not only begins to intermingle, but the mind of the woman is able to enter into that of her husband, and the mind of the male is able to enter into the body of the wife.  Each will be able to perceive themselves from the perspective of their spouse and opposite sex.  The result is a sacred connection not only between the husband and wife wherein the two physical forms become a common platform that each equally inhabit, but inner gender based suppressed polarities begin to manifest in the life of both husband and wife.  Initially, the feminine nature of the male and the masculine nature of the female begins to manifest in the body of their respective spouse during these extended periods of meditative Sacred Sex.  In time, the two begin to become complete within themselves as each becomes Whole as the polarity of male and female is merged and the consciousness is transformed through the emergence of a higher soul reality that is neither male nor female -- but something greater thatn the two.  This becomes a truly spiritually transforming experience which is multidimensional in a transcendent nature, that gives a totally new comprehension of the biblical reality where the husband knew his wife.   

Therefore, it is only when we begin to perceive the higher spiritual reality of sex, that we can understand the grave warning of the Apostle when he wrote: "Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For ‘the two,’ He says, ‘shall become one flesh’ ...Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body" (1 Cor 6:15-20 NKJ).  From the perspective of the Hebrew holy man, a spouse who is connected to some other person outside of the union of husband and wife -- whose mind and thinking is being influenced and affected by other men and women -- is simply not a desirable spouse to attempt a sacred union with. From a spiritual perspective, such a union would be built upon  polluted and defiled ground, and thus lead to (spiritual) death. From the position of the Hebrew scriptures, in a true marriage that transcends the three-dimensional limitations of this world, it is important that the two reflect only each other. The problem is that this merger of mind and spirit is very difficult to achieve when the thinking of either party is being influenced and  colored by others who are outside the union. The fact that Jesus healed Mary Magdalene conveys to us that it is not impossible, but the historical Mary was not a mere philosophical believer, and there are a whole host of other elements that must be brought into the relationship in order to overcome the obstacles of wanton sex. In this respect, the Hebrew holy men advocated a rather strict lifestyle by modern standards because they knew that the majority of people are simply not capable of working at this elevated level of being where they would be able to overcome the pollution of the sexual immorality that is rampant today.

What is the saying: When you have sex with someone, you are by proxy having sex with everyone who has had sex with that person. Taking this to its next logical step, in an intimate union the people your partner had sex with will continue to be a secondary presence throughout the relationship. Once we begin to understand that man is a good deal more than the physical body we observe with our physical senses, and that people remain connected on a mental level through the exchange of bodily fluids during sex, we can then begin to understand the desire for a spouse who is pure from outside influences in a spiritual religion.

When Paul preached to the Gentiles that it would be better for a man not to touch a woman, as seen in the words: “Now concerning the things of which you wrote to me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman” (1 Cor 7:1 NKJ) -- this was in part based upon the heathen life-style that the Gentile converts had been living.  Because they were polluted by their past, they were unable to enter into a Genuine Spiritual Marriage -- therefore, in many cases it would be better for them not even engage in sex, and instead live in the manner of the Eastern religions who abstained from sex.  On the other hand, this was not the case with the Hebrews who lived in accordance with the Laws and the Commandments of the Most High God as presented in the scriptures.

In the revelation of this spiritual and scientific knowledge, we can once again begin to observe the paradoxical nature of truth. It is the same power -- that of sex -- which can assist man in his quest to enter into the Kingdom, or can bring about his demise by cementing his consciousness to the culture of this world -- thereby making it earthbound. In the religion of Jesus where he set forth the absolute need to be in the world and not of it, this earthbound connection brings about spiritual death -- and even if the person claims to be a Christian, they will not inherit the eternal life of the Promise of the New Covenant.

When a man and woman who are disciples of the Light -- i.e., they have dedicated their lives to the search for Truth, living in accordance with the Royal Law of the Most High, and move together in The Way -- are able to harness their sexual energy in a Consecrated Union and Marriage -- the door to higher reality can more easily be opened to them. On the other hand, when men and women use this same sexual energy for unrestrained indulgences with multiple partners, their sexual centers not only become connected to others who are deeply imbedded in the culture of this world, but this use of the Divine Gift of Sexuality actually limits their level of thinking and perception of life itself to that of a very carnal, sense-bound, materialistic and surface understanding.   In many respects their wanton lifestyle brings about their own death and demise -- i.e., they make themselves common, and can never rise above the level of their many sexual partners who anchor their bodies and minds to the things of this world.

The critic will of course counter with the idea that since it is good to love, then why not love everyone -- thus, the philosophy of the nations with respect to their orgies and unrestrained open relationships. The problem is that sex opens a conduit and creates an attachment upon which the thoughts of the other person rides upon. The sexual relationship between men and women were designed in this manner because as a male or female, they are each half a polarity with respect to their souls which are asexual. The exchange of bodily fluids is the initial means by which the physical bodies  become bonded -- which is the beginning of the process of becoming One Flesh -- and this bonding enables the thoughts of the other to connect within each of the marriage partners. In a genuine marriage this assists the two to become One, and the polarities of male and female to be negated in the manifestation of higher reality. If, though, the parties have had sex with others who are outside the marriage, then these thoughts of these extra-marriage people are beyond the reach of the respective partners to the marriage -- and thus, can limit and even obstruct the birth of the higher reality from even being formed. The idea is to use the body and the forces of nature to your own greater good. 

When Jesus said to the woman at the well that she was unable to go and get her husband because she had five husbands (John 4:18), we must be cognizant of the fact that Jesus was able to see into other dimensions that man in his natural state cannot.  What Jesus was observing when he made this statement, was the stream of vital life-force from five different men upon which their thoughts and level of being was entering into her.  Moreover, when Jesus told her that even the one she was with at present could not be her husband in the genuine spiritual meaning of the word, what he was conveying was that because of the polluted environment that she has permitted her body to become, she was incapable of having a genuine husband.

On a secondary note, when Jesus told the Samaritan woman that she had five husbands, what he was saying was that God recognized the sexual relationship as marriage.  Why?  While this marriage is only a primary union, by virtue of the fact that the two minds and bodies have been connected through sexual intercourse -- and remain connected until physical death -- the two are married in the eyes of God.  It is also true that marriage contains within itself seven levels -- of which the first that is brought about through sex is a primary level of marriage.  In a Genuine Spiritual Marriage where the two are bonded in both love and through sex, as the husband and wife grow spiritually, then enter through each of the seven phases and levels of marriage.  This is very difficult in the case where the man -- and especially the woman -- has multiple husbands at a primary level because of promiscuous and out-of-wedlock sex.

It must also be understood that while the governments and religious institutions of this world believe they have the power to perform marriages, this is not totally correct in the eyes of God.  The key teaching of Jesus on the subject would be to "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's" (Mark 12:17 KJV).  Caesar cannot make the two one flesh.  Caesar, who is secular and often an unbeliever, cannot perform what can only be accomplished by God.  And while a clergy can perhaps ask God to bless a union -- and he has the power to declare a union before the congregation, the making of the two into one flesh (other than through sex at an elementary level) can only be through the Power of God as He looks into the hearts of husband and wife.  

When Jesus said of the mystical bond between husband and wife: “So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate” (Matt 19:6 NKJ) -- the idea that Caesar and the governments of this world has the God-given power to ordain a sacred union that can only be affirmed and consecrated in heaven, by God -- or that man can even make the rules and set the limits of what is joined together by God -- is simply irrational from a spiritual perspective.   Moreover, how can a government or group of people who cling to a Darwinist and Atheistic perception of Creation, thereby denying and obstructing the all-pervading Heavenly Powers of God, even expect that God will ordain and consecrate the decrees of secular/carnal man?  

The idea that man and woman can be joined together as one flesh through the mere formality of words, spoken by a person deriving their power from a government of this world, without the ordination of the union in spiritual realms, is simply incomprehensible from a biblical perspective.   “That which is born of the flesh is flesh” (John 3:6 KJV), proclaims the Lord.   Thus, the self-ordained governments of this world take upon themselves the power to license the cohabitation of the people of this world, but that secular license and ordination does not invoke the powers of the heavens.  Moreover, those who even believe that the governments of this world have the power to make the two one flesh, and turn to secular authorities to ordain their union, are as those who worship idols and the gods of this world.

Once we begin to grasp the reality that marriages are the product of the absolute love between the husband and wife -- and that Genuine Marriages are Ordained in heaven and not on earth -- then we must also come to terms with the reality that no marriage can exist if either party is adulterous.  Moreover, when we add to the equation the definition provided by Jesus in the words: "But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matt 5:28 NKJ), adultery becomes a thing of the mind.  What this means is that if either partner desires someone outside the union, then there is no marriage in the eyes of God, and the union is little more than a marriage ordained by virtue of sex.  That the governments or religious institutions of this world may continue to affirm the validity of the marriage, merely demonstrates their inability to proclaim a union that can only be Ordained by God.

How can this be, you will ask?  The answer is found in the fact that God does not Ordain and bless what is not genuine and pure.  Are we therefore ignorant of the fact that one of the Commandments of God -- i.e., "Thou shalt not commit adultery" (Exod 20:14 KJV)?  Is, therefore the wisdom of Solomon to naught: "But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul" (Prov 6:32 KJV)?   That a woman who has sex with multiple partners becomes polluted, can be seen in the words: "They say, If a man put away his wife, and she go from him, and become another man's, shall he return unto her again? shall not that land be greatly polluted?" (Jer 3:1 KJV) -- polluted, because she now reflects the thoughts and mindset of the men she has had as sexual partners.

When Jesus told the woman at the well that she had five husbands, and the one she was with at present was not her own (John 4:18), these five marriages were of this world and were not ordained by God.  In order to enter into a Genuine Marriage, the two must not only have unconditional love for each other, but they must also seek God and His blessings on the Union.  It is God's Blessings that opens the inner door of the soul and spirit that enables the marriage to evolve and grow into a Divinely Ordained Union.  Without absolute faithfulness, unconditional love, the seeking of Higher Truth, and the Blessings of the Most High, the Marriage cannot be Genuine.  

There is yet another aspect of marriage that modern man knows virtually knowing about.  To even begin to develop spiritually, it is necessary to fulfill the ancient adage to "Know Thyself"!   Because we exist in an embryonic and incomplete state, the purpose of the teachings of The Way is to first awaken a person to their soul and spiritual natures, and then develop their true essence and maturity so as to enable the person to be born into the Kingdom.   Throughout the scriptures it is continually suggested that carnal man dwells in a kind of stupor -- hypnotized by the forms and sensual realities of this world.   Some places in the Bible represent this condition as sleeping, others as death -- i.e., “Another disciple said to him, Lord, first let me go and bury my father. But Jesus told him, Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead” (Matt 8:21-22 NIV).

Throughout his Epistles the Apostle Paul writes that the carnal mind is dead to man’s spiritual reality.   In this respect, we can see the concept of waking up from this stupor, sleep, or death, in the words: “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment” (Matt 12:36 KJV).   It must be understood that to be consciously aware of “every idle word” requires one to be in total control of their mind.   That this total control of one’s words begins with a total control of one’s mind, can be seen in the commandment of the Apostle to “…take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Cor 10:5 NIV).   James, Jesus’ brother, the first leader of the New Covenant Church who was known as a true holy man, wrote that in order to fulfill the vision of the Gospel, one had to …bridle the whole body” (James 3:2 KJV).   The Apostle Paul confirmed these words when he wrote of the necessity to “…beat my body and make it my slave...” (1 Cor 9:27 NIV).   And commanded the followers of Jesus to Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature” (Col 3:5 NIV).   The problem is that these important biblical teachings and commandments have absolutely nothing in common with the doctrine of faith that was developed by Martin Luther in the Middle-ages.  

These biblical verses are rarely used today because they represent concepts that would be considered extreme and fanatical from the perspective of both believers and non-believers in our modern-day culture.   In fact, everything in our present-day society has been engineered by what the Apostle calls the god of this world, to inhibit the fulfilling of these necessary ingredients in the process of the next stage of birth that the Bible states is absolutely necessary if we are to enter into Life.  

Thus, we must pose the question: Are these requirements that are very clearly set down in the scriptures really extreme and fanatical, as we believe today?   If it is true that our natural seed-mind is embryonic, and if we do not succeed in being born we will fail to inherit the eternal life that is promised in the scriptures, then there is a whole other dimension to the controversy that few believers or non-believers today have even begun to contemplate.   If our failure to develop our seed-mind to where it is able to be born into the Kingdom is synonymous with a fetus that physically fails to develop, then our fate will be similar to that of an embryo that has miscarried -- and from the perspective of our absolute need to be born in order to enter into Life, then the warnings with respect to Armageddon are neither extreme or fanatical!   Moreover, the above requirements where we are told to be conscious of every word, and capture every thought to Christ, and bring the natural passions of the physical body under one's total control, would then be understood as being absolutely necessary to the development of mind in order to embrace the next stage of development and eventual birth in spirit.

One only has to open the pages of the Bible to see that the whole of the New Testament teachings is concerned with ethics, morality, and the manner in which each of us treats our brothers and sisters.   The requirement set down by Jesus is that we must be perfect, as our Heavenly Father is perfect (Mt 5:48).  This state of perfection is referred to as the fulfillment of the Royal Law of God, and is measured in our forgiveness, acceptance and love of our fellow man.   From a New Covenant perspective, whatever is divisive, and not in accord with the Royal Law, is of this world, and is an obstacle to our birth into the Kingdom.   It is from this perspective that the requirement in the Book of the Revelation is set before us in the words: “Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful” (Rev 21:27 NIV).   This same truth was expressed by Isaiah where it is written: “And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness. The unclean will not journey on it; it will be for those who walk in that Way; wicked fools will not go about on it” (Isa 35:8 NIV).  And this same truth is expressed in the words of Jesus when he warned: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it” (Matt 7:13-14 NIV).   The “narrow gate” that Jesus speaks that we must open in order for us to be born into the Kingdom, has its parallels in the birth canal that serves as the gate that each of us has emerged through when we physically entered into this present world.   That the next stage of birth has its similarities, is merely the result that all realities are designed in accordance with the same Divine Pattern of Creation.

What is truly important for us to see in these solemn words spoken by the Lord, is that only those who “enter through the narrow gate” will enter into Life -- i.e., it is not those who believe, or proclaim the Lord's name, but only those who follow in the footsteps who are the Genuine Christians.   The people who embrace the culture and thinking of this world, even when they call themselves Christian, are those who walk the “broad… road that leads to destruction”.   What Jesus warns us is that we cannot walk two paths -- it is either the one or the other -- and philosophical Christians will neither go to Heaven, to Glory, or inherit eternal life -- without entering through the narrow gate that is the entrance to the Kingdom.   Moreover, if this is not accomplished while we are alive in the physical body in which we presently dwell, then we will have failed.  

The Bible continually warns us that the path or the second birth and entrance into the Kingdom is not easy.   The strife of the inner war within ourselves as embodied in the symbols of Armageddon is seen in the words: “We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22 NKJ).  Thus, in the same way that a woman travails in labor to bring a child into this world, we must ourselves endure the “…many tribulations” of spiritual labor to be born into the Kingdom of God.   Since the Kingdom is within us, and Armageddon is therefore not an historical event -- but more factually, a spiritual event in the life of the disciple in search of Truth -- we must then totally re-evaluate everything we think we know about both the Gospel Message, and the life we are presently living.   In fully comprehending these biblical statements in relation to the whole purpose of the teachings of The Way, let us again examine the definitive statement which conveys to us the very essence of the Gospel -- and especially the Revelation of John: “Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city. But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie” (Rev 22:14-15 NKJ).    

If the text of the Revelation represented the end of the world, as is commonly believed by the majority of Christians today, then why are those who remain outside the city portrayed as “dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie”?  Armageddon, then, indicates the disciples personal tribulation described as the ”pangs of birth”, as he endeavors to overcome his own lower carnal nature through the crucifixion of what is symbolized by the flesh, in order that he can possess the Knowledge of the fruit of the Tree of Life, transcend the natural barriers of this world, and “enter through the gates into the city”.   What people today generally fail to realize, is that the environment necessary to bring about this next stage of birth, is via a genuine marriage between a man and a woman who together are seeking the Kingdom of God within them.  Further, in the same way that a child is born from the joining of the physical essence of man and woman during sexual intercourse, the child of truth is born through the merging of the minds of a man and a woman in a genuine spiritual marriage -- i.e., with neither dominant, and both harmonized together in a state of Oneness.

God is not the Supreme jokester of the universe. He did not give you a physical body that was moved and controlled by what we call sensual desires, and expect you to build mental dams that cut off the very force of life that flows through you. Neither did God place you in this three-dimensional world and limit your perception of your true spiritual reality to see if you will abstain from interacting with life on a physical level.

Contrary to what many religions professed, this world is not the realm of evil as was often portrayed.  In fact, this world is not only the means by which the children of God mature to perfection, but enables the soul to develop his lower nature.  What we are presented, then, in the above philosophical positions where this world is seen as evil -- and  even the creation of a lesser god -- is the typical thinking of the Gentile philosophers and poets, quasi-Buddhism, Hinduism, as well as the Christian Gnostics who rejected the wisdom of the Essene-Ebionites. Yet, there is another dimension to the controversy. The Hebrew holy men and women were able to see beyond the limitations of the other religions, and perceive that in the same way that man is incomplete without woman, the pre-existent soul is incomplete without the (physical) being that we are when we enter into this realm. Moreover, going one step further, because of the manner in which the minds of men and women are polarized -- the male positive and dynamic at the genitals, and the female positive and dynamic at the heart-breast -- the Hebrew holy man realized that in nature it could be said that woman existed at a higher level than did her male counterpart, and thus was in her life often closer to God.  In the struggle of man's return to Eden, we must recognize that we are imbued with the Divine Pattern of male and female in order to spiritualize and merge the two into One -- thus, through the Power of God raising man/woman to a state of Completion and Perfection.

The concept expressed in Hebrew Mysticism that woman exists on a higher plane than her male counterpart does not mean that women are better, or more spiritual -- but in the same way that women are weaker physically, the polarity of their mind enables them to take what is base, and express it in a more elevated manner than their male counterparts. What this equates to is the reality that weakness in one area always manifests as strength in another.

Women polarized positive at breasts: What this means is that while men are easily controlled by the often unmanageable flow of vital (sexual) life-force that flows from their genital regions, women, on the other hand, are polarized opposite in the genitals, and thus are able to exert a greater amount of control with respect to their sexuality.  On the other hand, women's breasts which, unlike the animal kingdom are perpetually enlarged because her body serves a higher purpose than just providing nourishment for infants, is polarized positive in this area of mind.   This positive polarization is often seen as being over emotional, sensitive, and much more feeling than her male counterpart who perceives life through the vision of linear mathematical logic.   Thus, the male is polarized negative at that level of mind that corresponds to the breast, in order to receive this higher and more refined vital life-force back from his wife -- thereby creating a circle between them that initiates mental/spiritual development and the birth of the child of Truth within the two that are One.

Look around you at the world and you will observe the male's absolute fixation on women's breasts.  Why?  Not because of their desire to nurse as some of our psychologists have reasoned -- but rather, because they possess an absolute need for the vital life-force energy from that region of mind where women are polarized positive.  The problem is that because they fail to comprehend the Divine Pattern, and do not realize that they can only receive this vital life-force from a wife in a genuine marriage -- and most women whose thinking and lifestyle have been molded by our culture and modern society are (sexually) polluted and cannot give them the mental/spiritual nourishment that they (men) crave, they continually look to other women in search of what they can only receive from just one who is their genuine wife.   

The problem is twofold -- i.e., neither the men nor the women are able to fulfill the biological, mental and spiritual needs of their respective spouse/partner, so they look to others instead of developing the depth of the relationship between themselves.   Men are constantly looking as other women, and are therefore expelling their vital life-force.  Their female partners dress provocatively so as to be seen as sexual objects -- flirt with other men so they can feel the energy within them stir and move their positively charged (sexual) centers -- and work outside the home in their endeavor to be with others, acquire materialistic things, and maintain a state of independence from their spouses.  While this may be a marriage in the eyes of this world or the church, it is not genuine in the spiritual meaning of the marriage relationship where the two become One Flesh!   

Carnal man is literally staving for the higher reality and vital-life force that he craves.  Woman feels incomplete -- as if she is deprived of sex and fulfillment -- because she cannot raise up and release the energy within herself.  The problem is not only her own inability to raise up this energy passed on to her by males, but there are no males who are able to receive it from her.  She therefore feels unsatisfied, discontent, and ungratified in her life.  

Some women feel that they will achieve the satisfaction they desire by going out to work -- being independent -- and making their way in the business world.   But this is not the solution.  The problem is that she is incomplete -- and even when she attempts to enter into a relationship with a man, in time her incompleteness will return.   She craves to express herself -- to strive for higher meaning -- to feel complete -- but because of her inability to enter into a Genuine Marriage where she can raise herself up to new spiritual heights, she is destined to remain discontent and incomplete.

The man, on the other hand, craves what only a genuine wife can give him.  Being polarized negative at that part of the mind associated with the chest, he feels a great void in his life that he falsely interprets as a lack of sex.  He therefore seeks out many women in search of what he can receive from only one.  He often is addicted to pornography and nudity -- intoxicated with the naked female form, and especially the breasts -- ever searching for what he cannot have and possess -- bound to the elemental things of this world through the unquenchable appetite of his senses.  

What is the solution?  Unlike the Hebrew holy men, the other religions of the world saw man’s spiritual nature as good, and man’s carnal nature as evil -- as typically expressed in the words of Paul: "For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh; for the wishing is present in me, but the doing of the good is not. For the good that I wish, I do not do; but I practice the very evil that I do not wish. But if I am doing the very thing I do not wish, I am no longer the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me. I find then the principle that evil is present in me, the one who wishes to do good. For I joyfully concur with the law of God in the inner man, but I see a different law in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind, and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members" (Rom 7:18-23 NAS).

The fact that these troubled words of Paul are true, does not negate the fact that there is a Divine Solution to the dilemma. Fundamentally, these same words could, and have been many times repeated by the Buddha, the Hindu holy men, the inspired Greek poets, as well as men and women the world over who have received a partial vision of man’s higher spiritual reality -- and then attempted to live in accordance with the Higher Spiritual Law they perceived. This same exact statement is contained in the words: "that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God" (Acts 14:22 KJV). The great truth that escapes the perception of the majority of holy men and women the world over, is that we do not grow and mature by attempting to abandon this world and the body in which we presently dwell within -- but rather, when we instead build both within and without ourselves a Consecrated Divine Temple that the Lord is able to enter into.

Again, from the Hebrew perspective, this is better accomplished when we begin to harmoniously embrace the forces of Creation, rather then abstaining or attempting to limit and reorganize Creation in accordance with our own perspective of reality. When Paul advised his followers not to touch a woman -- that when a man or woman concerns themselves with the natural affairs of a married life they are somehow neglecting God -- and that we should attempt to subdue the sensual desires of the body by halting its natural expressions -- we must seriously ask ourselves what kind of lifestyle he was promoting? The answer is Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Gnostic philosophy of the Greek poets -- i.e., religions of denial. Admittedly, there were many Hebrews (Essenes) who embraced this same doctrine -- but it can only be comprehended when it is perceived for what it is -- i.e., a natural transitional doctrine that is generally accepted by every soul who searches for God and man’s Higher Reality.

When carnal man begins to embrace his spiritual nature, his initial perception is that everything in this world is error and illusion. When he receives a vision of "... paradise, and hears things so astounding that they are beyond a man’s power to describe or put in words (and anyway I am not allowed to tell them to others)" (2 Cor 12:2-4 TLB) -- he attempts to embrace this other extra-reality through the process of denying this world which he views as deceptive, false, and an illusion that is used by the powers of darkness to control the thinking of carnal man. That from a three-dimensional perspective this world is deceptive, false and an illusion that is under the control of the powers of darkness, does not negate the fact that it is a polarity of mind that must be merged with its spiritual opposite if man is to find Completion. That semi-spiritual men are correct in their perception of his elevated vision of this world, does not negate the fact that the Vision of God is beyond the transitory perception of carnal man’s discovery of his latent spiritual nature.

Unlike the Greeks and Eastern religions, one of the fundamental precepts of the Hebrews is that man is incomplete without woman -- and this same understanding must also be applied to the relationship between heaven and earth, as well as the pre-existent soul and the carnal image of the soul that we are. Where the Greeks and Eastern religious philosophy attempted to escape this realm through a life of perpetual meditation and prayer, the Hebrews recognized that both the spiritual realms of Creation, as well as the soul, is incomplete without the reflected polarity that is manifest in this world. While it is true that both religious philosophies recognized that what we see with our physical eyes as we look out into life is an illusion -- it was the Hebrews who understood that this illusion was also an allusion which not only manifested and brought into harmony the lower elements of mind, but also assisted man in his quest to become Complete.

In the first place we must understand that though Buddhist philosophy works and brings about results in the life of the adherent with respect to seeing man's higher reality, its tenets and practices are unnatural to the physical reality of mankind. In the total denial of the desires of the flesh, the body itself rebels. Buddhist philosophy teaches that if you kill all desire and physical wants in this world, that the inner door of enlightenment will be opened. Fundamentally, the Buddhist is correct in their assertion -- with the problem being that because you have beaten and subdued man’s lower animal nature into a state of total submission, that does not mean it has been conquered.

When Paul wrote about the forces of evil that were present in his physical body -- i.e., "...For I joyfully concur with the law of God in the inner man, but I see a different law in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind, and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members" (Rom 7:18-23 NAS) -- this war that was raging was brought about because the author of these words was himself in a state of transition. If the historical man known as the Apostle Paul wrote these words, then what we have here is the confession of a man who was in turmoil -- a man who was attempting to live in accordance with a lifestyle that his body rebelled against.

When an animal is wild, it will either attack man, or evade him. In the case of Paul, what is clearly portrayed is that because of his life of Buddhist type denial, the author’s lower animal nature was clearly attacking him. On the other hand, when the same animal is made a part of the life of man, it will be his companion. What the author of this epistle describes is a lower nature that is as a wild cat, bear or any other creature that is not a companion to man. This same reality exists within the body, as it does without.

One of the great truths that we fail to comprehend today is the fact that, contrary to the religious philosophy of Paul, the Hebrews understood that if one can tame and domesticate their lower animal nature, that this lower nature of mind will not only begin to serve the person who walks in The Way, but will actually provide him the power to overcome all the obstacles in this world. Moreover, while faith is the paramount moving force in the Buddhist philosophy of denial, the taming and domesticating of one’s lower nature can only be brought about by a combination of faith, knowledge and action/works, as seen in the condemnation of Paul’s theology by James, the brother of Jesus in the words: "Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. But someone will say, You have faith, and I have works. Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works" (James 2:17-18 NKJ).

While Buddhism and the religious philosophy of Paul is able to provide enlightening visions and perceptions of man’s higher reality, what the Hebrews comprehended was that without the transmutation of man’s lower nature, man can never become complete in the totality of his inherent threefold nature. What this means is that if a man attempts to ignore his animal nature, or deprive it, it will remain untamed and wild. In order to train and domesticate one’s animal nature, a man must work with it -- develop a proper relationship -- and mold its life to where it serves its master.

That man can only become complete and reign in the Kingdom when he interacts with all his natures -- indulging these natures and developing them in the proper way -- is seen in the very first words reportedly spoken to man by his Creator: "Then God said, Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.’ And God said, ‘See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food. Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food’; and it was so. Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day" (Gen 1:26-31 NKJ).

In the same way that these words constituted the final work of Creation, when we begin to embrace the totality of their message, we will ourselves embrace the finality of Creation within ourselves. To man/woman God said to "be fruitful and multiply". Thus, the Pauline/Buddhist philosophy of denial cannot bring this about. In like manner man was told to "…subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth". Once again the Pauline/Buddhist philosophy of denial cannot subdue man’s lower animal nature -- which can only be accomplished with a great amount of work.

An absolutely key element to success is provided in the commandment to man where it is written: "Then God said, ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food" (Gen 1:29 NIV). The Hebrew who desired to return to the Paradise of Eden understood that one must not only eat only the vegetation and seed-bearing plants, but one must also convert the beast of their lower nature to a (vegetarian) domesticated animal, as seen in the words: "Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food’; and it was so".

That man must convert and totally subdue himself, in order to enter into the Sabbath Day of rest with the Lord is seen in the words: "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. The cow and the bear shall graze; their young ones shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. The nursing child shall play by the cobra's hole, and the weaned child shall put his hand in the viper's den. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea" he wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. The cow and the bear shall graze; their young ones shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. The nursing child shall play by the cobra's hole, and the weaned child shall put his hand in the viper's den. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea" (Isa 11:6-9 NKJ). In order to accomplish the Commandment of the Lord, the man who walks in The Way must bring all his natures into a state of elevated harmony and completion.

The problem is that this cannot be accomplished through denial. While it is true that from a biblical perspective the commandment to "be fruitful and multiply… subdue it; have dominion over… every living thing that moves on the earth" does not apply to the outside world -- but rather, the world of our physical body.  What the quasi-Buddhist religious philosophy of Paul fails to realize is that because of the complexities and trials of the transmutation of the flesh into a truly spiritual being, it is far easier to change ourselves through the mirror of our reflected reality that we perceive and interact with in this world.

What this means is that because a man or a woman is half a polarity of the whole, it is far easier to interact with and perfect one’s own missing half through a spiritual interaction with one’s own spouse. Moreover, because of the dynamics of the sexual relationship where part of oneself becomes physically intermingled in the physical body of one’s wife or husband -- and the fact that this exchange of sexual/spiritual essence opens the door to the mind of the opposite polarity as the two become One Flesh -- all the elements to true spiritual development and manifestation are present within the construct of a Genuine Spiritual Marriage between a husband and wife who consecrate their lives to the Lord and living in the Commandments of the Royal Law of the Most High.

Once one begins to realize that all that exists is the manifestation of the Three Forces of Creation interacting within each other -- i.e., Male, Female and the Offspring of the Divine Mind -- and that these Three are manifest throughout all realms and worlds from the least to the greatest -- then one also must recognize that sex is a spiritual sacrament that can only be a sin when misused -- and only then when the individual possesses the knowledge to know better. In fact, once one begins to realize that because we are Created in the image of God, and we are imbued with the Divine Pattern of Creation, sex in the life of the individual become an absolute necessity.

That different men exist at greatly varying stages of spiritual evolution, and their minds are polarized to different combinations of spheres of mind within the pattern of the Tree of Life, causes them to live, perceive and comprehend every aspect of life in a different manner. In trying to overcome this obstacle, it is important that we understand the reason why people see things differently. In the biblical account of the Tower of Babel, it is written: "And the LORD said, Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do; and nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them" (Gen 11:6 RSV). What is presented in these words are in and of themselves of a multidimensional nature.

In the symbolism of the account, the people were attempting to build a tower that would reach into the heavens by exclusively using the elements of this world. This is synonymous with those who attempt to find the answers to life by limiting their vision to this three-dimensional realm of existence. People who build a church in this world made with hands, and founded upon carnal thinking -- people like Darwin who attempt to perceive the design of creation by investigating life through the narrow perspective of only this realm -- those who strive to build a utopia on earth with social programs designed to shield man from the harsh realities of life -- those who attempt to find a worldly answer to life’s problems. Fundamentally, what we are talking about here are solutions that are incomplete because they exclude man’s soul and spiritual natures, and in their limited vision of reality, deny man his ultimate destiny. On the other side of the coin is the quasi-Buddhist philosophy of Paul which strives to totally deny the physical in an attempt to escape this world.

Perhaps women -- whose powers of mind are more polarized to man’s intuitive nature, and are therefore better able to perceive reality beyond the physical, can best sense the fault in this very literal vision of Creation. Where males tend to be grounded in what they see -- their perception being linear and mathematic, and their understanding being founded upon logic instead of being intuitive -- the vision and understanding of women is often moved by inner cycles and rhythms that are not as three-dimensional as their male counterpart. The problem is that while many women instinctively know that they possess a greater dimension of vision and perception than is generally perceived by the males they interact with, they are generally unable to do anything with these inherent abilities. Because they can’t express this instinctive knowledge in a linear, three-dimensional form, it is as if they exist as a separate species from the males in their society -- who, many times to their own undoing, possess the physical power and logical reasoning to totally dominate the male-female relationship.

When Peter said to his disciple Clement: "For, since the present world is female, as a mother bringing forth the souls of her children…", the Hebrew holy man understood that conception and the stages of initial growth towards completion can only be achieved from a female perspective. Unlike the philosophies of the Nations and the Eastern religions which attempted to polarize their search for the Kingdom from the perception of the male, and therefore embrace a form of Christian Buddhism as found in the epistles of Paul, the Hebrew holy man understood that in the same way that the male comes to the female, and the offspring of the Two is conceived and nourished within the female, it is the spirit that must come to the flesh and manifest the Child of Light while in this realm.   Moreover, in order to move onto the highest planes, the man must move in a feminine manner with respect to the vital life-force passed on to him at the level of mind associated with his wife's breasts, and the two must then raise this energy up to still a Higher Level of Being. 

To even begin to understand the scriptural symbology of Adam and Eve one must understand that even the male sex in this world is feminine in relationship to the soul. Since we are dwelling in a realm that is not only female, but likened to a mother by the Apostle Peter, we must begin to apply our knowledge of genetics and understand that in the Divine Order of the greater vision of reality, the male sex is active female, and the female sex is passive female -- which means that subjection of the wife to the husband has just as much to do with men, as it does women.

When the scriptures speak of the wife being in bondage and submission to the husband, what is being conveyed is the necessary relationship of the positive and negative forces within the mind and body of the disciple. From the dynamics of the teachings of The Way, a person cannot even begin to be a disciple if there is division and separation within him -- and these polarities of mind and body are often represented in the biblical allegorical portrayals as men and women, brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, and husbands and wives.

In the vision of the higher wisdom of Creation, the perception of both male and female are not only different -- and are in fact physically drawn from different spheres of mind within the portrayal of the Tree of Life at the right -- but in their separation, each are equally flawed.  Is the Tree of Life and Knowledge of Good and Evil merely trees that God planted in the Garden of Eden?  Were Adam and Eve physical people? With respect to these universal symbols of mind and spirit the Church Father Origen writes: “What man of sense will agree with the statement that the first, second and third days in which the evening is named and the morning, were without sun, moon and stars, and the first day without a heaven.   What man is found such an idiot as to suppose that God planted trees in paradise in Eden, like a husbandman, and planted therein the tree of life, perceptible to the eyes and senses, which gave life to the eater thereof; and another tree which gave to the eater thereof a knowledge of good and evil?  I believe that every man must hold these things for images, under which the hidden sense lies concealed” (Origen - Huet., Prigeniana, 167 Franck, p. 142).

 A man of reason will ask: If there was no sun, moon and stars, how could there have been a day, night and dawn of a new day?   “What man of sense”, Origen asks, will blindly believe such statements?   This fundamental question is very similar to that asked by Jesus with regard to the blindness of the Sadducees and Pharisees, who also attempted to read the scriptures literally.   Who could believe that God planted trees in the Garden of Eden which gave to the eater the knowledge of good and evil, while the fruit of another tree gave eternal life?   These things are not history, writes Origen, but rather “images, under which the hidden sense lies concealed”.   Origen explains that the scriptures are an allegory that conceal the deeper truths of the spirit, and writes: “It is sufficient however, to represent in the style of a historic narrative what is intended to convey a secret meaning in the garb of history, that those who have the capacity may work out for themselves all that relates to the subject.”

In the Genesis account when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, what this denotes from a spiritual perspective is a divided state of mind.  In the diagram at the right,  the male and female vertical triads on the right and left represent the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Of the Center vertical pillar the Bible teaches: "And the LORD God said, The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever" (Gen 3:22 NIV).  Truth can only be envisioned and manifest when the divided male and female pillars which make up the  left and right spheres of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, are harmonized into a third reality that is greater that the sum of its two equal parts. Moreover, as can be seen in the above depiction, the upper center that is male, and is the focus of meditation and Eastern Religions, is controlled by it's lower counterpart which is female -- which means that the individual's perception and expression of God can never rise above the perception and manner they use the gift of sexuality.  That the Hebrew holy man could apply this understanding to every aspect of his search for the Eternal God, is what gave him the edge over the philosophy of the poets and the Nations, the Eastern religions, and the form of Christian Buddhism which is founded in the Epistles of Paul.

Many Christians may take exception to the idea that the Eastern Religions, Buddhism and the philosophy of the Nations could possibly enter into a relationship with God because they do not proclaim adherence to Jesus.  The problem with this line of thinking is seen in the fact that the Son of God will come to anyone who endeavors to live in accordance with the Royal Law of the Most High, and seeks to manifest Truth and Light in their lives.  The problem with Christianity is seen in the fact that they do not follow Jesus of Nazareth -- but rather, the Jesus of Constantine (see Corruption of the Church ).   The result is that those who come from the East and the West in search of Truth, and are permitted access into the Kingdom, quickly come to learn that the Church which calls itself Christian is overburdened with the heathen doctrines and mindset of third century Pagan Rome -- which doctrines remain foundational to all of Christendom today.  The genuine seekers of truth who may therefore be associated with other religions, then, would not see fit to join a (Christian) church that is plagued with the heathen doctrines of the Roman infidel.   Moreover, I mention these other religions here to demonstrate that the original and pure teachings of The Way is far more superior than the other religions of the earth.  

The twelve spheres of the Tree of Life represent the individual elements and powers of mind within which our individual consciousness and awareness functions.  The pattern of the twelve have been portrayed in many ways by various religious groups -- i.e., the zodiac, the twelve tribes of Israel, and the twelve disciples of Jesus.  What this means is that unless we understand the relationship of the symbolism of the scriptures as they apply to the workings of our own mind and the laws which control the flow of vital life-force between the individual spheres, we are without a means  " reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever" (Gen 3:22 NIV).  What this means is that we will remain forever expelled from the Kingdom of Origination, until we manifest and eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life.

It has been demonstrated by modern science that man only utilizes less than ten percent of his potential of mind.  Fundamentally this is the result of the divided and fragmented nature of his consciousness, and the fact that the physical body does not naturally support any level of higher intelligence than what is associated with this world, and the immediate needs and requirements of physical life in this realm.  Moreover, perhaps the greatest obstacle to manifesting higher consciousness is our perception of both ourselves, our sexuality and relationship to the opposite sex, and our vision of the purpose of life itself.  

In the same way that there are twelve spheres in the Tree of Life, each of these individual spheres are themselves divided into the twelve as they are represented in the whole.  What this means is that the lower sphere associated with man's sexuality is replicated as one twelfth within each of the other eleven spheres, and the same is also true with respect to each of the other spheres.  The implications of this reality are overwhelming.  While our philosophers and worldly prophets believe they are using the higher abilities of reason and intellect, what they are in fact limited to is using little more than the lower sex center in each of the upper spheres of the mind and Tree of Life.  Thus, the Apostle Paul correctly condemns the philosophers of this world as being in error, because few ever rise above the level of carnal perception and awareness. 

In today's world it is easy to obtain a book on Kaballah and Jewish Mysticism, but this presents another problem that few are aware of.  Most of these books are written by either New Age authors or people of an Eastern leaning religious persuasion, and for the most part they portray the Tree of Life in reverse of man's true reality.  Fundamentally the New Age people have found the power of positive thinking and its healing effect on the individual.  From their perspective, everything good is of a heavenly origin as they focus of the upper spiritual centers of the mind in their endeavor to enter into deep states of meditation.  They therefore invariably portray the flow of vital life-force as originating from the upper spheres of mind and flowing downward.  While their ideas are not in error, what they fail to comprehend is the fact that the flow of life-force flows simultaneously from both directions -- but more importantly, the upper spheres of mind are controlled by the lower.  Ultimately what this means is that our whole perception of life and level of conscious spiritual awareness is totally controlled by the lower centers of mind associated with man's physical nature, and especially the most powerful drive associated with the sex center.  

The bad news of this reality is seen in the fact that we can never intellectually and spiritually raise ourselves any higher than our own individual viewpoints and perception pertaining to ourselves and especially our sexuality.   So long as we see ourselves as mutated apes who had their beginning in the scum floating in a dark lagoon, we will remain little more than one step above the beasts of the earth.  On the other hand, when we understand that we are the Offspring of the Most High God who are presently inhabiting physical bodies during our sojourn in this world -- which is portrayed as the far country in the parable of the prodigal son -- only then can we even begin to arise to the level of our true potential.

If we are to start to even begin to comprehend our true self as the Offspring of God, then we must realize that our existence as male and female is simply an extension of not only the two Great Powers of Creation, but also the very Divine Pattern within which all things have their being.  As I have previously demonstrated, what we call Mind is in reality the movement between the polarity of male and female.   Fundamentally, what this ultimately means, is that all mind and movement within Creation throughout all worlds and dimensions, must be understood as being sexual in nature.   If man and woman are the divided Offspring of God who are manifest in gender rolls by virtue of their being imbued with the DNA of the Divine Pattern of Creation, then what we call sex is merely a physical representation of the interaction that takes place in seemingly different ways throughout all of Creation on every level of being.  What this means is that God is totally sexual, and we are in like manner sexual by virtue of being Created in His Image.

The twelve spheres of the Tree of Life act as regions within which the various powers of mind are centered.  When the vital life-force enters the Foundational sphere and is routed into either the feminine Intuition or masculine Logic polarity of mind, this routing into the divided columns is what constitutes the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  In order to even being to grow and develop mentally and spiritually, the male linear logic perception and understanding must intermingle with the feminine intuitive and cyclic perception and understanding -- which in turn begins to develop and utilize the center column of the Tree of Life.  Thus, what is associated with being male or female is equally parochial and flawed in its limited gender based perception and understanding, and can only be developed and raised above the natural/carnal through the intermingling of the two in the endeavor to become One in what is portrayed in the diagram as the Foundational sphere of mind.  Moreover, without this merger of the lower spheres, the upper male and female spheres and their associated center offspring that constitutes the Tree of Life cannot even begin to develop.

What does this mean?  Sadly, so long as men continue to view women as sex objects, and women continue to pursue equality by attempting to make themselves surrogate men by embracing a male linear mindset in the endeavor to compete in what is traditionally the male domain of life, we will continue to remain carnal and temporal in our perception and understanding of both ourselves and the life we are presently living.  Men and women are not the same -- i.e., they are opposites.   Each not only possess their own individual strengths and weaknesses associated with their polarity of mind, but each is equally an important and integral part of the whole.  

The greatest strength of a man in search of higher truth, should be his wife who has the ability to see and perceive what is beyond her husbands natural vision of life.  She can more easily see both the past and the inner dimensions of all things that the two encounter in their quest to overcome the obstacles that confront them in their walk in The Way.   While the husbands superior perception of law and forward thinking will guide him along the path to truth, it is his wife who will provide the depth and dimension that he will otherwise overlook.  And as the child of truth begins to form and develop within the inner spheres of the Tree of Life, the two will become One in their enlightened vision of Life and the Mysteries of Creation.  

Central to the thinking of the Hebrew was the harmonic balance of the relationship of husband and wife. Unlike other religions, a Jewish man is cautioned not to even study Hebrew mysticism until he has reached a certain age, and he is married. That the term equal, is not the same -- i.e., that each of the sexes possess their own spheres of dominion with regard to strengths and weakness -- and that these spheres must not be negated or dominated by the opposite polarity -- but rather, merged into a higher and more complete reality -- is one of the foundational principles that caused the religion of the Hebrews to be of a higher order than the religion of the Nations and those associated with Eastern philosophy.

Where the philosophy of the Gentiles and the Eastern religions attempt to escape this world through denial, it was the Hebrew holy man who saw the wisdom of completing every element of this realm (female), by joining it to its parallel (male) dimension. By merging the two into one, instead of attempting to make the one dominate the other polarity, the door to the Kingdom was much more easily opened. In the pattern and example of Jesus, we have the manifestation of a truth that was beyond the understanding of philosophy of the Gentiles and the Eastern religions -- who, because of the limitation of their thinking, were only able to gaze into the Kingdom from a distance, rather than become the Offspring of the Kingdom.



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